2017 A.R.T. Visitors & Artists of Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales

Hou You Yi, Vice Mayor, New Taipei City, R.O.C., Taiwan
The topic of my creation for the Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales is "Say no to drugs". By this work, I hope that the increasing population of teen-aged drug addicts grabs certain attention in the community, and being solved by the whole society.

Wang Chien Shien, Founder, The Foundation for Childless Aging People
This is my first time to join in the Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales. I would certainly attend the VIP night for boosting the organizer's morale because this is a charity sales, doing charity is doing a good deed, and I am also running a charity foundation! We shall support any charity fair regardless of its form, though I don't know much of art.

Lu Sun Ling, Members of the Legislative Yuan, R.O.C., Taiwan
I am so glad to participate in this momentous activity. This is a good event for it not only cares under priviledged people but also promotes art.

Chiou Shu Ti, Former Director General, Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare, R.O.C., Taiwan
I love making photographs, so my work for the Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales is a photograph of birds. I wish the children under care of the Fund for Children and Families could strive to live happily just like the tiny yet vibrant bird on the photo.

Li Ming Xian, Spokesman of the Kuomintang (KMT)
My wife is a cat lover, so my work is related to cats. Cats are adroit and clever, and see through the world and people by eyes, just like how my wife read the world. I connect with my wife by this creation, depicting our understanding with each other.

Hsieh Rong Shou, Municipal Adviser, New Taipei City, R.O.C., Taiwan
I have joined in the Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales for seven times. My work for the charity event this year is related to a sailing boat under a beautiful night at Danshui area. Every version of A.R.T. exhibits various and marvelous works, and keep every visitor in good mood under the pleasant atmosphere within.

Guo Yen-Wen, Chiang Yi-Cheng's wife, Father of Universal Exposition & Chairman of Asia Society in USA
I think that A.R.T. is a well organized event with paying a lot of attention. Culture is essential element for improving the quality of human civilization. Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales is a valuable activity, in which I would like to participate since my husband, Chiang Yi- Cheng is "peace messenger".

Ho Su-Chiu, Chief Executive Officer, Taiwan Fund for Children and Families
Ho wants to thank the celebrities around the world and A.R.T. for the compassion toward children. This year, the fund was assigned as the receiver of the charity sale for the second time. "This is an tremendous support for us," Ho said. The theme of Ho's work for the charity sale is a hippo for she earned a nickname as the "Hippo" which generally behaves gregariously and gently, but could turn over a boat when getting annoyed.

Yang Yue-Er, Radio Program Host
I use "Zentangle" skill to create a deformed goose by taking my daughter's suggestion as the pronunciation of goose in Chinese language is same as one word of my name. During the process of drawing, I felt relaxed, and got back in touch with my daughter with improved our communication after I steped down from my pedestal, and accepted a brandnew concept of the young generation.

Ho Mei Ching, Chairman of Board, Sino Cell Technologies
A candle lights others and  consumes itself. I had defined each specific title for every year's Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales of A.R.T. Searching muse for creation brings a different rhythm and imagination into my bored life. At the very beginning, onnly my husband and I were invited for joinning in this event, and then our other family members were also invited. We also invited other leaders among industries to join this charity event for fullfilling social responsibility.

Mark Hsieh, Vice Chairman of Board, Synmax Biochemical Co., Ltd
I have partaken of the Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales for four times. The sales event is not just momentous, but also providing us a physical and mental relaxation. Although I seldom do the painting, I did prepare the paint and brush to create with a special topic for every year's Charity Sales event. It is quite challenging. I am following my parent in this event, so our family are all in.

Wu Jin Sheng, Publisher, Brain Communications Co., Ltd.
My work, titled as "Clouds, Mountains, and Beauties", is also named as "Beauties with Clouds", representing clouds of beauties. According to Wu, everyone looks for the ideal mate, while self-condition also determines the result.

Wang Cai Yun, Chairman, Brain Magazine
My one and half year-old grandson is my muse for the work created for 2017 Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales. I would like to express a concept in this work, that children are the product of the Lord Jesus Christ. 2017 A.R.T. presents many works of masterpieces, denoting a great universe of imagination.

Lin Shu Wei, Head of Pop Radio Station
Lin was inspired by some words from Cai Shi-Ping, her husband, and created the work for Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales. Cai goes jogging every day, seeing and being touched by the beauty of plants surrounding him. Lin Shu-Wei was moved by his sharing of the impression for the nature, and decided to paint a bird. She painted a bird with pink color, which is her favorite color with brightness, passion, and joy.

Chin Si Lin, CEO, Depawn Shop
Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales is a fantastic platform to present many good artworks. I believe one can add value to life by doing one good deed every day.

Jiang Zhong Bou, Media Veteran
My creation for Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales this year is about a Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog. For many years and happy moments, I was accompanied by the dog, which was the first dog I kept and was passed away last year. This work was created in memory of the dog. I painted its smiling face for wishing it had a happy life in the heaven, and hoping Taiwanese people live happily.

