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2024台北新藝術博覽會圓滿 單日進場創歷史新高 銷售狂熱紅點遍佈

2024 Art Revolution Taipei concludes successfully Record-high one-day attendance, red dots everywhere from a frenzy of sales

The 14th edition of Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T.) 2024 closed successfully at the World Trade Center Hall 1 on the evening of the 28th of April. The challenging new style of digital and AI rendering arts has attracting tremendously the public’s attentions and praises. This year's show has taken the world by storm; with the record number of visitors each day, and at the end of the show, it even surpassed the one-day high of April 28, 2019, with a frenzy of buying, leading to the booth walls full of red dots for artworks sold.

2024台北新藝術博覽會VIP之夜魔幻魅力展現  銷售、參觀熱潮現  開展7分鐘完售

The Magical Charm of the Art Revolution Taipei 2024 VIP Night Unveiled: Sales and Visitation Craze - Sold Out within 7 Minutes of Opening.

The 14th edition of Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T.) 2024 made its grand opening at the World Trade Center Hall 1 on the evening of the 25th of April. The theme of " Heterodimersion" integrates arts, technology, and fantasy has successfully attracted the public's attention. The AI art series jointly created by the artists of X-Power Gallery were sold out within 7 minutes of opening; the event of "An Art Tour of 3-day and 2-night" program has prompted quite some mega-collectors to buy their favorite artworks. The sales amount and the number of visitors at the VIP Preview hit a new record after the epidemic.

2024台北新藝術博覽會 開啟「異次元」奇幻創意門

Opening the door to the fantasy creativity of “Heterodimersion”

The 14th edition of Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T.) 2024, with the theme of " Heterodimersion," will come on stage at the Taipei World Trade Center from April 26 to 28, 2024, bringing together 339 artists from 48 countries to exhibit more than 3,000 pieces of top-notch artworks. Artists use their paintbrushes and creativity to open the door to the otherworldly fantasies. A canvas is not just an artist's field of creation, but also a window into the otherworldly world through the language of art, which reveals an infinite space for imagination to take you out of the real world, and into an amazing otherworldly one, which will lead the audience to go beyond their senses frim exploring the limitless possibilities of arts.

開幕首日 「居然」人氣爆棚全場AI主題圍繞 科技感滿滿

開幕首日 「居然」人氣爆棚全場AI主題圍繞 科技感滿滿

正在世貿一館舉辦的「第13屆台北新藝術博覽會」(Art Revolution Taipei 2023),5月5日開幕第一天,首先登場的是「藝出慈悲‧百大名人」慈善義賣活動,活動於11點開始,民眾熱情響應,圓滿結束!此外展場的【設計屋‧居然】專區、3D地貼、香華天文創藝術區等,都是人氣熱點。 5月5日公眾展第一天,登場的是「藝出慈悲‧百大名人」慈善義賣活動,民眾熱情響應,圓滿結束!...

2023台北新藝術博覽會VIP之夜 帶領民眾進入AI藝術新藝境

2023台北新藝術博覽會VIP之夜 帶領民眾進入AI藝術新藝境

眾所矚目的2023年第13屆台北新藝術博覽會(Art Revolution Taipei 2023),4日晚上於世貿一館的VIP之夜,在「愛麗絲夢遊藝境」瘋帽子的小提琴樂音中,華麗登場。民眾從星光大道的時空隧道、進入愛麗絲夢遊藝境,感受藝術與科技携手譜出的奇幻國度,自此開展這一場AI與當代藝術碰撞與對話的精彩藝博會。 4日傍晚開始的VIP之夜,眾多喜愛藝術的民眾湧入會場參觀...