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Art Revolution Taipei, A.R.T. 2015

Comments To A.R.T. 2015 From Artists And Guests

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Total visitors: 21,961 people‧ Total sales percentage: 84.89%
5/11 No. of visitors: 3,758
5/10 No. of visitors: 5,268
5/09 No. of visitors: 4,733
5/08 No. of visitors: 3,608
5/07 Live from the VIP night, No. of visitors: 4,594

Video clips

Videos from the Exhibition

May. 9 2015 2015台北新藝術博覽會 叫座更叫好
專家肯定 期許成為亞洲市場藝術窗口

May. 8 2015 2015台北新藝術博覽會
「藝出慈悲˙百大名人」民眾熬夜排 做公益兼盡孝

May. 7 2015 Art Revolution Taipei 2015 Comes on Stage!
Former President Lee Teng-Hui and Many Other Celebrities All Dressed Up For This Grand Event
Stunning Sculptures of Dinosaur Fossil Along with A Magnificent Paradise Garden

Art Revolution Taipei 2015

VIP Preview:           2015. 5.7     19:00~22:00 (with VIP Card only)
Regular Exhibition: 2015. 5.8~5.9   12:00~20:00
          2015. 5.10      11:00~19:00
          2015. 5.11      12:00~20:00
Venue:Taipei World Trade Center Hall 3   No. 6, Song-shou Road, Taipei, Taiwan
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■ Result of the 2015 International Artist Grand Prize Competition

his is a moment to celebrate for Taiwan now has the honor to take a look at the artworks of the best thriving artists from around the world. There are estimated 4,033 pieces of artworks submitted for the 2015 International Artist Grand Prize Competition. ...more

The 6th edition of Art Revolution Taipei will be launched in 2016
Exhibition Theme:A Great Event in Life
Be prepared enthusiastically!

The 5th edition of Art Revolution Taipei will be launched on May 7th,2015.

The organizer has the final discretion on this layout.
The venue will be at the Hall 3, Taipei World Trade Center
VIP Preview: May 07, 2015
Exhibition: May 08~May 11, 2015
The booth price is listed in the icon, click the icon to enlarge it; the enlarged image can be clicked again to a bigger size.
The organizer reserves the sole right to arrange the booth location for exhibiting artists.

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