Opening the door to the fantasy creativity of “Heterodimersion”

The 14th edition of Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T.) 2024, with the theme of " Heterodimersion," will come on stage at the Taipei World Trade Center from April 26 to 28, 2024, bringing together 339 artists from 48 countries to exhibit more than 3,000 pieces of top-notch artworks. Artists use their paintbrushes and creativity to open the door to the otherworldly fantasies. A canvas is not just an artist's field of creation, but also a window into the otherworldly world through the language of art, which reveals an infinite space for imagination to take you out of the real world, and into an amazing otherworldly one, which will lead the audience to go beyond their senses frim exploring the limitless possibilities of arts.

The Best SHOW: “Putting Artists at the Center”

Breaking the global rule of art fairs dominated by galleries, Art Revolution Taipei pioneers the concept of "artist-centered" curation, in which the layout and design of the venue aims at putting artists and their artworks at the center, and makes each booth a solo exhibition of an artist. This unique and "warm" approach has moved artists around the world to actively participate in the show. Since its inception in 2011, the exhibition has established its authoritative brand, and has become an icon of art fairs in Asia, with significant contributions to the promotion of contemporary arts and the expansion of the art market in the Asian region.

Art Revolution Taipei features a wide range of exhibitions, from traditional to modern, figurative to abstract, covering paintings, sculptures, photography, printmaking, digital arts, and other creative forms. In order to present the "best of the best", the jury has scrutinized each and every piece of artwork with persistence in selecting new artists to ensure all artworks at each show are eye-catching!

Gathering 339 artists from 48 countries to present more than 3,000 pieces of artworks.

A.R.T. Curatorial: “Heterodimersion”

The spiritual theme for 2024 is "Heterodimersion" ,which transcends the realms of time, space and reality, full of imagination and creativity. Many renowned artists have explored the otherworldly forms of expression, such as Salvador Dali's surrealism, Pablo Ruiz Picasso's cubism, Keith Haring's neo-Pop conceptual art, or Philip K. Dick's science fiction.

A mysterious, psychedelic, subversive and alternative world with endless possibilities, it is another dimension beyond human beings’ cognition, and another kind of existence with beyond definitions. The "Heterodimersion" opens up colorful parallel worlds with countless variations, which enriches the breadth and depth of arts.

Nine Sections Action-packed Display

Nine Exhibit Zones of Excitement, The Art Director Lee Sun-don has elaborately curated a diverse and creative program of nine sections:

A.R.T. Curatorial‧Heterodimersion
International Contemporary Art
New York Contemporary Art Fund
International Artist Salon
China Contemporary Art
Taiwan Contemporary Art
2024 International Artist Grand Prize
Art and Design
Art Your Compassion

A.R.T. Curatorial‧Heterodimersion

The AI buzz is sweeping across the globe, leading to an unstoppable creative revolution that is both powerful and trending. By applying the high-end technology of AI, this section takes the lead in bringing arts into the "Heterodimersion", creating a new aesthetic realm that travels through the future and transcends imaginations, creating a new era of AI digital art!

 Via AI technology, the organizer has adapted the "Master Alien" series by Art Director, Prof. Lee Sun-Don, into AI anchors delivering the on-site tours at the exhibition venue to introduce nine sections and artists' creations in a vivid way. The alien AI anchors from the alternative dimensions, with their powerful aura and unique explanations, are extremely refreshing and eye-catching! Furthermore, in response to people's longings for protections from the higher power during the post-epidemic era, the organizer has specially designed a "heterodimersional" experience in this section, where you can interact with the virtual world, entering into 2042 to find your lucky guardians.

 One of the highlights is the immersive experience "Heart‧Mind‧Sensation" from the AI series "Vajrapani Bodhisattva", curated by the Art Director, Prof. Lee Sun-Don; a multi-media 3D audio-visual presentation has introducing the technological devices into the physical exhibition to unite the real and virtual worlds, so audiences can deeply advance their five senses from a purely visual experience, with a chance to pay homage to guardians and to praise the Buddha! This 15-minute session of soul liberation is the only one of its kind in the world, allowing the audience to receive blessings from the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. According to Prof. Lee, the Vajrapani Bodhisattvas are transformed from all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the ten realms with their grand vows of compassions; the Dharma Realm is infinite and boundless, and the Vajrapani Bodhisattvas are also numerous; and almost all the Vajrapani Bodhisattvas in the Saha world are from the alternative dimension, who not necessarily appearing in "humanoid", such as the "Eight Heavenly Dragons," which are mostly non-humanoid. In addition to the Eight Heavenly Dragons circulating in the Saha World, there are certainly lots of other Vajrapani Bodhisattvas in the Dharma Realm that are unfamiliar or even unknown to human beings on the earth.

