Art Revolution Taipei 2019 - “A Soul Tattooed by the Art"”
Bring Arts into Full Play with All Hearts

Art Revolution Taipei 2019 will launch on April 26 and lasting to April 29,
at Hall 3, Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC).

Launching from April 26 to 29 at Hall 3, the World Trade Center, the 9th edition Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T.) in 2019, gathers 468 artists from 74 countries to present about 4,000 pieces of artworks not only in diverse media and art forms, but also with rich local traits and cultural connotations, to bring up a phenomenally international art festival. Being a trend-setter with nouveau thinking to put artists front and center, the A.R.T. has become a top art fair in Asia and an art exchange platform for artists around the world. The layout of exhibition is designed around artists and their artworks, to make each booth an artist’s solo.

Art Revolution Taipei 2019 will present almost
4,000 pieces of artworks of 468 artists from 74 countries.

A.R.T. is invited to join the International Alliance for Chinese-European Culture and Leadership Academy.

The innovative business model is widely recognized by the international academia, and invited to join the International Alliance for Chinese-European Culture and Leadership Academy. Project Director Wong, Rui-Cheng will publish her article “The Arts of Cultural Ecosystem and International ART Fair for Global Value Creation-A Case Study of Art Revolution Taipei,” directed by Prof. Yen Ming-Ren, the CEO of the said Alliance at the International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics, which will be held on June 05, 2019 in Matera, Italy. The innovative concept promoted by the A.R.T. to put artists front and center and contributions to inspire the managerial ideas have grabbed the international attention. It’s a milestone set by the art industry in Taiwan for the international academic exchanges.

According to Prof. Lee Sun-Don, the Art Director of A.R.T., it’s a warm-hearting art fair, an advantage to win both artists and collectors’ hearty recognitions by upholding the curatorial concept of putting artist front and center. Many artists from different countries are surprised and marveled at the quality of artworks exhibited, the service and vibe offered by the organizer, compared to their experiences in other international art fairs. Another feature of A.R.T. is to showcase a new look every year based on a different theme.

For 2019, the spiritual theme is “A Soul Tattooed by the Art”

According to Prof. Lee Sun-Don, the Art Director of A.R.T., it’s a warm-hearting art fair, an advantage to win both artists and collectors’ hearty recognitions by upholding the curatorial concept of putting artist front and center. Many artists from different countries are surprised and marveled at the quality of artworks exhibited, the service and vibe offered by the organizer, compared to their experiences in other international art fairs. Another feature of A.R.T. is to showcase a new look every year based on a different theme. For 2019, the spiritual theme is “A Soul Tattooed by the Art,” presenting more warm-hearting artworks created by passionate artists with their full devotions to arts.

There are nine sections with various styles elaborately planned by the Art Director: A.R.T. Curatorial, International Contemporary Art, New York Contemporary Art Fund, International Artist Salon, China Contemporary Art, Taiwan Contemporary Art, International Artist Grand Prize Competition 2019, Art & Design, and Art Your Compassion.

The section of A.R.T. Curatorial

The section of A.R.T. Curatorial showcases “The Ultimate Originals” and “The Clear Mirror World” series from Prof. Lee Sun-Don; latest artworks from MaSingLingLuna and debut artworks from LunaSaSa, the new duet with great mutual tacit. It includes also artworks from some outstanding female artists in Taiwan, selected artists from China, and an exclusive “India Art Power” sub-section.

Taiwan/Lee Sun-Don《The Clear Mirror World.Totem Bang/Kingly》Mixed Media 66x66cm 2019

Taiwan/Lee Sun-Don+MaSingLingLuna《Necessary·Bodhi/Essence》Mixed Media 91x72.5cm 2019

The latest painting series from Prof. Lee Sun-Don, “The Clear Mirror World” reflecting all surroundings and flowing lights on the mirror finished stainless steel, spaciously yet confined by boundaries, existentially yet penetratingly, an interesting coexistence of reality and illusion (virtual reality). Viewers see their own reflections and become part of the painting is the most impressive. “The Ultimate Originals” series elaborates the state of “emptiness is not empty, real existence in emptiness” by depicting the invisible sound via sheet music. The artist employs the visible sheet music of the violin concerto he composed to depict the invisible sound; he also integrates multimedia and totem to express the unknown life in a way of Zen.

