VIP Preview for Art Revolution Taipei 2019
An International Art Festival to gather 468 Artists from 74 Countries
Former Vice-President Annette Lu Hsiu-Lien
Collects an Artwork to Encourage Emerging Stars

The Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T.) 2019 gathers 468 artists from 74 countries

The Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T.) 2019 gathers 468 artists from 74 countries to present about 4,000 pieces of artworks; the VIP Preview was held as a grand opening in the evening of April 25 at Hall 3, the World Trade Center; a fully futuristic international event drew a lot of attention. Crowds of visitors, participants of Hundreds of Celebrities and socialites all dressed up for this art festival, including the former Vice-President Annette Lu Hsiu-Lien, Mayor of New Taipei City Hou You-Yi, the DPP secretary-general Luo Wen-Jia, Director of Unitech Group Chang Pen-Tsao, and entertainers Mickey Huang, Summer Meng, and more others. An art-lover, the former Vice-President Ms. Lu, in order to encourage emerging stars to go forward, she collects artist Lee Mou-Chi’s work.

The VIP night on the evening of April 25, not only attracted a large number of art-loving people to attend the exhibition, but many celebrities who participated in the Hundred Celebrities Charity Sale, or celebrities who liked art, also dressed up for this event, including the former Vice-President Annette Lu Hsiu-Lien, Dean of the Supervision Institute Dr. Chang Po-Ya, Mayor of New Taipei City Hou You-Yi, the DPP secretary-general Luo Wen-Jia, the Administrative Council Member Lin Wan-I, National Policy Advisor to the President Dr. Chu Wuh-Sien, Counselor of Embassy of the Republic of Paraguay Mr. Carlos Vidal Pintos, Director of Unitech Group Chang Pen-Tsao, Chairman of Sino Cell Technologies He Mei-Ching, Director of Lu Xun Culture Foundation Zhou Lingfei, Entertainers Mickey Huang, Summer Meng, and Stephanie Siao, Director of Tamsui Police Precinct Chen Lian-The, and former Director of National Palace Museum Lin  Jeng-Yi, just to name some of them.

An art-lover, the former Vice-President Ms. Lu attended the exhibition to savour those awesome artworks; she was very impressed by the grandness and diversities beyond Taiwan, covering artists from 9 years old Riva Ziher, a Dutch artist with her mother Esther Ziher-Ginczin and 11 year old sister Lima Ziher, up to 90 years old.

The organizers have further combined the public welfare by inviting celebrities from all walks of life to create artworks, and hosting Hundred Celebrity Charity Sale to show Taiwan’s cultural strength. Ms. Lu thus highly recommends this international art event rich in cultures to the public; in order to encourage emerging stars to go forward, she collects artist Lee Mou-Chi’s work.

The former Vice-President Ms. Lu collects Lee Mou-Chi’s artwork to encourage emerging stars.

According to the Art Director Prof. Lee Sun-Don, this is the 9th edition of A.R.T., also the last time to take place at Hall 3 of the World Trade Center. The 10th edition in 2020 will be held at Hall 1 instead. The organizer particularly invites outstanding artists who exhibited from the previous editions to witness together the touching moments happened at Hall 3.

Another feature of A.R.T. is to showcase a new look every year based on a different theme. For 2019, the spiritual theme is “A Soul Tattooed by the Art,” presenting more warm-hearting artworks created by passionate artists with their full devotions to arts.

There are nine sections with various styles elaborately planned by the Art Director: A.R.T. Curatorial, International Contemporary Art, New York Contemporary Art Fund, International Artist Salon, China Contemporary Art, Taiwan Contemporary Art, International Artist Grand Prize Competition 2019, Art & Design, and Art Your Compassion.

Mayor of New Taipei City Hou You-Yi visits the Art Revolution Taipei,
accompanied and toured by Art Director Prof. Lee Sun-Don.

The organizer held VIP Previews respectively at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (Warehouse 3), Chan Liu Art Museum, Get Art Museum, and the X-Power Gallery, which were highly acclaimed; also the great momentum of sales has continued to this evening of VIP Preview. A collector is charmed by the Mexican artist Victoria Rueda’s works and takes all the remaining paintings home.

Many artworks from Prof. Lee Sun-Don’s “The Ultimate Originals” and “The Clear Mirror World” series, MaSingLingLuna’s “Necessary‧Bodhi” series were sold at the previews, which made some late comers disappointed. Viewers marvel at the avant-garde contemporary style to employ the mirror finish and to imbue the eco-friendly concept by fallen leaves of the Bodhi tree transplanted from the very Bodhi tree under which the Buddha obtained his enlightenment.

The high-profile event for the first day of exhibition is the coming “Art Your Compassion” charity sale, starting at 11:00 AM. The “Art Your Compassion‧Hundreds of Celebrities” event is a pioneering move from the Art Director Prof. Lee Sun-Son to link arts with philanthropy and to promote the public’s interests in collecting arts by inviting hundreds of celebrities to create artworks. All proceeds will go directly to the donated charity organization “Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders”.

Art lover Stephanie Siao is savouring magnificent artworks at the exhibition.

Entertainer/artist Mickey Huang hosts
the Art Your Compassion•Hundreds of Celebrities charity sale every year.

This year, the participating celebrities include, just to name a few: the President Tsai Yin-Wen; Annette Lu Hsiu-lien, the former Vice-President; Chu Li-luan, the former chairman of KMT; Hou You-yi, Mayor of New Taipei City;  Luo Wen-Jia, DPP secretary-general; Jian Wan-An, legislator; Chen Bin-Fu, City councilor of Taipei; Chin, Hui-Chu, City councilor of Taipei; Cheng Wen-Tsan, Mayor of Taoyuan City; Huang Wei-Cher, Mayor of Tainan; Chou Hsi-wei, former magistrate of Taipei County; Antonio Su, Chairman, HoTai Development Inc.; Chang Chao-Feng, Chairman, U-Tech Media Corp.; Chen Pei-Chun, General Manager, Mega AMC; Chen Li-Yin, founder & Chairman of Taiwan Foundation of Rare Disorders; Lin Fan-Nan, advisor to Chiling Charity Foundation; Rita Hsu, Chairman, Mercuries Life Insurance; He Mei-Ching, Chairman of Sino Cell Technologies; Carolyn Chou, General Manager, Yuanta Futures Co., Ltd.; Mimi Tang, Former Director, Gucci Asia-Pacific; Chia-Hong Drapal Liao, Condcutor, Taiwan Pro Arte Orchestra; Fan Yu-Wen, vocalist; Huang Ping-yang, baseball player; Rendy Lu Yen-Hsun, tennis play; Wang Tzu We, badminton player; Hsieh Chang-Heng, baseball pitcher; Cheng Yen-chi, executive chef of Fullon Hotel; Chiang Chung-Po, Senior media man; Zhou Chun-Hsun, Go champion player; entertainers including Mickey Huang, Summer Meng, Vivian Sung, Rhydian Vaughan, Wang Shaudi, Jonathan Chan, Wa Wa, Yvonne Yao, Kathy Wu, and Chen Zhi-Han, a youtuber. Just to name some of them. Please refer to the A.R.T. website for all participants.