Floor Arrangement

A.R.T. Curatorial

「Soul of Arts」

The Art Director, Mr. Lee Sun-Dun, has designed a colossal installation up to 4 meters in height especially for the thematic spirit of A.R.T. 2012. His creative elements include paintbrushes with artists’ signatures, oils, paints and various media used by the exhibiting artists. These art utensils, filled with both passion and energy, will demonstrate the exhibiting artists' warm souls in creating their most classic works with their ultimate best.

Have an “Art Meeting” with the Masters

Art Director, Mr. Lee Sun-Dun, invites the internationally renowned masters from France, Spain, Italy and Belgium to exhibit their artworks. Among them, Philippe Pasqua, who is one of the most focused modern day French artists and famous for his straightforward and realist style in boldly depicting the human body. Pasqua is reputed as being the best artist in France in 2011 and his income ranks no. 1 among today's French artists. He is the hottest and most sought-after figure in the French contemporary art. Since 2000, his works have been exhibited in U.S.A., Mexico, London and Paris, and collected by the Cartier Fund in France, Moscow Museum, and Samsung Museum in Korea. This rare exhibition is Pasqua's debut in Taiwan.

Masters' Masterpieces

The organizer negotiates with certain collectors and organizations to exhibit masterpieces during A.R.T. 2012. The first A.R.T. exhibited classic master's original artworks such as Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Marc Chagall, Rembrandt van Rijn, and Joan Miró. The most remarkable were the only ‘red-print’ from Rembrandt van Rijn and the rare print version collected by Picasso’s family. Whose works will be exhibited during A.R.T. 2012? Amazing surprises can be expected upon your arrival!

Taiwan Contemporary Art

The thematic concept of dual-axis from the first installment of A.R.T. , which featured ripened artists and emerging new stars in Taiwan simultaneously, will continue forward this year. In 2012, artists will be there to meet viewers vis-à-vis and express their original creating spirits. Exhibiting artists include Xu Dong-Rong, Lu Zong Can, Zhou Yi-Xiong, Yang Bing Hui, Wang Zhi-Wen, Xie Hong Da, Wen Zong Yi, Li Jian-Yi, Liu Su, Tan Xian Hua, Cheng Zhen-Wen, Li Hui-Jun, Qiu Wu-De, Sang Shao-Chen, TT, Ling Ling, Sing Wei, MANIHOO, MouLu and others.

Special Program "Artist-Entertainer"

A special program is planned for the Taiwan Art Contemporary Art Section, in which Huang Zi-Jiao, Chamder Tsai, The Drifters and other entertainers are invited to demonstrate their artistic talents.

China Contemporary Art

The strictly scrutinized artists with collectable potential and unique styles will exhibit their latest artworks infusing Chinese cultures and enriching humanistic spirits, such as Liu Baojun, Lin Xuewei, Liu Jianhua, Zhang Yuying, Qi Zhenghui, Yuan Zhibin, Pang Xinquan, Chen Jun, Geng Mu, Zhang Miao, and others.

Special Program “Horses Racing”

The special units “Harbin University of Science and Technology” and “Da-Dao Fine Art Museum” feature scenes beyond the Great Wall; while the“Horses Racing”unit brings together horses racing in the desert, snow horses in the Northeast, colorful pottery horses from the Tang Dynasty, and the contemporary cartoon horses.

International Contemporary Art

xhibiting artists at this section are from Europe, North America, Asia, Oceania, and Africa, including U.S.A., England, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Russia, Bulgaria, Cuba, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Mozambique and others.

Artists are often inspired by their history, society or daily life. The European and North American contemporary arts form the mainstream, which makes their artists and artworks more visible on the international stages; while Japanese and Korean artists are more prominent among Asian countries. The organizer has selected excellent artists from Vietnam, Mozambique and Cuba, expecting that viewers can reach an art field perhaps not so well-known to them and enjoy more diversified cultural backgrounds. Some artists already have their own “fans” in Taiwan, such as Aurnov, Hayiluknoff from Russia; Yoo Sun-Tai from Korea;  Hiroshi MORI, Horikoshi, Katsuyuki Gibo, Nakamura Ai from Japan.

