Floor Arrangement


Thematic Highlight – “Paradise Garden”

To echo the annual exhibition theme—“Enjoy Art‧Enjoy Happiness”—A.R.T. sets up an installation art “Paradise Garden” on site to deliver the aura of happiness. It is hoped that the art of “Paradise Garden,” featuring an arched roof and fountain, will indulge the visitors with the sensation of savoring artworks in a garden.

Meeting with Art Masters

This section features the world-premiere artists specially selected by A.R.T.’s Art Director Lee Sun-Don. Jordi Diez Fernandez from Spain, a frequent exhibitor of Art Basel, is one of those. Known for his techniques in fine steel and welding, Jordi Diez Fernandez had been invited by Loewe, a Spanish brand name in luxury goods, to create fine steel sculptures. Russian artist Denis Mikhaylov, the First Prize winner of London Art Biennale 2015, will exhibit artwork that refreshes the classical painting motif with contemporary thinking to address his style of humor, artwork that wins appreciation from collectors around the world. With a Ph.D. in physics, German-born sculptor Julian Voss-Andreae creates with metal to couple traditional sculpture art with frontier science, the quantum physics. As to Marina Marina, a talented young artist from Russia, her figurative portrayal conveys a very romantic sensation. The international-renowned French photographic digital artist Gregoire A. Meyer will also exhibit; he depicts varied aspects of human body developed from a palette of metallic texture, revealing visual complexities on the surface which mirrors the complexity of emotion from within. Piotr Lesniak from Poland exhibits his portrait created with the art of orotone photography, very unique.

Spaniard Art Zone

The Spaniard Art Zone showcases the artists led by the Spanish ROSA art group. While Martín Ballesteros is known for his surrealist style, Tore Hogsdvet’s artwork features harmony and balance. Luis Fernández Hebrero is characterized by his expression of light and color. Other exhibiting artists include also Felix Mas, Miguel Peidro, and Alicia Grau.

Curatorial Classics

Art Director Lee Sun-Don will exhibit with works specifically created for A.R.T. 2015, a time-transcendental series entitled “The World in Hand.” To challenge the human limits, he brings new life to fossils that predate human existence by millions of years with contemporary sculpture art—they are truly museum-class collectibles. Taiwan’s Pata Gallery, William Art Salon, Savoir Art Gallerie, Together Arts, Gallery Sun, and Ming-Chuan Art Gallery will also showcase their represented artists. X-Power Gallery will specially introduce the highly-regarded artist trio Ma Sing Ling, along with artists from mainland China such as Liu Jiutong, Sui Jiangsheng, Song Yonghua, Pei Lianzhi, Chang Tiezhong, Xiao Peng, Bian Jian, etc.

International Contemporary Art

This section invites artists from around the world to demonstrate cultural pluralism in the performance of art and to promote Taiwan’s dialogue with the international art circles. We specially design a unit “The Greats vis-à-vis the Greats” to highlight artists with exquisite skills and distinguished styles. Alfonso Cuñado, for example, specializes in using scraper and color to create images with dynamic perspective; he had participated in A.R.T. twice with all his exhibited artworks claimed and collected. There are also Carlo Mirabasso, whose surrealistic style is characteristic of hilariousness and humor; Alex Alemany, who merges realism with fantasy beautifully; and Yuki Yamamoto, who is known for his use of circles upon circles and the alteration of light and shade. Kirk Bauer, Patricia Van Lubeck, Maciej Gador, Ricardo Celma, Modesto Trigo Trigo, and Alexis Alemany will also exhibit in this section.

New York Contemporary Art Fund

New York Contemporary Art Fund has contributed to the development of contemporary art since its establishment. This year, it will present Peter H. Harskamp and Richard Yong—both are very well-received in Taiwan’s art circles. Reputed as “Picasso of the Netherlands,” Peter Harskamp is known for using geometrics to bring out the dynamism and life of the objects created, whether sculpture or painting. Richard Young, with a background in British Royal Academy, is versed in capturing a dancer’s elegance, her beauty and power. The other exhibiting artists include: French artist Thibault Jandot, who paints on the motif of animal with his bold and yet academia-tinged delicate brushstrokes; Alex Bertaina from Italy, who deconstructs and rearranges the light and shade of the image in order to catch the rhythm and bring forward the brightness, and Turkish Hasan Kirdi, who uses realistic techniques to portray an ordinary scene of every life. There are also István Cene gál, Yelena Dyumin, Sergio Martinez, Jose De La Barra, and so on.

International Artist Salon

This is a brand new section, with artists selected from the finalists of last year’s International Artist Grand Prize Competition. In addition to the First Prize winner of last year’s competition, Maja Borowicz, about 20 artists will exhibit. They include Jeni bev biktimirova, First Prize winner of 2013’s competition; Rizal Eka Pramana, who creates with ink and cutouts; Aeich Thimer, whose work features the cultural genre of the Middle East; Nicole Ennemoser, who draws on childlike innocence and fun; Wladimir Barantschikov, who is characterized by his fantasy style; and Li Chunrong, who establishes himself in satirizing China’s contemporary phenomena. There are also Krupp Stanislav, Martin Onyango, and Taiwan’s artists Lin Ching-Fang, Wu Chia-Chi, Chung Li-Hsiang, and Shi You-Chung.

China Contemporary Art

This section is characterized with artworks by Chinese artists with solid training, innovative ideas, powerful imagination, and collectible potentials. Among those are Sanzi, Chen Erfu, Chen Li, Li Xianzhao, Qiu Shengxian, Zhang Yuying, Mu Xi, Zhao Jinyi, Xiong Tianxiang, etc. Sanzi’s artwork reveals a secular-transcendental sentiment, the change and transformation of the universe and all existences within. By contrast, Qiu Shengxian’s work manifests an infusion of oriental classics and modern fashions. Muxi, named as one of China’s most promising female painters, integrates Chinese traditional brushworks into western composition ideas; her creation is poetic and aesthetic-oriented. Xiong Tianxiang has a special feeling for train; his work is romantically nostalgic. Zhao Jinyi addresses his growing process through the image of a little blue man, demonstrating a style full of interests and humors.