The immersive experience "Heart‧Mind‧Sensation" from the AI series "Vajra Protecting Bodhisattva" is curated by the Art Director, Prof. Lee Sun-Don, presented in 3D multi-media 3D.

The "Cosmic Energy Totem Painting" (CETP) showcases the AI digital artworks, in which the hand-written cosmic energy totems bring the images on canvas generating via AI algorithms to life. Originated by Prof. Lee Sun-Don, artists paint these totems with their brushes under Prof. Lee’s instructions. The CETP is an emerging art group with members such as Carol Chou, Mei Ting, A Kuei, Ling Ling, Luna Chen, Singway, C.C. Cloud, Goolum, Ruby Niu, Camila L, Small Sa, and Fafa Tone and others. Their works integrate the AI technology and hand drawings for a deep reflection and exploration on energies of the universe and the ancient civilizations, displaying a unique aesthetic style.

Furthermore, the three-year-old artist, Wang Yixian, presents a series of colorful abstract works entitled "Child's Mind", displaying the kid's exploration and imagination about the world, bringing the beauty and vitality from a child's mind to viewers.

Artists Carol Chou and Luna Chen have created the "Design House‧Living Comfort" section, which showcases how to utilize the spatial art in a playful way, finding the right places for artworks, to have the owners of the paintings “live” happily" and “comfortably”.

The "Cosmic Energy Totem Painting" is an art group consisting of 12 artists who use AI algorithms to generate images as canvas, then bring life to their artworks by hand painting totems.

International Contemporary Art

Artists from all over the world are invited to present contemporary arts, demonstrating the diversity of cultures and artistic styles, and fostering dialogue between Taiwan and the international art circle. This year, the Art-Bcn leads a group of Spanish artists to interpret various facets of contemporary arts: Alvaro Reja combines the stylistic elements of Cubism with the romantic Expressionism, presenting a variety of poetic themes reminiscent of the maestros like Picasso, Amedeo Modigliani, and Fernando Boterolina Cuadrillero; his wife, Carolina Cuadrillero, deeply influenced by the famous book "One Hundred Years of Solitude," transforms the reality of the past into memories innocent, infusing into her vision of with imaginations, colors and affections. Svetlana Kalachnik has transformed a quiet and serene space, where different stories exist at the same time, into colorful and romantic artworks of intertwined fantasy and reality. Women are themes for most of Cristina Blanch’s artworks, in which she sublimates the beautiful memories most treasured into the daily happiness and joy with a minimalistic and contemporary approach. The eternal woman in mythology is the theme of Joan Artigas Planas' sculptures, a warm and sensual bronze woman who dances joyfully and sensuously on a rusty iron frame.

Jose Vicente Barrachina presents a unique visual pleasure via a combination of Impressionistic techniques and vivid color strokes. Paula Font conveys the richness of interpersonal relationships through her minimalistic paintings of cute characters with elegant, refined and unique micro expressions. Francesca Escobar successfully captures the essence of each figure, highlighting vitalities, tenderness or sensitivities hidden in emotions with each stroke. A sculpture is a mirror reflecting Mireia Serra’s inner side, opening the door to a universe of emotions, memories and experiences; the famous American singer Kelly Clarkson is one of her collectors. Narcis Gironell depict female's beauty and charm in the style of pop art, implying observations and reflections on the contemporary society. Marc Jesus Vives' rich and spontaneous Blue Lady series symbolizes the joy of life; in 2003, he accepted the commission to create a mural commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Barcelona Metro. Jose Manuel Belmonte is one of best Spanish sculptors for human figures; his perseverance and humanity has deeply imbued in his artworks that touch viewers tremendously.

