Floor Arrangement

Curatorial Classics

Substantiating the ideal of exhibiting the artworks with potential to become “future classics,” the section of “Curatorial Classics” is comprised of works best presenting the annual thematic spirit, the Special Collection, and the units specially curated by Art Director Lee Sun-Don.

With “Impressionist‧Contemporary” as the annual theme, the thematic spirit for this year is “When Impressionism Gallops into the Contemporary.” We specially invite Taiwan’s first artist conducting a crossover creation with an international supercar brand, namely Lee Sun-Don, to present his installation art on classic supercar, demonstrating “The Power of Art, the Liberation of Life”.

For the Special Collection, there are mainland China’s rising stars Li Limin, Deng Wushu, Zhao Xin, and many others – all exhibiting for the first time in Taiwan. In addition, there is the unit of “Lions of the Snow Mountains,” which features artworks portraying Tibetan culture by realist artists Wang Zhaoju and Sui Jiangsheng.

In this section, you may also find works by Spanish Alfonso Cuñado Rodríguez, who had a complete sellout at last year’s A.R.T.; Liu Baojun, who is known for his “Pipe-Smoking Women”; Liu Jiu-Tong, whose artworks poetically reveal an open and liberating ambience; Chen Li, a silver award winner of Sichuang’s watercolor painting competition. There are also artists specially introduced by galleries: Ge Junhui represented by Hsiang Jih Gallery; Yu Lain Chun (a third-generation student of famous sculptor Rodin ) represented by Savoir Art Gallerie; Wei Chi Yi, winner of Nanying art competition, represented by Da Mei Wu Yan Art Gallery; and Pu Che-Kuei represented by Four-Lines-Warehouse Art Space. Moreover, X-Power Gallery will present the international-renowned artist Lee Sun-Don, who is best known for his “totemic energy art,” with his newest series, “Great Treasure Gate 2014,” and the rising female art trio Ma Sing Ling, together with works by Liu Ruifeng and Wen Jie.

Taiwan Contemporary Art

This section features both the artists in the prime of their life and the emerging talents, displaying diversified and cross-generational facets of contemporary art in Taiwan. For painting, there are Lu Tsung-Tsan (whose A.R.T.’s selling record of last year doubled that of the year before), landscape specialist Lin Tsung-Fan, and Wong Liang-Yuan whose works reveal a mysterious tincture. In sculpture, Hsu Tung-Rung will display his artworks transformed from abstract into semi-concrete presentation, the series of “Great Form Is beyond Form.” There are also sculptures featuring the beauty of young girls by Peng Kuang-Chun and Dick Lü. As to installation art, you will see the creations by Rita Li and Tomoya Tsukamoto. Serving as A.R.T.’s consultant, Mickey Huang also leads graffiti artist ANO and cartoonist-style painter Acer Lü to exhibit. You can even come to behold the marvelous creativities of Taiwan’s art masters, such as Taiwan’s folk art pioneer Shiy Der Chin, the humorous and knowledgeable self-taught artist Max Liu, and photography master Daniel Lee.

China Contemporary Art

This section is characterized with artworks by Chinese artists with solid training, innovative ideas, powerful imagination, and collectible potentials – overall, it displays a wide range of agendas and techniques. Among those are: Huang Gang, Du Xi, Xue Song, and Sanzi. The popular artists include also Pei Lianzhi, Zhang Yuying, Zhang Shiying, and Chen Jun. There are also very affordable artworks by Wang Delong, Chen Xiangming, Liang Weiping, Lin Lishan, Zhao Huxie, and Wang Shanman. The gigantic painting in size of 10 by 8 meters by Cai Tiancong is especially eye-catching.

International Contemporary Art

While exhibiting master artworks, such as those by Chinese-born French Art Academician Chu Teh-Chun and Japanese Yayoi Kusama, this section comprises two other units: “The Greats vis-à-vis the Greats” and “Spaniard Art Zone.”

“The Greats vis-à-vis the Greats” highlights the works by artists with exquisite skills and distinguished styles, such as British Richard Yang, French Thibault Jandot, Italian Sergio Cerchi, Russian Dmitry Ermolov, Spanish Alex Alemany, Turkish Orhan Coplu, and Hungarian Istvan Cene gal. Some of them exhibit the first time in Asia.

