Floor Arrangement

A.R.T. Curatorial

Organizing around the theme of “A soul tattooed by the art,“ Art Director Lee Sun-Don sets up large-scale installation arts at the A.R.T. Curatorial section. Visitors will enjoy the fun of performance art.

In addition, A.R.T. works with Chanliu Great China Cultural and Educational Art Fund to present Shih-Feng Treasure section with exhibition of artworks by Taiwanese art masters of the early days.


Wang Zhaoju

Meng Qingnan

Song Yonghua

Pei Lianzhi

Qin Zhenghui


K Viswa Kalyan

M. Thirupathi

Nirakar Chuadhary

Purnendu Mandal

Thrigulla Murali



Luna Chen


Yachi Lai

Small Sa

International Contemporary Art

This section invites artists from around the world to demonstrate cultural pluralism in the performance of art and promote dialogues between Taiwan and the international art circles. Participating artists include best Italian contemporary artists in the past ten years, top Spanish sculptors, three-time winner of BMW Painting Award in Spain, and many globally renowned artists with artworks collected by collectors and famous foundations around the world. There are also some family team-ups.

Alfonso Cuñado

Luigi Pellanda

August Vilella

Sara Sammakia

Mahmood Sabzi

Olga Belka

Igor Grechanyk

Adrian Lirman

Fabio Hurtado

José Manuel Belmonte

Josep Gil

Jose Vicente Barrachina

Jordi Pintó

Didier Lourenço

Josè Abel

Kiku Poch

New York Contemporary Art Fund

New York Contemporary Art Fund has contributed to the development of contemporary art in form of painting, photography, installation art, and mixed media since its establishment. This year, it presents works by A.R.T.’s ever-popular Dutch artist heralded “Picasso of the Netherlands,” popular pop artists, and British millennial representative artists. There are also artists with works exhibited at Art Basel, auctioned by Christie’s, collected by museums, and those attracting great attention in eastern Europe.

Marina Marina

Mirella Guasti

Hayato Takano

Peter H. Harskamp

Morozov Arkady

Alex Bertaina

Pedro Roldán

Galya Popova

Artur Sulce

Nathalie Montel

Esther Ziher-Ginczinger

Lima Ziher

Riva Ziher

International Artist Salon

This section displays artworks by artists selected from last year’s International Artist Grand Prize Competition. They come respectively from Russia, Germany, Holland, France, India etc.

Davor Žilić

Bhaskararao. Botcha

Tsegmed Tserennadmid

Patrick J. Moran

Otar Imerlishvili

Olaf Ulbricht

Pascal Bejeannin

Giuseppe Sticchi
Kazuo Hasegawa 長谷川一夫

Kazuo Hasegawa

Reba Mandal

Tomas Guzman

He Qing-Qin

Ong Xing-Ru

China Contemporary Art

This section showcases the artworks by Chinese artists with innovative ideas and collectible potentials. There are oil paintings revealing the ethereal aura of typical Chinese Ink art, depicting the Chinese ethnic minorities, featuring regions with rivers and lakes in Southern China expressed in a simplistic and spiritual way, and those characterized with thick oils stacking into stereoscopic Chinese landscape. There are also paintings styled in “Oriental Pollock” and “New Graffiti.”


Chen Li

Chang Tiezhong

Zeng Qunce

Zhang Yuying

Wang Dazhi

Chen Erfu

Taiwan Contemporary Art

This section features both the artists in the prime of their life and the emerging talents, displaying diversified and cross-generational facets of contemporary art in Taiwan. It presents artists blending calligraphic lines with oriental aroma, depicting the daily life in Taiwan a few decades ago, demonstrating the unique style of “western painting in oriental ink,” elaborating humanistic philosophy and spirituality, revealing poetics and musicality, and many others. There are also artworks by emerging artists presented in collaboration with National Hsinchu Living Arts Center.


Hsu Tung-Lung

Chang Ching

Lawrence Lu

Wei Chi-I

Time Lin

Lin Zong-Fan

Chung Tun-Hao

Liao Mei-Lan

Lin Hsuan-Che

Liu Wei-Tsen

Lu Bai-Sen

Chen Li-Wei

2019 International Artist Grand Prize Competition

The International Artist Grand Prize Competition, organized by Taiwan International Contemporary Artist Association, is one of Asia’s top art events. This year, it drew 4,262 entries by artists from 81 countries to enroll. In total of 371 selected pieces, including those created by the world’s established artists, will be exhibited at the A.R.T. 2019. Of them, one Championship Award and several Gallery Awards will be granted, and the winners will be sponsored by the X-Power Gallery to exhibit at the A.R.T. 2020.

Carlo Alberto Palumbo

Fiorentina Giannotta

Joey Schmidt-Muller

Anne Wolk

Juca Maximo

Bettina Rebecca Westerheide


Julia Bezshtanko

Basha Dunin

Gyempo Wangchuk

Feng Tian Zhang

Art and Design

“To bring out a new value and reinvigorate the life force of those with cultural significance” has been the principle of GP DEVA in art and design. To demonstrate the infinite possibilities of contemporary art, A.R.T. specially invites GP DEVA, an international boutique group, to organize this section. Exquisite fine jewelry, hand-made furniture and fashion accessories will be displayed.

Art Your Compassion

To link art with philanthropy and promote public interests in collecting art, A.R.T. invites hundreds of celebrities, social elites, and entrepreneurs at home and abroad to create artwork for charity sale. These artworks are about the size of 17.5 x 14 cm; each is priced at NT$1000. The visitor is allowed to collect two artworks at most. The name of the artist will be revealed to the collector only after he or she has purchased the work. All proceeds will go directly to the designated charity organization.

This year, the chosen institute is Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders. The participants of “Art Your Compassion” are announced on A.R.T.’s website.

“ Art Your Compassion ” Charity Sale: 2019.4.26   10:30~13:30

(10:30 starts to issue the number, officially enters will be at 11:00.)


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