Art Your Compassion Competing to be Collectors  
A.R.T. Celebrity Charity Bazaar People Lined Up Overnight
to Send Love to Down Syndrome Children

The biggest highlight in the first day of A.R.T. is the “Art Your Compassion • Celebrity Charity” bazaar.

In order to figure out the location of their favorite works, many people rushed to the exhibition site on the VIP night. Those who could not come in person would remote control through internet and asked their family or friends to help take photos to sent back for their review.

This year the Celebrity Charity Bazaar reached its successful completion in two hours, selling out a total of 444 pieces of work. All the sales proceeds were donated to the Down Syndrome Foundation.

On the VIP night a large number of people rush to the front of the display wall of
Celebrity Charity works to take a good look at the location of their favorite works.

"I want this piece!", "Um,
these several pieces are all wonderful. It is so hard to choose!"

Miss Ko who attends the Celebrity Charity event every year said, “People are very enthusiastic this year! Compared to last year, I came to wait in line at about the same time, I am Number 33 this year while I was among the first ten last year.”

Wait at the entrance, get set and go once the instruction
to begin is heard in order to grab the favorite works.

Only when you are in the situation,
you can realize the fun of grabbing your favorite works.

At 11 o’clock in the morning, the exhibition officially began. Mr. Chen who grabbed the first piece waited in line since 10 o’clock the night before, hoping to collect his favorite works. Once getting the pieces he wanted, he turned to the back of the work to see the name of creator. He then said in excitement, “Wow! These are the works by the exhibiting artists!” When he took photos with the artists at their booths, he got all the admiring stares from people around him.

Mr. Chen collects the pastel portraiture work
by German Aracil of Spain from Celebrity Charity.

Wow~~it turns out to be the work by Cindy Thornton
who known for her childlike innocent artistic style.

Miss Yen said, “I fortunately was able to help my friend get the works she liked.” Her friend came on the VIP night to choose her favorite works in person. Her friend collected the work “Spiderman” by Wang Ziwei, the prince of badmimton.

My friend chose Spiderman because the first time she and her husband dated was to watch the movie Spiderman. So when she saw this painting, she especially felt the warmth.”

Not only for charity, it also gives her friend a meaningful souvenir.

“I did not know that I could even collect a work that comes with a certificate of authenticity!” The lady who attended the Celebrity Charity for the fifth time said in extreme excitement, “This is totally unexpected! The two pieces I have chosen are both works by artists. This makes me feel closer to the artists.” “I came to visit A.R.T. in the past few years. My appreciation of artworks is not the same now.

Super lucky! These are works by British artist Richard Young
and Spanish artist Fabio Hurtado.

A fan of Alex’s art standing aside shouted in a high pitch voice,
"Is the work you are holding the work by Italian artist Alex?"

"I want to tell Galya I got her artwork in the Celebrity Charity!"
Russia artist Galya Popova has a large number of fans in Taiwan
who love very much the serene and elegant style in her works.

"There is not much room at home.
The works in Celebrity Charity is fine and loving, the most suitable to me!”

"I was attracted by the touch of the strokes and thought that
this must be works by a master. And it turns out to be works by artist Zheng Kuozhu.”

“I am the fan of Mickey Huang!”
“I like Wakin Chau.”
“Jam Hsiao, Jam Hsiao~~”
To be able to collect the work by the your idol is really like finding treasures. Everyone wears a hearty smile!”

"It is by Wakin Chau!"
the fans felt moved for being able to collect this particular piece.

Toward the end of event, Down Syndrome artist Yang Ruting’s mother hurried in and asked, “Anyone collected Ruting’s work?” She was delayed by some other things and was very much afraid of missing the time of meeting collectors.

Fortunately enough, Miss Lo collecting Ruting’s work was about to pick up the packed painting to leave. It was such a perfect timing. Ruting’s mother and Miss Lo were happy to take photos.

Ruting's mother (left) and Miss Lo are happy to take photos together.

Down Syndrome artist Yang Ruting participates in the Celebrity Charity bazaar.

~ Highlights~

As the father of a Down Syndrome child, President of Down Syndrome Foundation Lin Zhenxia realizes deeply the various challenges that the society brings to Down Syndrome children. He expresses the dilemma of these children with dull color tone and his concern for them. Take the work titled “Dreamland” for example, it indicates his dream of creating a friendly environment, happy paradise for Down Syndrome children.”

President of Down Syndrome Foundation Lin Zhenxia wants to
create a friendly environment and happy paradise for Down Syndrome children.

Known as "Picasso of the Netherland,"
artist Peter Harskamp nonetheless shows his compassion
and takes part in the Celebrity Charity.”

The key singer of Quarterback Chen Rushan visits the Celebrity Charity
display wall on the VIP night.

Celebrity WangYulin (Chairman of the International Architecture
Interior Design Association of the Republic of China), who participates
the charity bazaar for three consecutive years, takes light as the theme of his creation,
believing that as long as there is light, there is hope.

Huang Ying, host of Voice of Han Radio Station,
celebrates a grand event Celebrity Charity.