Kelti Group

A.R.T. 2012 is in collaboration with the Kelti Group to host a special program featuring Liu Jiutong's latest creations, a Chinese emerging artist who fuses the boldness from the northwest plateau with the unbridled energies in Shanghai. Liu Jiutong's art creations shake off bounds of tradition, unlashing touches full of mellowness in exquisite and subtle colors. The artist masterfully applies thick layers of oils, revealing unrestrained boldness with traces of meaningful forms just like the artistic conceptions in Chinese ink paintings. He fully embodies the style and characteristics specific to the emerging contemporary artists in China.

New York Contemporary Art Fund

To open viewers' eyes through great creativity and skill, the theme of “The Greats Meet the Greats” is set to invite some great artists, including Richard Young of the Royal College of Art (RCA) in England; Todd Ford and Cassandra Gillens from U.S.A.; Mathieu Bassez from France; Janhendrik Dolsma and Peter Harskampfrom Holland, Patricia Van Lubeck from New Zealand; and Omar Ortiz from Mexico.

International Art Competition

In the International Artist Juried Competition 2012 organized by the Taiwan International Contemporary Artist Association (TICAA), there are 32 pieces of excellent artworks selected from 2,534 entries in total, to be exhibited at the Art Revolution Taipei 2012 event. Furthermore, the organizer will select a winner of the coveted“Gallery Prize” from those selected artists. The winner will be awarded an exhibition booth of 9 square meters in Art Revolution Taipei 2013.

The purpose of the International Artist Juried Competition is to encourage artists to exert fully their creativities and painting skills and to grant them more opportunities for exhibition. From 2012, the Taiwan International Contemporary Artist Association (TICAA) will take over the contest and expand the contest scale by combining it with the Art Revolution Taipei platform. The selected artworks will be exhibited in an exclusive section of Art Revolution Taipei 2012. Compared to the 2010 competition with entries from 21 countries, there were 2,534 entries from 48 countries this year. It reveals the fact that the International Artist Juried Competition has become an internationally renowned and reputed campaign in Asia.

Out of the 32 pieces of selected artworks, there will paintings from familiar European, American and Asian countries as well as Australia, Argentina, Romania, Kosovo, India, Israel, U.A.E., and others.

Art and Design

The Art and Design Section is intended to make art part of daily life. It features artworks being transformed into antiques of leather, bon china, decorations, jewelry and accessories, with various styles of creativity. Arts become part of daily life to demonstrate the owner's individual taste and outlook.

Art Your Compassion

This section hosts two events: One is the“Hundred Of Celebrities’ Charity Sale” and the other is “The Compassionate Rich's Charity Sale”. The charity program is pioneered by Art Revolution Taipei to combine arts with charity. The purpose is to contribute to social welfare through the advocacy of celebrities, social elites, and art lovers; while at the same time attracting the public's attention to arts and to further promote cultural education. Hundreds of artworks at the first A.R.T. were sold out shortly right after the opening.

This event, “Hundreds Of Celebrities”, will invite celebrities domestically and abroad to participate through their own personal creations. Those who are already confirmed to join include Lee Teng-Hui, the former President of Taiwan; Hau Lung-Bin, Taipei Mayor; William A. "Bill" Stanton, Director of AIT; Chi Cheng, an Olympic medalist in 1968; Lin Cho-Liang, internationally renowned violinist; Matthew Carl Lien, a famous musician advocating environmental protection; Ron Artest, star player of the Lakers; Chen Shu-Ju, named as one of the world’s 100 most influential people in 2010 by Times magazine; Fang Guo-Qiang, internationally renowned fashion designer; Film Director Chang Tso-Chi; poet Kuan Kuan; musician Ma Shui-Lon; Father Jerry Martinson; entertainers Jam Hsiao, Tang Wei, Mega Lai, Hao-jiao-xiang-qi, Ariel Lin, Peter Ho; and other celebrities from various circles of arts, fashion, entertainment, politic, and business.

The “Compassionate Rich’s Charity Sale” event is planned by the top model Lin Chi-Ling and her father Lin Fan-Nan, in order to invite his friends and associates from business to join the creative efforts.

All proceeds from the Art Your Compassion section will go directly to the Mennonite Foundation.

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