Jose Manuel Belmonte《Butterfly》Sculpting in Copper ,60 x 30 x 30 cm 2021,Bronze

Influenced by Symbolism, Pre-Raphaelite style and Sci-Fi animation, Mayra D'Amore has created a surrealistic Western mystique with a sense of oriental ink via beautiful and romantic colors. Manuel Luna has developed a set of animal graphic fables, which reflects on the position of human beings and moral issues through the Greek and Roman myths and legends, as well as pun. Aurelio Robles places his works in a surreal universe, reflecting worries, desires and emotions. Guadalupe Masa highlights the power of colors and pigments, displaying free-flowing feelings and high spirits, capturing the enthusiastic vitality of life's playfulness. Amaya Fariza blends the lyricism of the Expressionism with the colorfulness of the Fauvists, expressing the sweetness, spirituality, and romance in her daily life. Specializing in the expression of affections and love, as well as the delicate feelings and tenderness of a woman immersed in the spiritual world, Sandra Molina's sculptures of figures are sensual and elegant.

Manuel Luna《Gatos y peces conviven a veces》Oil on Canvas, Dia.80cm 2021, Spain

Furthermore, Josep M. Sola offers viewers an emotional retreat, a meditative euphoria, and a moment of peace to self-connection. Cristobal Perez specializes in paintings and sculptures, winning many rewards, with a focus on the relationship between water resources and cities. Natalia Ferre evokes the inner emotions from viewers; tender feelings flow through her sculptures, ceramics, and paintings.

New York Contemporary Art Fund

With a long-term focus on nurturing promising contemporary artists, the New York Contemporary Art Fund has been committed to facilitating artists to develop new forms to express contemporary arts in paintings, photography, installations and mixed media in a diversified outlook. For example, Peter H. Harskamp (Holland) is reputed as "Picasso of the 21st Century", and his personified realistic paintings are full of sculptural language, making perfect use of geometric techniques and lines. Alex Bertaina (Italy) uses the overlapping and interlacing rays of light with rainbow-like color tones to reflect the rhythm and brightness of images in his paintings, which is just like a dream-like landscape. Alfonso Cunado (Spain) gives his paintings endless color gradations and uses a knife dash to bring abstract concepts into full play; all figures, landscapes, and still life are rich in poetry. Dubbed as the "Flag Bearer of the Millennial Generation," Sara Sammakia (UK) is a popular pop visual artist, who has a precise grasp of the pulse of pop culture and creates a series of unique and fascinating characters.

Manuel Lopez Herrera (Spain) has created a whimsical world full of surprises with his painting technique, warmth and the rigor about beauty. With sculptures, Artur Sulce (Italy) captures vivid facial expressions, revealing the ultimate female intimacy and purity and pushing the symbolism to the extreme. For Ivan Sabrutov (Bulgaria), each of his painting is imbued with messages and creativity, depicting emotions of the very moment and the attitude towards a world of harmonious coexistence. Painting is a voyage for Adrian Lirman (Argentina) into the unknown, who is reborn or dies in his paintings countless times, in line with cycles and transformations of the nature. Isabel Tapias (Spain) reflects the innermost being of soul in colorful flowers and crystals, and creates a joyful life. Esther Ziher-Ginczinger (The Netherlands) has created childlike characters; their big and round eyes are mirrors of the soul, reflecting a carefree, bright and happy life.

Manuel Lopez Herrera《THINGS OF CINEMA(雙拼畫) 》Oil on Canvas charcoal pencil, drawing board, 200x122cm 2022, Spain

Remigijus Januskevicius (Lithuania) embodies the joy of life in his works, such as listening to music, drinking tea, and to find happiness in simple things. Anna Selina (Ukraine) uses acrylic paints and multi-layer technique to present the transformation and connection between the mind and the soul, with an intuitive, spontaneous and expressive artistic process. Zamminlun Singson (India) is particularly fond of the hyper-realistic style of painting, anything touching the heart and emotions are the subjects of his works. Marco Santaniello (Italy) incorporates various cultures he experienced during his travels into his works, and believes that sticking to oneself under any circumstances is the gateway to happiness. Narek Minasyan (Armenia) is expert in images of dislocations, temporal and spatial overlapping, and multiple perspectives to present the diversified rhythms of life in contemporary society, as well as the dreamy, nostalgic and epic humanistic connotations. Mirella Guasti (Italy) is known for her sculptures, and she participated at the Italian Pavilion in the Venice Biennale in 2011, as well as at the New York Armory, Art Karlsruhe, Frieze London, and Art Paris since 2015.

