2018 A.R.T. Visitors & Artists of Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales

Lin Cheng-Shia, Chairman, Down Syndrome Foundation R.O.C.
I’m a father of kid with Down syndrome, and recognize profoundly various challenges facing people with Down syndrome. The grey tone is to depict difficulties facing people with Down syndrome, and express my caring feelings. The theme in “Dreamland” reveals the dreams to build a friendly environment and paradise for people with Down Syndrome.


Sandra Yu, Chairman, UC Group
The theme is “Colorful World”, expressing the belief in everyone being capable in creating their own beautifully colorful world with their own hands.

He Mei-Ching, Chairman, SinoCell Technologies (right)
It’s my 8th year in a row to participate the Hundreds of Celebrities. To support this meaningful altruistic event, I decide to develop a creative theme each year. Recently I think of so many people working hard to break through from their current situations, so my theme is “Smoothly”, wishing all the best for everyone.

Hsieh Meng-Chang, Vice-Chairman, Synmax Biochemical Co., Ltd. (left)
By combining the chemical structures of enzyme with the Chinese character to create this work for the Hundreds of Celebrities event. Wish all people to follow their instincts and hearts, to enjoy a free and easy life.

Liu Chien-Chih, Chairman, pu543
The theme is about sharing and loving. Working for the agri-tourism, I painted a seedling in a heart shape, to express love to the seedling, and to the earth.

Lin Fan-Nan, Entrepreneur
So happy to learn that I’ve in the Hundreds of Celebrities for 8 years in a row. The theme for this year is “Tiger Playing Piano”; someone said it’s resonant to Prof. Lee Sun-Don’s violin, but actually it’s inspired by President Trump. When Mr. Trump was in the business, he was invincible, like a tiger; but it’s different to be a political figure, he needs to grab trusts and supports, like playing violin with different tones. It’s not easy to be a political figure, and it goes without saying to express the politic conflicts via arts.

Wang Yu-Lin, Director, Chinese Association of Interior Designers
I’ve taken part in the Hundreds of Celebrities event for three years with the theme of “Light,” where hopes reside. Life is the link among sunshine, water and air, wishing we have a clean earth and universe.


James Liu, CEO, HASSE
Astronauts and the Mars at outer space echoing my own job, the purpose is to encourage students to form broad visions and to aim at a distance as long as the outer space.


Freddie Liu, CEO, TPK Foundation
I’ve taken part in this event 4 times, to pass forward kindness and love together with artworks, A.R.T., and all participants.


Chia-Hong Drapal Liao, Conductor, Taiwan Pro Arte Orchestra
Those gray withered trees on the canvas was the image I saw during my first trip to Europe; what came into my mind was fully blooming flowers in the spring time when I looked at the scene. The idea I wish to convey via this painting is “Hopes”; withering is only temporary, the nature itself is recurring and reviving.


Zhou Chun-Hsun, Go player and champion
The work features my self-portrait, combining my image with the chessboard, in hopes that the chess GO could grab attention from the public. My wife and kids have their inputs to this work, the process is a meaningful and interesting family activity for me.


We Chun-Mei, Chairman, JackNick.Design
Birds, flowers and leaves are my favorite, and I would like to share the beauty in my eyes to art lovers, that’s the idea. This hand-made artwork was made from the laser engraved draft which was drawn with the extra fine ball-point pen, then applied with acrylic latex paint.


Martin Yang, Creative Director, HWAT’S Graphic Design
The canvas was covered with mosaics, in which the phrase “GOOD THINGS WILL HAPPEN” hidden; the letters get clearer while viewers gaze at the center or take a closer look. Hope viewers will be surprised by GOOD THINGS happening.


Lee Fan-Pin, Daily Ad
I’m fond of the implication of peony and the exuberant vitality in its blooming blossoms. That’s my first time to draw peony with crayons, sharing the blooming joys with my best wishes.

Chang Jia-Jia, Visual Deirctor, Taiwan Bar
Dogs are our family’s favorite, so I use vivid colors to draw dogs with different expressions in various postures, to convey the lively and joyful atmosphere.


Liu Pei-Hua, Stylist
The theme of Flower is depicted with sequins for gowns integrated with painting colors; flowers symbolize the beauty and resilient vitality. It’s important to live a happy and colorful life, like the paintings. I’ve taken part in this event for 7 times in a row, and expressing different meanings each year.

