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Brief Introduction to Good Shepherd social Welfare Services


This foundation is based on serving women and children, centering on the family services. The aims include improving the adolescent’s well-being and welfare, eliminating abuses, abandonments or trafficking among children, teenagers and women, as well as offering placement, refuge and remedial education. The main purpose is to help them settle back to the society.


In 1987, the problem of child prostitutes was getting deteriorating. The whole society was shocked by minor girls trafficked to brothels. The Good Shepherd Missionary Sisters came to Taiwan at that time. They travelled around remote tribes in the mountain areas, and proceeded the rescue, placement and rehabilitation for those teenagers in need.

Since 1991, the Good Shepherd Foundation has undertaken the responsibilities for the children and women protection and the drop-outs rehabilitation, which are derived from the domestic violence and sexual assaults. As the society keeps changing, the service demands for cross-cultural marriages have been increasing. The foundation is devoted enormous efforts to helping the immigrants to fit in the society in the linguistic and cultural aspects. They also offer other services of the placement for pregnant teenagers and the child adoption, as well as the services for the aboriginal families.


Services for children and teenagers

Services for children and teenager protection

Services for single parents and child adoptions

Services for Immigrants

Services for the aboriginal families

Services for victims of human trafficking


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