The “Spaniard Art Zone” features first and foremost the world’s leading surrealism artist Arnua Alemany, whose works demonstrate a beautiful infusion of realism and magic realism. Exhibiting artists include also Equipo Sur, Fermín Colomer, Marc Figueras, Mario Garcia Miro, and Mariano Gonzalez Beltran.

Contemporary Ink “ Water Flows and Color Shows ”

This is a new section, which is also the first of its kind in Asia – dedicated to showcase the most popular type of artwork nowadays, namely, the ink painting. Artworks displayed are created by artists from mainland China as well as Taiwan, including Chen Qi, Liao Meilan, Sha Qinghua, Su Chongmin, Li Baiming, Yang Zhiying, Lin Wenli, Wei Ruizong, Xiao Jusheng, and Miao Chong’an. They collectively open up a new scope of contemporary ink painting.

New York Contemporary Art Fund

New York Contemporary Art Fund has contributed to the development of contemporary art since its establishment. This year, it will present works by Peter H. Harskamp (Netherlands), Cathy Pitts (USA), Andrea Del Pesco (Italy), Boyko Kolev (Bulgary), Emanuele Dascanio (Italy), Jose De La Barra (Peru), Ricardo Celma (Argentina), Sergio Martinez (Chile), Erwin Peeters (Belgium), and Aaron Nagel (USA). Peter H. Harskamp, reputed as Holland’s Picasso, is a returning exhibitor. Distinguished for using geometric lines and techniques to portray the affection between animal and human, he had a complete sellout at last year’s A.R.T.

Art with Entrepreneurs

To provide a platform for Taiwan’s talented artists to prove themselves on the international stage, A.R.T. coordinates with entrepreneurs to sponsor this section. Debuting last year, this section won incredible response: Because of exhibiting in the A.R.T., many of the sponsored artists were granted with more opportunities to advance their career. This year, fifteen entrepreneurs participate to sponsor fifteen artists specially selected by A.R.T. for their distinguished creativities and potentials. The sponsored artists include Lü Hsiao-Han, Tsai Fu-Jung, Wang Hsiao-Ching, Cheng Chung-Hsuan, Shi Hung-I, and many others.

2014 International Artist Juried Competition

The “International Artist Juried Competition” is organized by Taiwan International Contemporary Artist Association, and it has become one of the large-scale art events in Asia. This year, it is even more competitive, with 3017 submissions from 70 nations, including the countries not so well known in Taiwan, such as Bhutan, Tajikistan, Senegal, and Estonia. Through a strict selection process, sixty finalists’ works will be exhibited in the A.R.T., and the first-prize winner will be granted a booth for solo exhibition in next year’s A.R.T. The winner of “2013 International Artist Juried Competition,” who will exhibit this year, is Russian artist J.B. Biktmirova.

Art and Design

To bring art to our daily life, A.R.T. specially organizes this section to bring aesthetics to every aspect of our living surroundings. While preserving the original essence of the work, this section displays how art can be integrated into merchandise design in aspects of home décor, leather goods, stationery, and other exquisitely refined commodities.

On site there will be available the hottest technology in art creation: the 3D printing. Please join us to get in touch with this trendy technology.

Art Your Compassion

This event combines art with philanthropy in hopes of drawing public attention to art activities while promoting humanitarianism. It invites celebrities, social elites, and entrepreneurs at home and abroad to create artworks for benefit sale. Artworks for this charity event are about the size of 17.5 x 14 cm; each is priced at NT$1000. The visitor is allowed to collect two artworks at most. The name of the artist will be revealed to the collector only after s/he purchases the work. The proceeds go directly to the Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation, an organization dedicated to burn survivors and people with facial disfigurement. Staff from the Sunshine Foundation will take charge of the entire charity sale.

This year, the participants include: Lee Teng-Hui (the former President of R.O.C.), Wu Poh-Hsiung (the honorary chairman of Kuomintang), Chu Li-Luan (mayor of New Taipei City), Arthur Wang (chairman of Ravenel International Art Group), Chou Chun-Hsun (go chess championship), Tsai Ming-Chung (chairman of Fubon Financial), Chao Teng-Hsiung (chairman of Farglory Group), and Steven Pan (chairman of Formosa International Hotels). There are also participants from the entertaining business, such as Taiwan’s most popular model Lin Chi-Ling, female singing trio S.H.E., Chen Bo-Lin, Mickey Huang, Matilda Tao, and other celebrities. More names will be released on A.R.T.’s official web page.

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