Art Revolution Taipei 2019
Interview with the Artist

(1)Emiliia Lynnyk (2)Chao Hui Yang (3)Eunah Cho (4)Darius Rafaello Dydymski (5)Lin, Yi-Hui


(1) Emiliia Lynnyk
~ I hope that the viewer can see the essence of things ~

Since entering the art field, artist Emili has been constantly searching for her own style of creation. Influenced by many art forms, there are often many forms of art in the works. Her creation stems from imagination; in the world of fantasy, there are illusory elves, and some are connected to our lives.

She hopes that through the presentation of the work, the viewer can see the essence of things. These seemingly fantastic and beautiful patterns have led everyone to find the world they saw in their childhood, and those things that are unmodified and purely natural.


(2) Chao Hui Yang
~ Clothes have experienced the joys and sorrows with us.
There are many secrets that only the clothes know ~

The artist Yang Chao Hui's works are made of collages of imitation Chinese ancient books. These books are used to record history. They are the carrier of experience and stories, especially having its own vitality.

Like clothes, when participating in major occasions such as weddings, celebrations, or when family and lovers sending us clothes, these clothes are very meaningful existence, together with us experiencing joys and sorrows, and there are even a lot of secrets that only the clothes know.

At this time, the clothes are no longer simply fabrics, but a community of emotional connections with ourselves. Just like Chang Ai-ling once said: "When a woman who has no heart and soul talks about her "brocade gown of last year", she would still said in a deep affection."


(3) Eunah Cho
1968,South Korea
~ No need to compose the picture, draw the universe in your heart on paper ~

Most things in the world will change and have been changing. Artist Eunah Cho hopes to find some more permanent, basic and important elements. So she uses simple geometric figures and color blocks to express the image.

When she created her work, she didn't need to compose the picture. Because it was constantly expanding and extending, she kept drawing the universe in her heart on paper.

The work "Life" expresses all mythological imagination with simple lines and basic tones, and returns to the original state without having to describe it in detail - the characters in the painting also represent Eunah Cho herself.


(4) Darius Rafaello Dydymski
~ This is definitely a high-level art fair ~

I really like this art fair which gives me a lot of assistance and support. I am really honored to participate in the Art Revolution Taipei. Of course it is impossible to be 100% perfect. But overall, this is definitely a high-level art fair. I am very happy to participate in this art fair and meet many people.


(5) Lin, Yi-Hui
~ There is a child holding a lovely umbrella to enjoy the joy and fun of the rainy days ~

Most people do not have happy memories of the rainy days. The artist Lin Yi Hui uses a monotonous umbrella to symbolize a group of people who feel bothered by the rain. In a group of umbrellas, there is a child holding a lovely and beautiful umbrella, gently stepping on the water on the road, enjoying the joy and fun brought by the rain.

This is the "original aspiration" that the artist wants to express. Perhaps we will encounter harsh storms on the road of life, but don't forget the original aspiration and the innocent heart of our childhood.