Taiwan Contemporary Art

This section features both the artists in the prime of their life and the emerging talents, displaying diversified and cross-generational facets of contemporary art in Taiwan. There are Hsu Tung-Rung, Lu Tsung-Tsan, Peng Kuang-Chun, Yu Lian-Chun, Cheng Chen-Wen, Wang Wen-Tsung, Chiu Wu-De, Wen Tsung-Yi, Wu Wen-Lung, Liao Ying-Hsi, Jian Chung-Wei, Liu Nian-Hsing, Yao Yuan, Tseng Hsiao-De, Wang Hsiao-Ching, Wen Chiao-Wen, and Micky Huang from the entertaining circle. Hsu Tung-Rung uses calligraphic brushwork to add an oriental touch to his oil painting. Lu Tsung-Tsan fills his painting with nostalgic sentiments; his work always grabs attention from the art lovers. Cheng Chen-Wen, who recently won the First Prize Award in French Water Color Competition 2014, embeds his emotions in his exquisite brushstrokes, emotion that is deep and yet resilient. Wang Wen-Tsung, winning bronze medal in French Artist Salon 2014, has a talent for capturing the Mother Nature’s composedness and profoundness. As to Wu Wen-Lung, his glue painting of the delicate Japanese lady looks so lively and vividly attractive. Artwork by Walasse Ting, a master in Chinese modern art history, will also be exhibited.

Contemporary Ink Painting

Contemporary ink painting is a new spotlight in modern times. Here you will see Liao Meilan’s literary and philosophical reflection under the tip of her brush, and Li Liang’s composition inspired by western landscape drawing coupled by the techniques of traditional ink painting. You can also behold the ink painting infused with modern sentiments created by Lin Xiangyuan, who had been invited to exhibit in Musée du Louvre of Paris; the artwork that hides reality in emptiness and emptiness in reality by Sha Qinghua; and a refreshing style, thanks to its contemporary elements, developed by Wei Yichen. There are also Huang Renluan, Feng Xianmin, Liu Dexing, Li Shucheng, Huang Zhongtai, and so on.

International Artist Grand Prize Competition 2015

The International Artist Grand Prize Competition, formally the International Artist Juried Competition, is organized by the Taiwan International Contemporary Artist Association in affiliation with A.R.T. It has now become one of Asia’s top art events. This year, it drew 4033 entries by artists from 78 countries across five continents, and 90 finalists have been selected into the exhibition of A.R.T. 2015, from which one Championship Award and several Gallery Awards will be granted. Winners will be awarded with exhibition units, sponsored by the X-Power Gallery, at the A.R.T. of the following year: two units for the Championship winner and one-to-two units for the Gallery Award winners.

Art and Design

To bring art to our daily life, A.R.T. especially invites GP DEVA, an international boutique group, to organize this section with an aim to bring aesthetics to every aspect of our living surroundings. While preserving the original essence of the work, this section displays how art can be integrated into merchandise design in aspects of home décor, leather goods, stationery, chinaware, jewelry, hand-made furniture, and other exquisitely refined commodities.

Art Your Compassion

This event combines art with philanthropy in hopes of drawing public attention to art activities while promoting humanitarianism and the sentiments of compassion. It invites celebrities, social elites, and entrepreneurs at home and abroad to create artworks for benefit sale. Artworks for this charity event are about the size of 17.5 x 14 cm; each is priced at NT$1000. The visitor is allowed to collect two artworks at most. The name of the artist will be revealed to the collector only after he or she has purchased the work. All proceeds will go directly to the designated charity organization. This year, the chosen organization is the Taiwan Fund for Children and Family, an NGO that dedicates itself to award needed children and their families with welfare and benefits. Staff from the Taiwan Fund for Children and Family will take charge of the entire charity sale.

The participants for Art Your Compassion this year include: Lee Teng-Hui (former President of R.O.C.), Chu Li-Luan (Chairman of Kuomintang), Chen Jinn-Lih (Vice President of Control Yuan), Hou You-YI (Deputy Mayor of New Taipei City), Lin Chia-Lung (Mayor of Taichung City), Tsai Ming-Chung (Chairman of Fubon Financial), Steven Pan (Chairman of Formosa International Hotels), Su Yi-Chung (Chairman of Hotai Development Co.), Shi Chun-Yi (Chairman of Taiwan Sun Flower Cotton Product Co., Ltd.), Chao Teng-Hsiung (Chairman of Farglory Group), Hong San-Hsiung (Chairman of Waterland Securities), Lee Yuan-Tseh (Nobel Laureate in Chemistry), Arthur Wang (Chairman of Ravenel International Art Group), Lin Po-Jung (Chairman of Taiwan Fund for Children and Family), Chou Chun-Hsun (go chess championship), Yao Ren-Kung (International lighting master), Wang Ze (creator of Old Master Q Comics), Isabelle Wen (fashion designer), and Sun Tsui-Feng (leading performer of Ming Hwa Yuan Arts and Cultural Groups). There are also participants from the entertaining business, such as Mickey Huang, Lin Chi-Ling (Taiwan’s most popular model), Show Luo, Jam Hsiao, Elva Hsiao, Matilda Tao, Amber An, Richie Ren, and other celebrities. More names will be released on A.R.T.’s official web page.“Art Your Compassion” charity sale Date & Time: 12:00~15:00, May 8, 2015.

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