2022 NFT MasterAward Open for registration
ART Revolution Taipei & OurSong highlights the value of artists

The "NFT MasterAward", organized by Taiwan International Contemporary Artist Association, is open for registration.

Transforming artworks into NFTs and entering the Metaverse

Art Revolution Taipei, devoted to the integration of art creation and cross-border cooperation, will collaborate with the internationally well-known digital collection trading platform, OurSong, in the 2022 exhibition for more artists to be appreciated. It will be the first step in transforming artworks into NFTs and entering the Metaverse.

"Dedication towards helping individual art creators be seen" is the founding purpose of both Art Revolution Taipei and OurSong. Art Revolution Taipei pioneered the concept of being "artist-centered," directly connecting to artists and collectors, and OurSong has "made it easy to create and buy NFT." On their paths of supporting creators, similar values allowed the two platforms of different fields to discover the possibility of collaboration; by making artworks available as NFTs offered creations more windows of opportunities.

The "NFT MasterAward" is organized by Taiwan International Contemporary Artist Association, aiming to encourage digital art creators to use NFT blockchains, to give full play to their creativity, and have more opportunities to showcase their talent. In 2022, the largest art exchange platform in Taiwan, Art Revolution Taipei, and international NFT trading platform, OurSong, plan to assist digital artists in launching a new era of NFTs in Asia, providing digital artists more opportunities for exhibiting, selling, and being agented.

The shortlisted works from "NFT MasterAward" will also be exhibited and sold in the virtual
space jointly developed by Art Revolution Taipei and OurSong.

2022 NFT MasterAward Open for registration

Shortlisted works of "NFT MasterAward" 2022 will be minted by the organizer into an exclusive NFT and released on the NFT trading online platform, OurSong, for display and sale. For the "NFT MasterAward," Art Revolution Taipei and OurSong have specially collaborated in creating the exclusive virtual space, allowing all shortlisted works to be exhibited and sold.

Taiwan International Contemporary Artists Association has been hosting the "International Artists Grand Prize Competition" since 2011, which has won good international reputation, attracting enthusiastic participation of top artists worldwide yearly, making it the largest large-scale annual art competition in Asia. In 2022, the "NFT MasterAward," a cross-border cooperation between Art Revolution Taipei and the global NFT trading platform, OurSong, has once again aroused a wave of cross-generational transformation in the art world.

Art Revolution Taipei breaks the worldwide convention of gallery-based art fairs, and pioneers a new concept of "artist-centered". Under the careful planning of artistic director, Professor Lee Sun-Don, the curation and design for display focuses on artists and their works, therefore, each booth is an artist's solo exhibition. In addition to establishing characteristics and reputation, Art Revolution Taipei has become an international art fair with "warmth". Since its first exhibition held in 2011, it shocked the art world with an artwork turnover rate of 89.66%. In subsequent years, turnover rates have been 80% to 90%. In 2019, participating artists came to a shocking 497, the most in its history. After 10 years of hard work, Art Revolution Taipei has become the most iconic art fair in Asia.

For information on "2022 NFT MasterAward" (Online Submission) and Art Revolution Taipei, please visit the official website: www.arts.org.tw.

Art Revolution Taipei 2022
VIP Preview: May 12, 2022 19:00~22:00 (VIP only)
Exhibition Date: May 13~16, 2022 11:30~19:30
Venue: Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC), Hall 1
Website: www.arts.org.tw