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Introduction of Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation


To provide an extensive range of services for burn survivors and people with facial disfigurement; to assist them in their physical, psychological and social rehabilitation; to uphold their human rights and dignity.


Burn survivors and people with facial disfigurement congenital as well as the result of illness or injuries, such as Hemangioma, Neurofibroma, Oral Cancer(facial tumor) and other ailments.

The story of Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation

In 1980, a book called People Who Shun the Sunshine, written by SHEN Xiao-Ya, a burn survivor, revealing the stories of many burn survivors who shun the sunshine after the sudden change in their lives, covering the tough process they have been through, full of pains, frustrations, ups and downs. This book touched so many people, and had great responses from the society. Through advocates and supports from all walks of life, the “Sunshine Benefit” activity was initiated to raise funds for the establishment of a foundation servicing burn survivors and people with facial disfigurement. Also series of medical counseling sessions were held to find people afflicted with burn scars or facial disfigurement, and who might need further professional help.

Services from the Sunshine Foundation

The Sunshine Foundation integrates the professional teams in social work, rehabilitation, psychology and social education, to provide comprehensive services. The purpose is to help burn survivors and people with facial disfigurement to improve their physical functions, to enhance their vocational capability, and to expand their social participation, as well as to promote the safety and health in communities.

Physical rehabilitation

The formation of hypertrophic scars from burning will lead to joint contracture and deformity. People with oral caner will have an oral dysfunction as well as neck and shoulder stiff, due to surgery, chemotherapy and electrotherapy. It’s necessary to intervene with the physical rehabilitation at early stages, to prevent from turning into permanent deformities. Burn survivors and people with facial disfigurement not just suffer from physical pains, but also psychological difficulties. The therapists provide individual consultancy, group activities, seminars, and sharing of families’ experiences, to rebuild their confidence.

Enhancement in vocational capability

The process to undergo medical treatment and rehabilitation for burn survivors and people with facial disfigurement can be long and arduous; therefore their endurance may not meet the vocational requirements. Their employment could be affected due to physical damages and psychological trauma. The Sunshine Foundation provides the employment service to help them returning to works, being capable of self-supporting, and further to be part of the society again.

Enhancement in psychosocial functions

It’s not easy for burn survivors and people with facial disfigurement to have a good social life and interaction with others, due to their injuries or illness. The Sunshine Foundation actively helps them to recover their self-care ability, to promote the exchange and sharing among patients, so as to enhance their abilities in communication and interaction with people. The ultimate goal is to help them walk out at ease, become part of the group, and smile brightly and confidently.


Children with facial disfigurement or those who survived burns have to face greater difficulties in terms of social interaction with their peers. The Foundation has set up a scholarship fund to encourage burn survivors or people with facial disfigurement to pursue their schooling and help build their self-confidence. Also through the special-designed awards activity, it’s expected to improve children’s social interaction skills and allow them to interact with people without fear.

Enhancement the Safety and Health in Communities

“Prevention is better than cure”. To promote people’s awareness and capabilities of response to emergency and first aid, the Foundation hold more than 100 advocacy activities annually. The goal is to prevent burns and oral cancer that lead to disfigurement, as well as enhance public understanding towards people with facial disfigurement so that they may enjoy equal rights and opportunities in a more friendly and accepting environment.

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