The artist quartet MaSingLing Luna and duet LuNaSaSa present their latest creations. MaSingLingLuna, consisting of MANIHOO, Singway, Ling Ling and Luna, is famous for their wonderful manipulation on the fluidity of oils; they adopt leaves processed from a bodhi tree for their latest series “Necessary‧Bodhi,” which is a tree planted in Hawaii from a branch of the very sacred bodhi tree in India, the tree witnessed the Buddha’s enlightenment. It embodies the meaning of “Zen exists in fallen flowers and flowing water,” a state of every single existence means something. Furthermore, the series also implies the eco-friendly recycle to transform the fallen leaves into artistic elements in an innovative way. The new duet LuNaSaSa, Luna Chen and Small Sa, present their debut series “The World” to A.R.T., in which they depict characters and mythological animals based on the traits represented by 20 major stars from Zi Wei Dou Shu (a Chinese astrology). Art lovers can also enjoy other female artist’s works, including Luna Chen, GOGO YU, Lai Yachi, Small Sa and LrB.

The representative artists at this section include Wang Zhaoju, a member of China Artists Association; Xu SongBo who was invited to exhibit at Art En Capital 2017 at the Grand Palais; Meng Qingnan, dubbed as the painter maestro in China; Song Yonghua who is specialized in expressing the ethereal ink via oils; Pei Lianzhi’s tranquil and peaceful vibe from the third dimensional landscape created from thick-stacked oils is highly sought-after; and Qin Zhenghui’s unearthly touch of elegance and simplicity.

China/Xu Songpo《Snowing stopped》Oil on Canvas 112x162cm 2016

“India Art Power”

Featuring the Indian folklore, the sub-section of “India Art Power” presents experienced artist Agacharya; K Viswa Kalyan good at landscape; M. Thirupathi focusing on children going to school; Nirakar Chuadhary exploring values of life; Purnendu Mandal depicting the urban views in Kolkata; and Thrigulla Murali’s vehicles.

Shih-Feng Treasure section     The Art Space of Infinite Treasure

In addition, A.R.T. works with Chanliu Great China Cultural and Educational Art Fund to present Shih-Feng Treasure section with exhibition of artworks by Taiwanese art masters of the early days, including Hu Nianzu, Zhou Changxin, Qin Lisheng, Hu Hongshu and Li Xiqi, showing their artistic style.

The Art Space of Infinite Treasure specially planned through art licensing this year presents the Persian tapestry created by the most renowned craftsman duplicating award-winning and classical paintings with the most excellent weaving skills in rare 16 colors. The artistic tapestry over-runs rich and gorgeous colors; it’s a limited version of ten pieces only worldwide, with great values both for purposes of decoration and collection.

The section of International Contemporary Arts invites artists from around the world to demonstrate cultural pluralism in the performance of art and promote dialogues between Taiwan and the international art circles. Participating artists include the popular Spanish artist Alfonso Cuñad; Luigi Pellanda from Italy who exhibited at the 54th Venice Biennial in 2011; the surrealistic artist August Vilella from Spain, the winner of the first prize and special award from the Chairman at the international artist competition 2018; Olga Belka from Russia is the first aqua artist and the only aqua portrait painter in the world; and highly sought-after commercial artist Sara Sammakia from UK. There’s also some premiere for a whole new series from Mahmood Sabzi (U.S.A.), Adrian Lirman (Argentina), and Igor Grechanyk (Ukraine), a sculptor who won a national Olympic medal.

Spain/August Vilella《Alice》Oil on Canvas 81x100cm 2017

Russia/Olga Belka《At Sunrise》Special watercolor 40x30cm 2017

the Spanish ROSA art group

In addition, heavy-weighted artists from the Spanish ROSA art group interpret the look of contemporary art in Spain; Fabio Hurtado’s artworks have become permanent collections by national museums; José Manuel Belmonte is reputed as the top sculptor in Spain; Josep Gil won the annual portrait competition held by the National Portrait Gallery in London, England, in 2013, and the international portrait competition held by MEAM in Barcelona in 2016. The landscape impressionist Jose Vicente Barrachina, Jordi Pintó with colorful imagination, Didier Lourenço focusing on female’s lifestyle, Josè Abel’s urban waterbank, and Kiku Poch’s passions about the Mediterranean.

Spain/Fabio Hurtado《El espejo III》 Oil on Canvas 65x100cm 2018

Exhibiting artists at the section of New York Contemporary Art Fund include Marina Marina (Russia), her artworks have been auctioned at Christie since 2012, and widely collected by Chinese collectors; she was interviewed by the famous “American Art Collectors” magazine. Hayato Takano (Japan) is reputed as the best collage artist in the world, and once interviewed by BBC News. Aged 86, Mirella Guasti (Italy) has created exclusive style of body sculpture, invited to exhibit at the Italian Pavilion at the 54th Venice Biennial, also participating the Armory Show, Frieze London, art Karlsruhe, and Art Paris. From Italy, Alex Bertaina’s artworks are widely collected by Italian and Russian Museum, and 30 city halls in Italy. The ever-popular Dutch artist Peter H. Harskamp, popular German artist Galya Popov, Pedro Roldán from Spain full of magic imagination, Artur Sulce (Albania) specialized in sculptures in clay and brass casting, and Nathalie Montel (France) who depicts the touching moments in daily life. Another bright spot is Esther Ziher-Ginczinger from Holland with her daughter Lima Ziher, aged 11 and Riva Ziher aged 9.