Hong Guo Xiang, Taiwan-born Violinist
I enjoy garden scenery around the world very much for the charming image of flowers and trees. Hence, I created a work for Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales this year based on an early blossom, conveying the vitality specific in spring. This is my second time to participate the Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales, and I feel glad to do a good deed.

Liu Pei Hua, Whole Package Designer
This is my fifth time to participate the Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales. My work for the charity event this year is about a firework. I used acrylic paint and silver ducts and beads specfic for dresses to draw a fantastic firework on canvas. I felt energy in a positive way just like what a beautiful memory left after fireworks. Thinking the creation topic of the work on this small canvas, which will exhibit on the charity sales every year brings me happiness.

Xie Yu Wei, Music Creator
I believe art originates from empathy and love, and my work for charity sales is composed in a random way, performing the styles of Matisse and Picasso, and some felt tip pen strokes. Last year, I went to New York city for an overseas study tour, visiting many works of great artists and international art fairs. I realized that A.R.T. performs the outstanding quality among those exhibitions; and we are so lucky to see a lot of wonderful artworks even in Taipei.

Wang Xiao Feng, Senior Scenarist, Radio Taiwan International
I feel happy to join in this charity activity and help to promote art. Therefore, I made an editorial coverage in particular to promote this event, and visit A.R.T. with my families.

Kobayashi Kengo, Photographer
Taiwan is the country most supportive of Earthquake 311 Japan. With gratitude for the support of Taiwan, I paid special attention to Taiwan's history and background, and hardly imagined that Taiwan has donated more than other countries as its difficult international situation. So I decided to visit Taiwan for understanding this place, exploring its scenery around, and introducing Taiwan to the world. My work for the Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales is the scenery of tulips taken in Netherland. With a unique beauty expressed from an upward view, the tulips are also a symbol of a power to strive for success.

He Mo Zhen, Public Relations Manager, Carrefour Head Office
I revised the work and changed the theme for many times before the final version coming out. At the final stage, I visualized the interpersonal relationship around me, so I illustrated a colorful flower with connected petals as the work for this charity event. The flower on canvas expresses my positive, happy and joyful feeling when I connect with others, and highlights an unusual face of myself revealed during the creation process.

Chang Yi-Jyung, CEO, PXMART Qing-Xiang Charity Foundation
This is my second time to participate in the Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales. My work this year is related to a colorful cake, with the simplest form yet the most delicious food image which I saw on a family meeting. This sweet image expresses how my happiness is for participation in this charity activity.

Lai Mao Shan, Chairman of the Board, International Council for Small Business
My work is related to two elegant swans, standing next to each other to form a shape of heart. I think the only key of partaking in public activities is a compassionate heart. So I used bright colors to draw an aspirational heart.

Ugly Facebook, Illustrator
Centered at the canvas is a giant cat, while many little elves around were moving and serving cat food. I used a humorous and funny way to express how the position between humen and cats changes in current society. People comment on certain things as ugly at the first sight, though there are many meanings behind.

Hong Li Qing, Designer, JASMINE GALLERIA
The major medium for my work is the remaining laces from a garment sewing. On the artwork for the charity activity, I also used acrylic paint to create many colorful layers on canvas to perform an effect by combining abstract style and collage art.

Lin Fan Nan, Consultant, Taipei Sister Zhi-Ling Charity Foundation
I had participated many times in the Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales. I recognize that the spirit "Art Your Compassion" touches many people, and leads to much social reaction which is amplifying all the way. Meanwhile, the introduction of artworks globally of A.R.T. also leads Taiwan's level in art field achieve higher status.

Jiang Xiu Ling, Supervisor, Taiwan Graphic Design Association
I created each work with benediction and goodness for each version of the Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales. As the wind/water circulate in the universe, the sun flames over the earth, the land provides nutrients to plant, mankind absorbs sunshine, water and air from the universe; hence we have an intention to strive for success. So my work this year is related to an flying up eagle.

Lin Ming-Lun, Creative Director, TAIRUEI DIGITAL CO., LTD
I had spent 6 years on learning the art of photograph, and I got an inspiration last year when I visited the exhibits of A.R.T. artist, Sung Yong-Hua. So I wish that I could create a photo with the style of oil painting since then. My work for the Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales 2017 is related to Ermei Lake in Taiwan's Hsin-Chu county. I wish that more people appreciate the beauty of Taiwan.

Chen Xiu-Zhen, Secretary-General, Graphic Design Association of Republic of China
I painstakingly thought how to express my theme and creation on this small canvas as the work for the Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales 2017; also my first time to partake this charity activity. By considering this is a yearly activity, I decided to continue my past series "Love", created by using felt-pens, and a Chinese zodiac sign would be put as time stamp on the work for each year.


