Art Revolution Taipei 2018 VIP Night
Presenting 4500 Pieces of Artworks Sales Momentum
Remains Strong Following the Preview Exhibition Sales

A.R.T. 2018 launches its grand opening.

The Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T.) 2018 had its grand opening in the evening of May 17. Globally recognized by the art world, A.R.T. this year has an “explosive” participation from 471 artists with 4,500 pieces of artworks respectively from 74 countries. The floorplan and execution were optimized and meticulously planned out. Sales momentum remains strong following the success from the Preview Shows including from artists Lee Sun-Don, MaSingLing, Luna Chen, Small Sa, Chen Kay-Son, and Manuel López Herrera (Spain). In addition, the charity sale for “the Truly Artful Cooking Utensils” are sold out as well.

Art lovers and celebrities gather for the VIP Preview evening on May 17.

“The Artist in and of themselves is art” is the theme for 2018. Art Director Lee Sun-Don explains “An artist's attitude towards life is art. When the attitude expressed in his/her creation of artwork, it also reflects the artist's style, heritage and core.” To allow every visitor to participate, A.R.T. presents ingenious installation artwork: reinventing century aged antique violins into the series of “Love Across Centuries”; almost 3 meters high Transformers crafted from auto-parts; the Great Fortune Dog, also almost 3 meters high, made from thousands of flowers; and the Truly Artful Cooking Utensils – a wall hung painted cookware. Another pioneering event is to employ Virtual Realty technology for visitors to create a virtual 3D artwork on their own and enjoy the fun of being an artist.

VIP Preview of Art Revolution Taipei 2018
continues strong sales momentum following the solid results
from sales from Previews.


Even though it is a weekday, the VIP Preview evening of May 17 attracted a crowd of art lovers formally dressed waiting in line way before starting time at 7:00 PM. Transformers, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, both almost 3 meters high, are crafted from auto parts, so vivid and real that become popular sites for taking pictures and Facebook check-in; another popular site is the Great Fortune Dog made from thousands of flowers.


Carol Chou, the Chairman of A.R.T., accepts the Certificate of Appreciation
awarded by Hondao Senior Citizen's Welfare Foundation.


Many participating celebrities for Art Your Compassion Hundreds of Celebrities and other art lovers attend this grand event. Lin Wan-I, Minister without portfolio from Executive Yuan; Cheng Chien-Jen, the former Foreign Minister; Carlos Vidal Pintos, Counsellour of the Embassy of Paraguay; Estanislao LEZCANO, Frist Secretary of the Embassy of Paraguay; Juan Chao-Hsiung, councilor of Taipei City; Hsieh Jung-Shou, Municipal advisor of New Taipei City; Chen Pei-Juin, General Manager of Mega Asset Management Corp.,; Kao Yu-Jen, Chairman of 21st Century Foundation; Hou Shi-Chyuan, Chairman of Hi-Lai Dept.; Lin Cheng-Hsia, Chairman of Down Syndrome Foundation; Chen Chin-Tong, Creative Director of Magic Creative; Liu, Chien-Chih, Chairman of Perfectionism Taiwan; He Mei-Ching, Chairman of SinoCell Technologies; Hsieh Meng-Chang, Vice-Chairman of Synmax Biochemical Co., Ltd.; Chen Tsu-Wang, Chiu-I Development; Chang Chao-Feng, Chairman of U-Tech Media Corp.; Sandra Yu, Chairman of UC Group; Wu Yuan, Vice-Chairman of UHT Unitech; Owen Yuan, Director of Taiwan Package Design Association; Chang Chi-Mei, Director of Taiwan Graphic Design Association; Tiffany Lin, Consultant for Money Magazine; Wu Ging-Sheng, Publisher of Brain Communications; Wang Cai-Yun, President of Brain Communications; Lou Hsiu-Lu, CEO of Pumpkin Creative Co., Ltd.; Wang Yu-Lin of Founding Director, Chinese Society of Interior; Lin Fan-Nan, entrepreneur; Chia-Hong Drapal Liao, Conductor of Taiwan Pro Arte Orchestra; Chen Chu-Sheng, Best Supporting Actor of the Golden Horse Award 2017; Hsieh Yu-Wei, musician; Chi Hsuan, Radio host; Zhou Chun-Hsun, Go player; He Chih-Yuan, Radio host; Wang Yi-Yung, famous chef; Yang Tsung-Chieh, the 13th winner of World Outstanding Chinese Award; Liu Pei Hua, Stylist; Liu Guan-Ting, actor; Sun Ke-Fang, actress; and many others all show up at the VIP Preview evening.