International Artist Salon

Some outstanding artists with great potential and characteristics from the past editions of the International Artists Awards are invited to participate in the exhibition. Sniege Navicksite (Lithuania), the female in her artworks possess a magical power to renew themselves, under their fragile appearances. Victoria Rueda (Mexico) observes the world from a different perspective in an attempt to present the nature of reality. Anand Mali (India) is an abstract landscape painter inspired by his dynamic memories, depicting rhythmic vitality through the spirit of nature. Giacomo Toth (Italy). Giacomo Toth (Italy) combines the human figure with parametric design, and expresses the lightness of his works with plastics.

Xinru Wang (Malaysia) takes cats as her central theme, to feel the subtle emotions of life and to capture the first images in her mind. Mefio (Slovakia) presents the delicate geometric abstractions by the transparent blast glass, multicolored film and resin. Yulia Protsyshyn (Ukraine) imitates the spatial sense layer by layer, focusing on the relationship between the external and the internal, sensualities and emotions, the hidden and the candid. Dwight S Yassany (USA) quotes the Bible to convey God's grace, and his works embrace the depths beyond the visuals. Igor Grechanyk (Ukraine) explored metaphysics to reveal new perspectives and perceptions. Tomas Guzman (Spain) focuses on the sense of harmony, depicting a wide range of intriguing natural landscapes, from nostalgia to joy.

Phuntsho Wangdi (Bhutan) won the first prize in the International Artists Awards 2023 for conveying honestly and respectfully messages of goodness in line with the teachings from the Buddhism. Mitya Karastoika's (Ukraine) artworks are forms of meditations, philosophical reflections on the illusory nature of time, consciousness, and existence. Neem, banyan, and bodhi trees, sacred in Jainism and Buddhism, are subjects of Chandra Morkonda's (India) paintings, symbolizing the gift of abundance, well-being, and prosperity. Marta Argentina Garcia Suarez (Spain) depicts themes and inspirations derived from the authenticity and richness of the coexistence of the past and the present. Enric Rubio Serra (Spain) loves the outdoor sketching, to be inspired by the atmosphere, lights and feelings at the moment. Vensa Temu (Tanzania) often uses charcoal and graphite pencils to create magical textures that add a sense of reality to his works. Yu Xiaodong (China) has set an example for the creation and teaching of digital printmaking in China, and his high-profiled works have been widely collected.

There are also some notable works by Taiwanese artists, including: Liu Yaqi, who has won the Asian Illustration Annual Award; images on her artworks changing willfully, with soft tones intertwined with delicate strokes, opening up a deep inner world for viewers. Song Xiuying, who uses a surreal and fairytale-like approach to put the companionship, freedom, and dreams into a warm and ethereal three-dimensional world. Chen Wenjie won the Chairperson's Award in the International Artists Awards 2023 with his work “Dreams-Fulfilling Buddha,” who uses a complex casting of iron, wood, and stone to create an exquisite and unique sculpture. Yen Yi-Cheng reveres the beauty of natural landscapes and is constantly striving to bring out the essence of every color.

China Contemporary Art

Artists with powerful innovation and great potentials from the Mainland China are selected, including Wang Zhaoju, who is expert in depicting ethnic minorities and whose works are subtle yet magnificent; his large oil painting "Sunning the Buddha Festival" was subsidized by the China National Academy of Painting as part of the large-scale creative project in the "the Belt and Road" International Art Project. Song Yonghua depicts the unique rules and rhythms of all things through the context and layout of the landscape, contrasts of light and dark, as well as interplay of the abstract and the concrete. Zhang Baihai was awarded the first prizes in the Hulunbeier Sketching Exhibition, the First Hulunbuier Watercolor and Pastel Exhibition, the Silver Hulunbeier Painting Exhibition, and the Merit Prize in National Employee Ice and Snow Theme Painting Exhibition 2022. Most characters in Li Danjing's paintings are animals, and every painting is created by the artist in a crouch position to record their vivid vitality and carefree; he is a highly sought after artist with his artworks snapped up upon released. Tu Jianguo’s artwork has been selected as a national gift and collected by the Embassy of Burkina Faso.