Fen-fen Cheng, Film Director
I started to participate in the Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales since its first version. I used a box of color pencils, which was a gift, to create my work for the charity sales this year, though it was difficult to color the canvas with the color pencil. I created the work based on an inspiration from a dining experience at a Michelin 3-stars restaurant in a foreign country. The restaurant offered a menu with a splendid cover. Since my first participation in this event, every year I had a fear to get the organizer's message that my work is unsalable because I do think my painting skill is not good enough. In spite of my concern about the painting quality, my work was sold out in the blink of an eye every year, which made me shocked into admiration of a great number of philanthropic persons in Taiwan!

Pann Kyi, Artist, Myanmar
This is my first time to exhibit in Taiwan. I am impressed by the grand scale of Art Revolution Taipei. I feel the Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales is a valuable activity which exhibits many adorable creations by celebrities around, and the spirits of creators could be read from the works themselves. I am glad to partake into this event.

Lu Huang-Cheng, Koji Pottery Artist
I attend A.R.T. 2017 to visit Lu Sheng-Nan, my father's work for the Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales, though I could not partake this charity activity for I was occupied. According to my father, he would like to partake into any event for philanthropy.

Zhou Xiao-Ling, General Manager, Yuanta Futures Company
This is my second time to participate in the Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales. I am glad to join in this charity activity with my opuscule. I think that A.R.T. earns recognition because it improves the performance gradually, which makes art works stop standing aloof, and be affordable for collectors.

Chen Yi-Fan, General Manager, Hui-Zhi Heng-Tong International Consulting Group
I am so hounoured to participate in the Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales for my fifth time. This charity event combine art and charity sales to help under privileged people. Really amazing! A.R.T. is a remarkable event as a nontraditional platform for art, encouraging young artists to create works.

Chaoyin Chen, Pianist & Chairman's wife, Hontai Insurance
This is my third time to participate the Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales. I would like to support by joining in this meaningful activity, which introduces art to more people.

Cai Meng-Xia, Founder & Art Director, Londee Fashion
This is my third time to participate the Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales is an meaningful event. It allows people express creative idea to introduce art world to more people.

Mai Xian-Yun, Photography Director, MIRAGE INTERNATIONAL
Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales is a meaningful activity where more people are inspired to do philanthropy through a lot of outstanding works. As with great power comes great responsibility, I see here is a lot of remarkable works to be exhibited for more people involve in this charity event would be expected.

Cheng Xiang-Ru, Director, Stony Image
This is my fifth time to participate the Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales. This is not just a charity event but also a drive to support this society. With sale price is same for each work, the amateur artists like us are encouraged, the collectors could make their living more artful by the collection, and the social welfare can recieve the proceeds from the sales, every party is the winner side!

Lee Lung-Shou, Artist
This is my first time to participate in A.R.T. and its Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales. I do admire the good plan and procedures of the exhibit. The organizer even assigned a specialist to my home for explicating details of exhibition before the launch of exhibition, and the staff is so thoughtful. Also, I do appreciate the art volunteers who help me to arrange the exhibits onsite.

Jin-Ying Liao, Artist
This is my first time to exhibit in A.R.T., and I also partake in the Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales within the fair to play my heart out. I believe artists love to share their art creation by manifesting importance of philanthropy.

Po-Yuan Chen, Artist
I think Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales is a valuable activity, where more people devote into philanthropy through art related activity.

Jiang Qing-Shui, Founder, Art Sui Gallery
I am glad to participate the Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales for my very first time. I even arranged my return trip from Canada for attending VIP Night of A.R.T. with friends from a painting society.

Lee Zhi-Xi, Actor
I devoted myself in entertainment industry for more than 30 years, and joined a lot of public service campaigns. I feel glad to participate in the Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales for the first time.


Eric Lee, Person in Charge, Xi Shi Qi Pin Limited Company
This is my second time to partake in the Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales. It seems more works created by utilizing mixed media among the whole exhibition, and the integrity shows higher quality and delicacy.


Yang Zi-Xuan, Professional Go Chess Player, Taiwan Go Chess Campus
This is my first time to partake in the charity event by drawing. It is so fantastic. And I am glad to have an opportunity to help vulnerable people.


Xia Yu-Qiao, Actress
I like to join in this activity for philanthropy, especially for the fund of Children and Family. This is my fourth time to partake of Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales. During these years, I expected to receive the canvas from A.R.T. staff when the time for A.R.T. since I am a person who enjoys painting. I need to think more about how to present my theme precisely on a small canvas, so the creation process is more difficult even the canvas is small sized. After visiting A.R.T. those years, I hope that I can exhibit my works at this art exhibition some day.

Lin Chen-Xi, Actress
I created a work with ribbons and my intuitions for my first time of participation in the Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales. I feel happy to transform my interest of painting to public good. Visiting A.R.T. is just like traveling around the world for me. , and . I am in the midst of a great and mingled sensuous and emotional experience.