Lou Hsiu-Lu, CEO, Pumpkin Creative Co., Ltd.
In Taiwan, I’m the first woman marathon runner ever to the Everest; it took me 9 hours and 30 minutes, and I took the first place among the Asian female competitors. In that harsh environment, two runners died; I had an acute mountain sickness before the competition, and wondered if I should’ve given up. But I was deeply touched and filled with confidence when I raised the national flag fluttering in the wind; then I realized that instead of for myself, I was running for Taiwan, and for my son. Along the way, I’ve been blessed with tremendous best wishes, so I could finish the competition with love. My painting is the moment when I raised the national flag.

Lee Chun-Hsien, Managing Director, Literature And Art Association
I created 4 oil paintings for four seasons, in which the Jade Mountain stands for Taiwan, the highest and strong mountain in Formosa, to wish all people with Down syndrome with wellbeing.


Huang Si-Hui, Artist
“Butterflies come uninvited when flowers blossom, ” a word from Tu Youyou, the Nobel prize winner, which inspires me after I was rewarded the prize of art creation in this May; so this word becomes the title of my painting. There are two kids interact in the setting, and a huge butterfly flying over, depicting good friends encourage each other and you’ll out stand as long as you are good enough.

Chang Chao-Yuan, Coach, Therapeutic Riding Center of Taiwan
For this Art Your Compassion event, I drew two horses grooming each other to express the precious kindness of mutual supports. For 17 years, my team has helped many physically and mentally challenged people through Hippotherapy; and these two horses are very important partners in our therapy team.

SunKe-Fang, Entertainer
From the start, I decide to create my work in a simple way with the daily elements. The crayons used were unable to immerse into the canvas, but the acrylic colors did the tricks. The Hundreds of Celebrities is a warm event, so I use red, yellow and blue colors to reveal a warm vibe. It’s a meaningful and interesting event for me to participate in a carefree and joyful way.

Alex Liu, Entertainer
Normally I would do self dialects to model a character, with a rebellious thinking: why it has to be like this? Why it couldn’t be like that? Therefore, I painted the whole canvas in black, then in white again; finally I presented the work in a natural way via the style of Japanese Ukiyo-e.


Chen Chu-Sheng, Entertainer
In the Dog’s year, I painted a dog in the joyful red, and complementing with a Chinese character of prosperity. Dogs are good friends to human beings, and I feel dogs are warm-hearted, so is the event of “Hundred Celebrities”; the spirit matches images of dogs. I wish the society we live in could be filled with more good things and positive energies.


Wang Chien-Ming, Taipei City Yuan Children Charity Foundation
I use a permanent marker to paint a cute owl tilting its head, just like asking viewers: are you looking at me? Will you take me home? I mainly teach crayon drawing, making arts attractive to students; they are also encouraged to visit art fairs and to become collectors.

Chung Pei-Chen, Chairman, Eye Doctor Clinic
It’s my first time to participate the Hundred Celebrities event, full of fun. I painted the sunset based on the photo taken in Porto, Portugal, capturing the magnificent moment of sunset.


Yang Ru-Ting, Artist
The Rainbow Pony was painted in bright colors. Though with language impairment, Rui-Tin is gifted in great cognitive and painting abilities, with great ego strength to paint out of box happily and unstoppably. She drew on the floor crawling, and on walls when toddling; her parents have been supportive for her play freely, to create her own colorful word fully. Now she held some solo exhibitions; in her 30s, she looks innocent petite, “a child always in the time machine,” as her mother would put it.

Abu BuSiYi, Artist
The girl on the canvas is a cartoon character, very cute; I feel her personality similar to mine, very inspiring and encouraging. Best wishes for the collector for this painting to feel inspired and encouraged.


Tu Jianguo, Artist
The theme is the landscape for the southern China, a new attempt to find a breakthrough and extract the uniqueness and funs from the topic itself.


Huang Chin-Chuan, Artist
Derived from the same origin for painting and calligraphy, this work combines the practical arts and pure arts via mixed media, to express a different prospect.


Sinba Hsu, Artist
The theme is swan soaring high in the sun, conveying the feelings of freedom.


Pu Yi-Chun, Artist
The legendary blue roses indicate “hopes,” bring hopes and brightness to this world.