Pei Lianzhi's award-winning landscapes come to life, with heavy oils stacked on top of each other to create a sense of solidity. Li Hongshan loves to present landscapes, trees, and old buildings, exuding the light of life that has been sculpted by time and baptized by humanity. Qin Zhenghui's artworks, full of delicate yet realistic brushwork, was selected for the John Moore Painting Prize 2023. Living and working in Suzhou, Li Ming is a designer and independent sculptor. Xie Yongsheng won the Gold Medal in the World Chinese Arts Conference Hong Kong Art Exhibition, 2012. Well experienced in exhibition, Angela is good at knife painting, with clean and sharp knife skills, vivid colors and strong sense of three-dimensionality.

There are also other artists such as Tao Zhiguo, Cao Zhanyun, Ji Longpo, Jia Jingwen, Kong Wenjin, Wang Kuan, Liu Yaohong, Linghai, Wu Yanqun, Zeng Jieshun, Zhang Ming, as well as Korean honored artist Choi Jinchul, Korean first-class painter Lee Yongil, and so on.

Taiwan Contemporary Art

Youthful artists and rising stars come together to present the landscape of contemporary art in Taiwan. For example, Chang Jing, a national treasure, is a landscape sculptor in Taiwan, the towering natural landscape he created is just majestic. Sculpture is the release of Hsu Dong-rong's thoughts on lines, and painting is the dissection of his inner heart on a flat surface. Chung Dun-hao sketches cultural charms and turns his experiences and feelings into paintings. Sha Ching-hua captures dreamlands of the mind in ink paintings, throbbing and resonating with viewers. Actively promoting Terracott, Yu Lian-chun was officially selected into the "Japanese Artists" in 2016, the first foreigner listed in the history of Japanese art; he was awarded the prize of dynamic sculptures from the Toyota Industrial Technology Memorial Hall in Nagoya.

Chung Tun-Hao《Paris Impressions》Oil on Canvas, 150x180cm 2019, Taiwan

Liu Han-wen has created a breakthrough style and rich sense of layering by adding metal paints, powder and other media from building materials. Liu Wei-tseng is good at painting reflections of plants with keen observation on the subtle changes in lights and shadows. Photographing is a self-healing process for Lin Chih-chieng, who seeks beauty with reverence, humility and a pure heart. Lin Cang-Yu pursues the value of life philosophy and spiritual thinking with universal perspectives and thinking. Huang Su-ling utilizes the techniques of carving and “chinkin” (gold sinking) in lacquer arts, and glazing in oil painting to interpret auspicious animals from the East and the West. Chiang San-shi draws on the natural landscapes from Europe and Taiwan for her ink artworks, in which lights, shadows, clouds, mists, and the music of nature all play a part in the creations. Lin Ji-yu creates the original "chopping and knitting" technique, which is a reverse process of "subtracting" then "adding" for paintings. Wang Hsiang-je captures the beauty and subtlety of nature and expresses his emotions and thoughts on canvas to create rich and interesting visual effects. Chen Kai-sen depicts the guardians "Stone Lion" and "Scarecrow" blessing and caring for all the kind-hearted living beings.

There are more artists exhibiting such as Guo Ming-fu, Chen Yu-ting, Liao Mei-lan, Gao Zi-xing, Tang Jin-tai, Lin Cong-ming, Guo Yen-ya, Cheng Zhi-wei, Chen Sheng-xuan, Lu Ming-xun, Li Jin-zai, Lin Jin-fang, Liu Zhe-zhi, Lin Hui-ling, Zhong Fuh-rong, Chen Shue-yi, Chen Jum-ei.

Uchida Emi《Mirage》Oil on Canvas, 130.3×80.3cm 2018, Japan

2024 International Artist Grand Prize Competition

International Artist Grand Prize 2024, the largest scaled art competition in Asia, is organized by Taiwan International Contemporary Artist Association (TICAA) in affiliation with Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T.) with the co-organizer GP DEVA Pull-zen International (GP DEVA). This event upholds the Art Director, Professor Lee Sun-Don’s concept to connect Taiwan with the global market, and to select outstanding artworks from excellent artists around the world for promoting to the Asian market.

With 4,350 entries from 82 countries, the International Artist Grand Prize has become a world-class competition with a great reputation. In addition to artists from the Straits, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Belarus, Spain, Italy, Japan, Korea, Greece, Poland, the Netherlands, Austria, Brazil, India, Denmark, Colombia, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Singapore; there are also artists from Israel, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iran, Bulgaria, Norway, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Latvia, and Montenegro.

