The Largest Art Competition in Asia –
"2022 International Artist Grand Prize Competition"
Online application is now open

Asia’s largest international art competition
“2022 International Artist Grand Prize Competition” is now open for online application.

The 2022 International Artist Grand Prize Competition, the world's largest international art competition in Asia, is now open for submission! Artists over 18 years of age are welcomed to apply online: Finalists will receive the opportunity to exhibit and sell their artworks in the 11th edition of Art Revolution Taipei in 2022. The Winner and Gallery Prize Award recipients will be granted booth space at the “International Artist Salon” section of Art Revolution Taipei in 2023 which they will gain additional exposure and attention from art collectors.

The "International Artist Grand Prize Competition" hosted by the Taiwan International Contemporary Artists Association since 2012, has been connecting Taiwan to the world through Art Revolution Taipei, under the direction of Professor Lee Sun-Don. Besides presenting marvelous artworks from around the world and opening up the Asian market, the objective of the competition is to encourage every artist to showcase their creativity and skill. It is the opportunity to step onto the global stage, even for emerging artists!

Every year, the "International Artist Grand Prize Competition" receives applications from artists all over the world. The competition has earned its reputation and been recognized as one of the top art events throughout Asia. Even when the pandemic hit hard during 2020 and 2021, the applications were overflowing with enthusiasm. Over thousands of submissions from more than 80 countries have taken part for the past two years. In 2021, there were 4,342 submissions from 82 countries, and 388 of them made some significant impressions for the judges. Each represented different artistic styles, including many well recognized and highly regarded artists.

Finalists of the "2022 International Artist Grand Prize Competition"
will be exhibiting their art at "2022 Art Revolution Taipei".

Because of the "International Artist Grand Prize Competition", even emerging artists have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd! Over the past few years, many artists have won the collectors’ hearts and support from the market by having been in the competition. Just ask the Winner of 2015 International Artist Grand Prize Competition, a self-taught artist, Kurma Venkata Siva Prasad from India. Kurma has been highly praised by collectors, and now a rising star in Asia. As for the Spanish surrealist artist August Vilella, who won the competition and also the recipient of the Chairman's Award in 2018, his works have been exhibited at the Louvre in France. He also won the first place of "The Best Artist" at the Tokyo International Art Fair in Japan, and the “Global Art Award” in Dubai 2017. And let’s not forget the Winner of the 2019 International Artist Grand Prize Competition, Wei-Quan Wang from Taiwan. His sculptures once again captured collectors’ attention at “Art Revolution Taipei, Another Chapter” in 2020.

The deadline for the “2022 International Artist Grand Prize Competition” will be November 30th 2021. The finalists will be announced on the Art Revolution Taipei website,, on January 3rd, 2022. All of the finalists will exhibit at the 11th edition of Art Revolution Taipei from May 13th to May 16th, 2022. The Winner of the competition and the recipients of the Gallery Award will be announced on the Art Revolution Taipei website on August 31st, 2022 and the winning artists will get to exhibit in the "International Artist Salon" section in the 12th edition of Art Revolution Taipei, which is sponsored by X-Power Gallery.

Art Revolution Taipei breaks the convention of traditional art fairs, which tend to focus on the galleries, by instead prioritizing the artist and allowing the creators to be highlighted. Under the careful planning and directing of Art Director, Professor Lee Sun-Don, the entire concept and visual design of the space has been reimagined to center on the artist and their artworks. Each booth becomes the artist’s solo exhibition for them to display their own unique interpretations. Since the inaugural Art Revolution in Taipei in 2011, ART has been consistently recognized as one of the most significant art fairs of all time. With a promising 89.66% of completed sales transactions, each year has had final sales over 80% to 90%. After more than a decade of hard work, Art Revolution Taipei has become the prominent art event in Asia.

Even at the peak of COVID-19 where many activities have been suspended, Art Revolution Taipei recognized how important, and healing, art could be to the world. Through its unwavering commitment and passion for art, Art Revolution Taipei continues to deliver stunning visual feasts to everyone.