“Art Revolution Taipei”
To Share a Few Wonderful Moments of Exhibition (Part 1)

Taipei in April, full of spring air, the annual splendid art feast is beginning!

April 25, at 3:00 pm on the “Art Revolution Taipei” exhibition site, the “Artists Meeting Artists” took place.

“Artists Meeting Artists”

Artists Meeting Artists ~ After Committee Chairperson Carol Chou extended the raffle time
and added prizes, the first foreign artist prize winner was finally released!

The youngest artist ~Lima Ziher (11 years old), Riva Ziher (9 years old),
each was specially presented with a gift from Committee Chairperson Carol Chou.

Each artist received a beautiful gift ~
“ Art Café ” from GP Deva stationed at the Art and Design Section.

The artists very soon chatted together and toasted each other, wishing the sales a success.

The two artists from the happy Himalayas country "Bhutan" ~
Phunsho Wangdi (left), whose work was collected on the VIP night.

Igor Grechanyk, a world-renowned sculptor,
specially prepared a gift to present to the A.R.T. Committee.

Lima Ziher, Riva Ziher, mom artist Esther Ziher-Ginczinger and Dad
all go to GP Deva in the section of Art and Design.

At 7pm is the VIP night; more than 3,000 VIPs dressed up to attend the event that was full of elegant figures and warm laughter. Everyone had the same purpose. Words from Many years of experience: Only the sharp-eyed, and the even more sharp-eyed can “grab” their favorite works (the people who grabbed their favorite works have the happiest laughter!)

What is the force that drives these crowds? The answer is: nearly 4000 pieces of artworks, by 468 artists from 74 countries all over the world.

No matter how far it looks on maps, once in A.R.T., the distance becomes insignificant; in 4 days, the artworks from 74 countries are all presented in front of people’s eyes, that fully explains the charm of “Art Revolution Taipei”.

VIP Gathering

On the VIP night, celebrity guests all dressed up for this art festival, including the former Vice-President Annette Lu Hsiu-Lien, Mayor of New Taipei City Hou You-Yi, the DPP secretary-general Luo Wen-Jia, Director of Unitech Group Chang Pen-Tsao, and entertainers Mickey Huang, Summer Meng, Stephanie Hsiao and many more others.

Mayor of New Taipei City, Hou Youyi, visited "Art Revolution Taipei "
and the Art Director Professor Lee Sun-Don personally guided the tour.

From left: Chairperson Zhou Beifen, Dean of the Institute of Supervision Zhang Boya,
former Vice President Annette Lu, Taiwanese bonsai master Liang Yuemei,
VIP project director Zhang Cuifang; the background is the theme of the committee "Dafu Pig".

Former Vice President Annette Lu (second from left), committee chairperson
Carol Chou (third from left) is savoring the tea at the GP Deva Art and Design Section.

An art-lover, the former Vice-President Ms. Lu, in order to
encourage emerging stars to go forward, collects artist Lee Mou-Chi’s work.

Artist Mickey Huang was interviewed by the media.

Entertainer Stephanie Hsiao came to the exhibition site.

On the VIP night, celebrity guests all dressed up for this art festival.

A.R.T. Spiritual Theme

"Please have a seat" ~ ~ The A.R.T. spiritual theme "I think so I am", a set of chess, a vacant seat, inviting VIPs to be seated, to play a wonderful chess game. This area is surrounded by nine European goddess statues, their clothes are painted with flowers, symbolizing "tattooed by the art" - to enrich life with art.

Crowds of Guest on the VIP night

Crowds after crowds of guest on the 4/25 VIP night

In the area of “Hundreds of Celebrities • Art Your Compassion”, in front of the display wall celebrities and socialites are happy to take photos with their own works before the sales begins; the art-loving people take the opportunity to remember the position of their favorite works.

“ The Soul Tattooed by the Art ”
Bring Art into Life

Art Director Professor Lee Sun-Don said that this year is the ninth year of the "Art Revolution Taipei" and the last year to take place in the World Trade Center Hall 3. The tenth exhibition next year will be housed in the World Trade Center Hall 1.

The committee specially invited outstanding artists who participated in the exhibition in the past few years to witness the history and the touching moments of "Art Revolution Taipei" held in the World Trade Center Hall 3.