Optimus Prime and Bumblebee become popular photo taking spots and Facebook check-in.


This year A.R.T. also organized four previews for art collectors at Songshan Culture Park, Chanliu Museum, GET ART Museum, and X-Power Gallery, which won great applauses from the art world. The Dutch artist Peter H. Harskamp and Alfonso Cuñado from Spain have only a few paintings left for the Exhibition. At the VIP Preview evening, 269 pieces of artwork were sold from Prof. Lee Sun-Don's antique violins, 3D paintings, and totem-illustrated white marvels joint created with MaSingLing and Luna, as well as 91 paintings from the International Artist Grand Prize have been sold.

There are many eye-catching installation art themes such as
“the Great Fortune Dog”, “the Truly Artful Cooking Pans” on the wall
and the “Golden Sheep brings wealth” installations.

One of the highlights during the VIP Preview evening is the “Love Across Centuries” Series by Artist Lee Sun-Don, antique violins collected from all over the world, each with its uniqueness in timbre, arch line, wood grain, and color; Lee then creates characteristic energy totems on the violin to bring new life to these aged musical instruments. 40 pieces of violins have been sold. There 37 pieces of 3D paintings are sold out as well.

The other highlight is the “Truly Artful cooking utensils” which are sold to benefit Hondao Senior Citizen's Welfare Foundation. It was a complete success and the Foundation awarded a Certificate of Appreciation accepted by Carol Chou, the Chairman of A.R.T.

“Art Your Compassion” is A.R.T.'s another trademark. To link art with philanthropy and promote public interests in collecting art, A.R.T. invites hundreds of celebrities, social elites, and entrepreneurs at home and abroad to create artwork for charity sale. These artworks are about the size of 17.5 x 14 cm; each is priced at NT$1000. The visitor is allowed to collect two artworks. The name of the artist will be revealed to the collector only after he or she has purchased the work. All proceeds will go directly to the designated charity organization. This year, the charity is Down Syndrome Foundation ROC.
This year, the participating celebrities include, just to name a few: Lee Teng-Hui, former Presidents of Taiwan; Yu Shyi-kun, former Premier; Eric Chu Li-lun, Mayor of New Taipei City; Lin Jia-Long, Mayor of Taichung City; Hou You-Yi, former Deputy Mayor of New Taipei City; Lee Shu-Chuan, Deputy Mayor of New Taipei City; Lin Wan-I, Minister without portfolio from Executive Yuan; Lin Cheng-Hsia, Chairman of Down Syndrome Foundation; Antonio Su, Chairman of HoTai Development; Attow Chen, Chairman of Chen Chung-He Foundation; Dennis Chen, General Manager of UBS Taiwan; Carolyn Chou, General Manager of Yuanta Futures Co.,; Ltd.; Tsai Ming-Chun, CEO of Fubon Charity Foundation; Chiang Chun-Ting, Director, Department of Civil Affairs, New Taipei City; Wu Ping-Jui, Legislator; Mimi Tang, Former Director of Gucci Asia-Pacific; Freddie Liu, CEO of TPK Foundation; Jam Hsiao, Chen Bo-Lin, Mickey Huang, Summer Meng; Chou Chun-Hsun, go chess champion; Chia-Hong Drapal Liao, Conductor of Taiwan Pro Arte Orchestra; Huang Kan-Lin, General Coach of Uni-President Lions; Rendy Lu Yen-hsun, tennis player; Arthur Chu, film director; Wang Pei-Hua, producer; Sharon Hou, News anchor; Andy Wang, Radio Host; Liu Pei Hua, stylist; Kobayashi Kengo, photographer; and many others.

The time and date for this charity sale is 11:00 on May 18 (Fri.). The sales from the past years show that all the charity works may all be claimed in one hour. Act soon if you are interested.

Art Revolution Taipei 2018

VIP Preview (with VIP Card): May 17 (Thurs), 19:00~22:00

Public Exhibition: May 18~21, 11:00~19:00

Location: Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC), Hall 3

“Art Your Compassion” Charity Sale

Date & Time: May 18 (Fri.), 11:00~13:30

Virtual Realty Art Creation Live Experience

Date & Time: May 18, 17:00~19:00
May 19~21, 11:00~19:00