2011 Art Revolution Taipei

Asia’s brand new revolutionary art fair, Art Revolution Taipei 2011 (A.R.T. 2011) features leading and emerging galleries and artists around the globe. 216 plus artists, ranging from the established to the latest generation of emerging figures, are represented in the show's multiple sections. We expect to see tens of thousands of art lovers visiting and enjoying the show.

The exhibition includes time-tested and cutting-edge paintings, sculptures, drawings, installation, photographs, and prints. Tens of thousands of people are expected to attend the Art Revolution Taipei, including art collectors, art dealers, artists, curators and other art enthusiasts, to enjoy a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind art fair. Another important spot of Art Revolution Taipei 2011 is that we will also invite 100 highly renowned and influential collectors to attend, which would certainly guarantee to bring great attention to the participating artists and their works.

Artists Are the Core

One thing truly “revolutionary” about Art Revolution Taipei 2011 is that the exhibition is curated around artists, rather than gallery-centric as seen in most other shows. The floor plan and design all work around participating artist and the selection of their artworks, not around the gallery. In fact, the whole idea is to make the exhibition in and of itself a great piece of art, so that artists and their artworks all contribute to the creation of this enormous piece of artwork.

Nine Main Thematic Sections

Art Revolution Taipei 2011 features the A.R.T. Curatorial,Taiwan Contemporary Art, China Contemporary Art, International Contemporary Art,UCCA, New York Contemporary Art Fund‧Art Communicates Beyond Boundary, Art and Design, ART LUXGEN,Art Your Compassion, totaling nine main thematic sections with 262 booths. The Art Director, Mr. Lee Sun-Don has adopted a very demanding screening process for the selection of 216 artists and their 1200 pieces of artwork to be exhibited at the show.

The A.R.T. Curatorial Section will exhibit exquisite works by Rembrandt van Rijn, Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Joan Miró, Marc Chagall, Wu Guangzhong, Zhu Dequin and many other classic artists. On the other hand, the dual-axis going through the Taiwan Contemporary Section features the more established artists along with the emerging stars in Taiwan, totaling 73 artists, such as Lu Zong Han, Xie Hong Da, Xu Dong Rong, Dai Jing Huang, Wen Zong Yi, Yang Bing Hui, Hong Gi Yuan,Ttan Xian Hua, Ye Fang, TT, MoMo, Ling Ling, Singway, Manihoo, among others, and they are joined by 6 more artists represented by the Fubon Art Foundation who together are comprise one of the main cores of this fair . 74 Chinese artists will represent Mainland China, including Lin Xue Wei, Dean of the Haerbi Institute of the Arts, and other famous artists such as Liu Bao Jun, Jin Shi, Zhang Po, Gong Dong, Zhang Yu Ying, and Zheng Hong Xian, just to name a few.

As far as Japan is concerned, professors from three top art universities in Japan, namely, Tokyo University of the Arts, Musashino Art University, and Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts, will take the lead and come to exhibit the works created especially for A.R.T. 2011. Artists from other parts of the globe such as France, Spain, Germany, U.S.A., Russia, Ukraine, and Korea, are also taking part zealously.

Art Your Compassion

This year’s Art Revolution Taipei also features a special thematic charity program: “Art Your Compassion,” which invites over 100 international and local celebrities to participate. All the proceeds will be donated to charity organizations.

This special thematic charity program hosts two events. One is “Hundred Celebrities’ Charity Sale,” for which each participating celebrity will create an artwork about the size 17.5 x 14 cm and priced at US$30. Each collector is allowed to collect two artworks at most. The name of the artist will be revealed to the collector only after they purchase the artist’s artwork. The other event is “The Compassionate Rich’s Charity Sale,” which invites locally well-known figures keen for public welfare to participate and each donates 1 to 3 pieces of artworks of his/her own creation. Proceeds from the sale of these artworks will go directly to the Good Shepherd Social Welfare Services.

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