Russia/Marina Marina《Light rest in the early evening》Oil on Canvas 75x40cm 2019

Italy/Alex Bertaina 《Storia di mare》Oil on Canvas 100x100cm 2018

Holland/Peter H. Harskamp《Clown in Lamp light》Oil on Canvas 100x120cm 2018

France/Nathalie Montel_20191156828《Toujours plus haut》Mixed Media 60x120cm 2015

The section of International Artist Salon displays artworks by artists with great potential selected from International Artist Grand Prize Competition 2018, including Davor Žilić (Croatia) who won the Excellence Award from the Portrait Society of America; Bhaskararao. Botcha from India good at expressing the beauty of trees with thick oil colors; Tsegmed Tserennadmid (Mongolia) won the Mongolian Award and the best painter of the year by the Mongolian Culture Ministry. Patrick J. Moran (U.S.A.) worked for animation and illustration from 1987 to 2006, and won the award of excellence at the Burning Man festival om 2012, and the Best Award from IT Figures and The Souk in 2015. Pascal Bejeannin from France transforms auto parts and metal sheets into sculptures of animals.

The section of China Contemporary Art showcases the artworks by Chinese artists with innovative ideas and collectible potentials. Among them, Chen Li, who won the silver prize of Sichuan Watercolor Competition, displays the ethnic minorities in a real and vivid way. Chang Tiezhong is skilled in oil paintings and pen sketches, presenting refined compositions complimented with strength and beauty of lines, both spontaneously and lively. Dubbed as “Oriental Pollock” and “New Graffiti,” Zeng Qunce won the gold prize from the Carrousel du Louvre, and the special prize from Salon de Paris. Zhang Yuying’s artworks featuring unique style and ingenious conception, widely collected by art museums and art institutions globally. Ham KyungRack’s black little pig series is full of humor and jocularity, widely collected by art institutions and individuals in Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore.

Other exhibiting artists are Wang Dazhi, Chen Erfu, Tu Jianguo, Zeng Guozhu, Zeng Jiechun, Cao JiCai, Yin Yi, Gu Xin, Tang Wenbin, Li Jiangyu, Xu Zizhi, Angela, Yao Guoqing, and Xie Yongsheng.

The section of Taiwan Contemporary Art features both the artists in the prime of their life and the emerging talents, displaying diversified and cross-generational facets of contemporary art in Taiwan. The globally renowned sculptor, Hsu Tung-Lung’s white marble sculptures and paintings all brim with a charming oriental aroma. As famous as his peer sculptor Juming, sthousand years old, full of simplicity and vivid vitality. Lawrence Lu depicts the daily life in Taiwan a few decades ago, his freehand touch is modern yet nostalgic. Being poetic and musical, Wei Chi-I demonstrates his unique style of “western painting of oriental ink.” Based on the concept of “New Fineness,” Time Lin’s artworks were selected by the Royal College of Art in London, Salon d’Automne in Paris, Purple and Gold Award in China, Florence Biennale in Italy, Salon des Independants, Salon de Printemps in France; A.R.T. presents his “Wu-Shan Cloud and Rain,” which just won the Lorenzo il Magifico Award at the Florence Biennale.

In addition, it also includes brilliant artworks from Lin Zong-Fan, Liao Mei-Lan, Chen Li-Wei, Lin Hsuan-Che, Liu Wei-Chen, Chen Kay-Son, Lu Bai-Sen, Yao Yuan, Huang Chin-Chuan, Liu Han-Wen, Chien Jui-Ying, Huang Shih Chang, Wang Pei-Wen, and the Mickey Huang Artists Group consisting of Mickey Huang, ANO and Aer Lu.

To support and encourage Taiwan’s emerging artists to be seen at the international arena, the organizer invites some rising stars shining through the Art Easy to exhibit at A.R.T., including Chen Min-Fang, Peng Pei-Ci, Andy Lee, P. K. Hsu, and Patrick Lee; in parallel to other 4 artists discovered in collaboration with the National Hsinchu Living Arts Center: Lu Zong-Xian, Lo Zun, KC Peng and Huang Shih Chang; and 3 artists in collaboration with Far Glory Museum: Pu Yi-Chun, Chang Chi-Ling and Wang Cheng-En.