There are 235 artworks selected by the jury, including various expressing forms and styles of being realistic, abstract, fantasy, deconstructive, and surrealistic, covering all unique cultural characteristics from the five continents. All selected works will be exhibited at the 14th Art Revolution Taipei 2024, and will compete for the First Prize and the Gallery Award; it’s scheduled to announce the winners on August 31st, who will be granted booth spaces at the International Artist Salon sponsored by the X-Power Gallery at the 15th Art Revolution Taipei 2025.

Art and Design

GP DEVA has been invited to join the Arts & Culture Section, and has planned thematic activities such as tea culture, art coffee, essential oils and art jewelry. Combining the cultural heritages and modern craftsmanship, the event not only allows you to appreciate arts through your eyes, but also to experience the multiple charms through your senses of tasting, hearing and smelling.

The unique Tea Sealing Concert "Fortune Sealed, Luck Unveiled, Millenium Fragrance” is a three-day event with five sessions. Sipping the aged charcoal-roasted oolong tea accompanies with the beautiful guzheng music, to enjoy the aroma of a thousand years; you can also take part in the "Time Capsule in Tea Culture," which has been passed on to the modern time the Tang Dynasty, namely to seal your wishes and prayers together with the tea leaves, and then reopen them a few years later to reminisce about past emotions with the aroma of tea.

Another highlight is the debut of ceramic artist Jiang Yu's "Vows in Piety from Heaven and Earth" series; with the theme of prayers and vows, ashes from the incenses offered at the famous Buddhist sacred place, Yuan Dao Guan Yin Temple, has been blended into the tea wares with people's wishes, presenting an exceptional value for collecting.

The "Journey to Shangri-La" themed event, where the aroma of coffee and essential oils are intertwined. Ms. Feng Cheng-An , an international coffee expert, presents an interesting seminar on the "Dialogue between Coffee and Fragrance," visitors can interact with the coffee expert to explore various flavors of coffee and essential oils from all over the world, and to create everyone’s own map to Shangri-La by connecting the aroma with the mind.

Art Your Compassion

“Art Your Compassion.Hundreds of Celebrities” is a pioneering move from the Art Director Prof. Lee Sun-Son to link arts with philanthropy and to promote the public’s interests in collecting arts; through the celebrities to motivate the public care for the society, and then cultivate the public's interests in collecting artworks, achieving the goal of cultural education and promotion, as well as fostering the art industry in Taiwan.

Every year, the organizer invites celebrities at home and abroad to create artworks in 17.5 x 14 cm for charity sale. Each artwork is priced at NT$1,000 and each person can collect two artworks at most. The artworks are displayed anonymously, and the creator can only be identified after purchase. In the past, all invited celebrities has done their best to create artworks by painting, collage, photography, or mixed media, which are highly acclaimed and eagerly purchased by the public! For information on participating celebrities, please visit the official website of Art Revolution Taipei.

“Art Your Compassion.Hundreds of Celebrities” charity sale will take place in April 26, and all proceeds will be donated to Hondao Senior Citizen's Welfare Foundation.

All proceeds from the charity sale will be donated to Hondao Senior Citizen's Welfare Foundation, which will take charge of the process of charity sale. There are more than 40 services provided in six areas (healthy aging, quality care, financial security, self-fulfillment, friendly environment, and talent development), the foundation actively responds to the needs of elders and has been caring for more than 10,000 elders for many years; they also provide other services such as caring visits, home services, delivery of glossaries, accompanying the elderly to medical appointments, and health promotion for those who are living alone, vulnerable, or disabled, so as to offer them with peace of mind and a wonderful life at the old age. Through various activities and initiatives, the Foundation continues to show communities that the "Ageless Dream" brings life energy to the elderly, allowing them to empathize with each other and create another wonderful stage.

The charity sale will be held on April 26, 2024 at 11:00 a.m. You are welcomed to show your support.

“Art Your Compassion.Hundreds of Celebrities" Charity Sale

Time: April 26, 2024, 11:00~12:00

(Distributing number tag at 10:30, admission at 11:00)


Art Revolution Taipei 2024

VVIP Preview: April 25, 2024 15:00~21:00(Admission by VVIP Card)

VIP Preview: April 25, 2024 18:00~21:00 (Admission by VIP Card)

Exhibition: April 26-28, 2024 11:00~19:00

Venue: Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC), Hall 1 No.5, Section 5, Xin-Yi Rd., Taipei, Taiwan

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