Art Revolution Taipei 2017
Artist Interview (6)

“Taipei Art Revolution Taipei 2017” Artist Interview (6)
This article contains ten artists. The first nine are Spanish artists, and the last one is from the United States: (46) Spain Blanco Grané (47) Spain Fermin Garcia Sevilla (48) Spain Javier Bajo (49) Spain Jordi Isern (50) Spain Lluís Ribas (51) Spain Luis Fernández Hebrero (52) Spain Mario García Miró (53) Spain Miguel Peidro (54) Spain Vicente Romero Redondo (55) USA Ryan T. Schmidt

However an artist cherishes as their inspiration whether it be love for the nature, the city, the beach, Pop Art or childhood happy memories, their creations ignite enthusiasm of the viewer.


(46) Blanco Grané
1954, Spain

This is Blanco Grané’s first time exhibiting in Asia. He was born in Barcelona. After graduated from art school, he moved to Paris where he felt the beauty of life and the city. He now lives in Tossa de Mar.

His paintings are full with vivid colors, joy and hope, and are very popular in Spain. He likes carousels because they reminded him happy memories in his childhood. He also likes to draw beautiful scenery of the outskirts of Barcelona, where he has a studio, overlooking beautiful landscapes.

(47) Fermin Garcia Sevilla
1961, Spain

Fermin Garcia Sevilla is deeply influenced by two well-known Spanish artists, Antonio López and Antonio Garcia. He has been painting for more than 40 years and has collectors all over Europe and Spain. He renowned in Spain and is known as the “El Maestro” in the Spanish art world, meaning the "master". He is now teaching art and has many students.

Fermin likes nature ~ especially changes of four seasons. He travels around Spain drawing the landscape of different seasons. He brought some very exciting works, hoping that he can also be very well received in Asia, as well as he did in Europe and Spain.

(48) Javier Bajo
1973, Spain

Javier Bajo was born in Madrid. He originally studied Architecture, and later transferred to the Department of Fine Arts. His work combines architectural and artistic styles, and most of his artwork portray world's famous cities. He travels around the world and uses city buildings as his themes such as scenery in Paris, Manhattan and so on.

His paintings are rich in color, a lot of efforts on texture and structure, showing his extraordinary skills in depicting the overlapping light and shadow. Last year, his work was well received so this year he brings his wonderful works again, hoping to let more people appreciate and collect his works.

(49) Jordi Isern
1969, Spain

Jordi Isern was born in Barcelona. He majored in art in college and later changed his mind to study business and many years later changed back to focus on painting. He moved to a small town, where he settled, and had a daughter.

He loves nature very much, likes to capture the simplicity of nature, such as small villages and towns, rural scenery, mountains, and the wide variety of flowers in the scenery of four seasons.

(50) Lluís Ribas
1949, Spain

Lluis Ribas was born in a beach town near Barcelona. His father was a fisherman. He was close to the sea since he was little. He likes painting sea and beach views. He has been painting for over forty years and has exhibited 128 times around the world. His collectors are all over Canada, Japan, Europe and the United States.

His paintings portray Mediterranean life, with plenty of sunshine, beaches and young women dressed in white, which is his typical style.

(51) Luis Fernández Hebrero
1958, Spain

This is Luis Fernández Hebrero’s third time participating in Art Revolution Taipei. He was born in a small village near Madrid. He was originally a biology student, and later in a trip to Europe, he visited many museums in Italy, Paris, Amsterdam, and then decided to change his study to art.

His paintings have impressionist style integrated with abstract essence. He paints with a knife, devoting a great deal of effort to express light. His still life paintings are also very exciting, but this time he only brings his landscape painting. Most of the scenery in the painting is at Campillo de Ranas, where he has a small villa in which he creates and captures the natural beauty of Madrid.

(52) Mario García Miró
1963, Spain

Mario García Miró was born in Barcelona, and studied landscape design at the Olot Art School. Later he changed the focus to Pop Art. He created a very unique "Fusion" style, having the background of very detailed landscape painting that is rich in classical style; but the foreground are color blocks with usual witty elements of Pop Art. Mario is very humorous. His creation is diverse. He is also a good musician performing with musical bands.

He likes to convey his sense of humor, joy and philosophy in his works, a characteristic that makes his painting unique. He is famous in the United States, and for many years represented by a famous gallery. He has launched many different series of works in the UK, France, the United States, Europe.

(53) Miguel Peidro
1950, Spain

This is Miguel's third year to participate in Art Revolution Taipei. In the last two years, his paintings received good praise and had great sales records. Miguel was studying with a local well-known Spanish artist for five years before he began to create on his own. He has been engaged in the art field for years.

Miguel Peidro is very fond of nature, respects nature, uses nature's beautiful scenery as his theme of painting. One can enjoy the beautiful view of sunset, flowers, countryside and mountain through his artwork.

(54) Vicente Romero Redondo
1956, Spain

Vicente Romero Redondo was born in Madrid where he graduated from Spain's most famous San Fernando Art Institute, the famous school where Dali was graduated from. Vicente is a pastel master, has created a lot of works, and participates in many projects and courses in Spanish and Italian schools.

He likes to portray the Mediterranean life. His paintings are filled with the joy of the sunshine, especially the Mediterranean women bathing in the abundant Mediterranean sunshine. He is one of the world's most important pastel painting artists, and has many collectors.

(55) Ryan T. Schmidt
1980, the United States

Ryan T. Schmidt is from Arkansas, United States. This is his first time participating in this exhibition. The main concept of his creation is the reflection of the outside world on the artwork. He puts a lot of effort to each piece of work. Through the curve, smooth lines and rounds, his works bring out the feel of free flowing lines.