The International Artist Grand Prize Competition 2019 is the most well-established art competition in Asia annually, drawing artists from 81 countries to go head to head with 4,262 pieces of artworks, 371 of them selected. Some of the selected artists are globally renowned, including Carlo Alberto Palumbo, who represented Italy to exhibit at the 54th Venice Biennale and was awarded the prize of Arte Laguna Prize. Fiorentina Giannotta from Italy also exhibited at the 54th Venice Biennale, presenting the wild imagination in bright colors with industrial coating and ceramic brushes. The Australian artist Joey Schmidt-Muller ponders the past the present in the style of New Objectivity, who once exhibited at the Florence Biennale 2017. Anne Wolk from Germany is awarded the “Art Takes Paris” prize respectively from the Andy Warhol Museum, Lisson Gallery and Marianne Boesky Gallery. The Brazilian artist Juca Maximo wins prizes from various illustration competitions with his intensive colors and rough lines. Her artworks fascinating with impressionism charms, Bettina Rebecca Westerheide from Germany exhibited at the Universal Exposition 2000 in Hannover and the Munich Biennale; she has been nominated for the Peace Prize in section of Painting in Klosterneuburg, Vienne, Austria in 2010. The Polish artist Basha Dunin has great passions in paintings and filmlet production, winning the first prize of collage from the “Creative Quarterly: The Journal of Art and Design” in 2018. Feng-tian Zhang from China expresses the modern artistic conceptions of the Chinese scholar poetics by integrating with western techniques, exhibiting his works at le Louvre, Centre Pompidou-Metz and the Metropolitan Museum in USA.

All selected works will be exhibited at the A.R.T. 2019. Of them, one Championship Award and several Gallery Awards will be granted and to be announced on May 31; the winners will be awarded the booth to exhibit at the A.R.T. 2020.

Art and Design

“To bring out a new value and reinvigorate the life force of those with cultural significance” has been the principle of GP DEVA in Art and Design. To demonstrate the infinite possibilities of contemporary arts, A.R.T. specially invites GP DEVA, an international boutique group, to organize this section. Exquisite fine jewelry, hand-made furniture and fashion accessories will be displayed.

“Art Your Compassion‧Hundreds of Celebrities” is a pioneering move from the Art Director Prof. Lee Sun-Son to link arts with philanthropy and to promote the public’s interests in collecting arts; it’s a high-profile event, and all works would be sold out in a minute.

The “Art Your Compassion‧Hundreds of Celebrities” charity sale will be held on April 26, all proceeds will go to Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders.」。

This year, the participating celebrities include, just to name a few: the President Tsai Yin-Wen; Annette  Lu  Hsiu-lien, the former Vice-President; Chu Li-luan, the former chairman of KMT; Hou You-yi, Mayor of New Taipei City;  Luo Wen-Jia, DPP secretary-general; Jian Wan-An, legislator; Chen Bin-Fu, City councilor of Taipei; Chin, Hui-Chu, City councilor of Taipei; Cheng Wen-Tsan, Mayor of Taoyuan City; Huang Wei-Cher, Mayor of Tainan; Chou Hsi-wei, former magistrate of Taipei County; Antonio Su, Chairman, HoTai Development Inc.; Chang Chao-Feng, Chairman, U-Tech Media Corp.; Chen Pei-Chun, General Manager, Mega AMC; Chen Li-Yin, founder & Chairman of Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders; Lin Fan-Nan, advisor to Chiling Charity Foundation; Rita Hsu, Chairman, Mercuries Life Insurance; He Mei-Ching, Chairman of Sino Cell Technologies; Carolyn Chou, General Manager, Yuanta Futures Co., Ltd.; Mimi Tang, Former Director, Gucci Asia-Pacific; Chia-Hong Drapal Liao, Conductor, Taiwan Pro Arte Orchestra; Fan Yu-Wen, vocalist; Huang Ping-yang, baseball player; Rendy  Lu Yen-Hsun, tennis player; Wang  Tzu We, badminton player; Hsieh Chang-Heng, baseball pitcher; Cheng Yen-chi, executive chef of Fullon Hotel; Chiang Chung-Po, Senior media man; Zhou Chun-Hsun, Go champion player; entertainers including Mickey Huang, Summer Meng, Vivian Sung, Rhydian Vaughan, Wang Shaudi, Jonathan Chan, Wa Wa, Yvonne Yao, Kathy Wu, and Chen Zhi-Han, a youtuber. Just to name some of them. Please refer to the A.R.T. website for all participants.

All proceeds will go directly to the designated charity organization. This year, the chosen institute is Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders, which will take charge of the process of charity sale independently. The organizer will not be involved at any point of the process. Each artwork is priced at NT$1000. A visitor can collect two artworks at most. Those who wait in a queue for the event to start at 11:00 can take a number from 10:30. You are welcome to support this charity.

Art Revolution Taipei 2019
VIP Preview: April 25, 2019    19:00~22:00 (Admission by VIP Card)
Exhibition: April 26-29, 2019 11:00~19:00
Venue: Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC), Hall 3

Hundreds of Celebrities Charity Sale
Time: April 26, 2019, 10:30~13:30
(Distributing number tag at 10:30, admission at 11:00)