Curatorial Statements

2011 “Prove Yourselves”

Let the Artists Proudly “Prove Themselves”
20 Seconds to Select An Artwork
“Artist, Your Name Will Be Waving In the Streets of Taipei”
Have An “Art Meeting” with The Masters

2012 「My Art •My Show」

Words from the Art Director
Our Next Goal: Secure 80% and Aim For 90%
Transcend beyond the present Prove yourself for the future to come

2013 「My Revolution」

Lee Sun-Don, the Art Director of the third edition of A.R.T. (A.R.T. 2013), has something to say
Great sound is rare to be heard, but once it does it would guarantee to be a sensation.

2014 「 Impressionist‧Contemporary」

At the Summit with Gratitude

2015 「Enjoy Art‧Enjoy Happiness」

Enjoy Art‧Enjoy Happiness

2016 「The Glory of Life」

Taiwan is particularly beautiful at this time of the year!

2017 「The aspiration with which it all started~ start with the first piece of work」

The aspiration with which it all started • Being romantic again

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