[Art Revolution Taipei] Artists Visiting Taiwan
Had a Half-day Tour to the "Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple"

On May 16, 2018, 27 artists from 10 countries, taking time before Art Revolution Taipei, visited the temple in which the Art Director Professor Lee Sun-Don resides. Everyone has already heard about Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple’s many creative arts that are worth a visit. Of course, the great Holy Pure Land project must be witnessed. It is also necessary to take the chance to pray for the Buddha and Bodhisattvas for blessings, so that the sales performance will be prosperous.

The Pilgrimage to the Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple, ready to go~

As soon as the bus arrived at the Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple, right at the parking lot, everyone entered a state of frenzy of taking photos, admiring the design of Thousand-Hands Guanyin and water walls. The artists were indeed very keen, and happened to stand at the location of the best view of Thousand-Hands Guanyin. Picard kept saying, "It's amazing. It's like a pilgrimage!"

Once in the best location, the artists have taken photographs of
Thousand-Hands Guanyin one after another.


The Pyramid, the Nine-cell Matrix, the small hands of thousand hands plate, the Ten Perfect incenses, and the Guarding Rock “Thinking of Guanyin's Power” inside the temple are, for artists, all very special “Installation Art” full of novelty. Qiu Shengxian and wife who came to Taiwan the first time, had already heard about Art Director Professor Lee Sun-Don. After coming to Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple, he had a feeling of re-recognition. He said, “I still feel very dreamy.”

Small bridge, swimming fish ~ a favorite spot for many people

The artist Victoria offers incenses to pray for the blessings from the Primary Patriarch.

Victoria again goes to "Puxian Bodhisattva" to pray for prosperity

The Artist Wang Zhaoju and his lovely son offer the incenses and
pray for blessings together.

:Potential Development Pyramid" has always been very popular,
and the artists have stopped to feel the energy

The "Nine-cell Matrix of the eight trigrams in the Book of Changes"
is the changing installation art.


This is a half-day tour. The most popular activity is the "Drawing Lot!" Peter was probably the only one who didn't ask for a lot. He said he was happy and he dared not to ask for anything. Peter talked about the fact that two years ago, he came to Taiwan, and rented a car to travel around. Rushing on the street to compete with other motorcycles for the road was very crazy and very fun. The rented car was brand new, and he felt it was incredible that the car was not even scratched when he returned the car. This year they plan to stay for a few more days and drive freely to travel north.

The lot words of "The Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple" is amazingly accurate,
and both the children and adults wer surprised


Moving to the "Holy Relic" exhibition area on the second floor, the artists sighed with praise while appreciating the exhibits.

Located on the second floor, "Awesome Relics" gives the artists amazing surprises.

From many of Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple's design and planning the Art Director's ingenuity can be seen. For example, the forest trail that preserves the original forest scenery and the 33 Guanyin stone carvings are located in the park, which is very beautiful and solemn. The artists are just like being installed with radar, searching every corner and taking pictures constantly.

Teacher Wang Zhaoju said heartfelt words: "Ten years ago, I went to Nanjing and it seemed that I went there to receive an award. At the time, I saw the Art Director's paintings on the exhibition site. I was very excited. This impression has been deep in my mind. I am very much looking forward to meeting the Art Director this time."

The 33 Guanyin Stone Carvings is a work of art in the artist's eyes,
especially the Thousand-Hands Guanyin. The one-piece carving
attracts the artists to take photos again and again.

Peter and wife both loving to take photos,
are enjoying the comfortable atmosphere of the temple.

The meal time soon arrived. Teacher Zhang Yuying, like in previous years, had ordered a signature meal - the beef noodle, and said that their beef noodle did not taste as good as the beef noodle here. Everyone enjoyed delicious meals while chatting and enjoying themselves.

Happy meal time

After the meal, everyone took a walk to the Reclining Buddha area. After passing through the forest trail and the monastery, everyone heard the story of the Art Director's keeping three goats. Peter's eyes began to become wet: "What a beautiful story!" Picard said: "Their "Buddha Nature" took them to the temple and they were luckily chosen. This let them escape the difficult time and enjoy the peaceful days for the rest of their lives."

The Reclining Buddha area is the best location for viewing the Thousand-Hands Guanyin.

Taking the opportunity to take photos with the reclining Buddha,
the Thousand-Hands Guanyin

In the Reclining Buddha area, it is the most suitable for viewing the Thousand-Hands Guanyin, and everyone was again taking photos. Several artists from Burma put palms together to worship the reclining Buddha and the Thousand-Hands Guanyin from time to time. Before the return trip, everyone gathered in front of the "Thinking of Guanyin's power" to take a large group photo, thus setting a beautiful ending!

Taking the group photos in front of
"Thinking of Guanyin’s Power"