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Introduction to the Mennonite Social Welfare Foundation

The history of the Christian Mennonites in Eastern Taiwan begins decades ago with the missionaries' first step on the land of Hualian in 1948. Fifty years later in 1997, the Mennonite Christian Hospital raised funds to establish the Mennonite Social Welfare Foundation in order to provide further comprehensive health care services to minorities. The Mennonite Social Welfare foundation strives for holistic care services, hoping to integrate resources from medical and social welfare to be the example and benchmark.

The Foundation collects commissioned funds from the Government and donations from the public to provide home services, meal deliveries to senior people, protection online, severe disability nursing, early intervention, community daycare, special access buses, rehabilitation spa, physical aids center, home care, disability consultation, and resource & referral. Through professionals’ participation such as nurses, social workers, special education and preschool teachers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and nutritionists, the Foundation is able to assess service users' individual needs, and to optimize the allocation of every resource through providing services through case management.

We are dedicated to serving minorities, physically and mentally challenged people as well as their carers with a family-like warmth, professional service and our humble hearts. Based on the Disability Welfare Center in Hualian County, footprints of the Mennonite Foundation have spread over all 13 villages and towns. The newly established Southern Service Center is aimed at providing welfare services to the public in a more convenient way. Nowadays, volunteers from the foundation quietly guard and care for those in need from one shanty house to another in all weathers, no matter how remote it is, whether on a mountain top or along the coastline.

One mission of the Mennonite Foundation is “Whatever we do for our brethren, we do on behalf of the Lord.” Through the contributions of the Mennonite Foundation, we hope to build a paradise for all brothers and sisters in the eastern area so that they may fear no longer about poverties, illness, or pains, and to enjoy a happy and healthy life. Cherish every single resource, deliver love and care for the ones most in need.

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