2019 A.R.T. Feedbacks from Exhibiting Artists

Spanish Artist   August Vilella
All this is incredible, I’m glad to exhibit with these artists, I’ve exhibited all around the world, to me, A.R.T is the best exhibition, I’m honored to participate in A.R.T., hoping to continue coming every year. The support of the organizer is very important to artists, every year, A.R.T provides new artists with such an organized competition, to me, not only did the organizing committee give me an amazingly large display area, they also gave me lots of support and popularization, opening the Taiwanese market for me, I’m delighted to gain so much help.

Russian Artist   Olga Belka
I think it’s unbelievable, this is my first time in Taiwan, I like the people here, it really is amazing, I like this city, this country, I like everything here, I met many people who came to exhibit here, I especially like those who held A.R.T. Many different countries hold various kinds of art expositions, but A.R.T’s exposition is the only where I feel it’s special, the organizing committee had well organized assembly arrangement, nothing needed assist from me, it was really amazing, I could relax, enjoy, and take a look around this city, with A.R.T, I gained a lot of help and care, I really like the people who participated in the planning, thank you all very much.

Dutch Artist   Esther Ziher-Ginczinger
I’m really happy to come to Taipei, it is a great place.


Spanish Artist   Manuel López Herrera
This is my fifth time participating in A.R.T, the experience exhibiting here every time is excellent, the quality of the venue and artworks are great, so I look forward to participating, feeling like coming home every time, I really like A.R.T, I’m happy to be able to participate.

Japanese Artist   Hayato Takano
This is my third time taking part in the exhibition, I made many friends from all around the world here, here, I feel the inspiration of art, A.R.T is great and perfect, the organization is excellent.

Myanmar Artist   Aung Naing
To me, seeing such a big venue and meeting different artists from countries around the world and the different creating approaches and medias, it is worthwhile, I’m delighted and also very thankful towards A.R.T.


Polish Artist   Darius Rafaello Dydymski
I really like A.R.T, a lot, I’m happy and honored to participate in A.R.T, I met many people, gaining lots of help and support, this is definitely a high standard art exposition.


Ukrainian Artist   Emiliia Lynnyk
I’m honored to take part in A.R.T, this is my first time paying a visit to Taipei, to be able to gather with this many talented artists, I’m honestly really honored and happy, the committee staff was earnest and friendly, completely beyond my imagination.


Italian Artist   Gabriele Luciani
This is my first time participating in the exhibition, A.R.T is held extremely well, the artworks were all amazing, it was held brilliantly, I loved it all!


Myanmar Artist   Hla Tun Aung
Feeling lucky and thankful to participate in A.R.T, to be able to appreciate works from artists all around the world, I’m satisfied, and I also believe after I go back, I’ll elaborate my skills.



Brazilian Artist   Juca Maximo
I’h honored to participate in A.R.T, I flew for 16 hours to participate in A.R.T, I’m joyful to meet more people here, and I look forward to meeting even more people, I hope to participate again next year.


Japanese Artist   Ayairo
What impressed me most about A.R.T. was the super-organized staff of the exhibition and the diversity of the exhibited artworks. Artists come from so many different countries, though I only talked to a few, I’m still surprised, not only were there plenty of artworks, they were also varied.

Dutch Artist   Martijn Versteeg
This is my second time participating in A.R.T., the whole exhibition was fantastic, Taiwan’s cities were also quite attractive.


Myanmar Artist   Mor Mor
I hope that from participating in A.R.T., I can gain recognization.



Malaysian Artist   Sao Suo Chang
I think A.R.T. is greatly held, extremely great, because I’ve been to different places, last year, I’ve also been to Tokyo’s museum, they were also professional, but the crowd loses compared to here, there really is a lot of people coming to visit A.R.T..

Myanmar Artist   Saw Lin Aung
This is already my third year taking part in A.R.T., this time, to my surprise, there were two children in the artists exhibiting, making me feel unbelievable, to me, it’s quite a huge encouragement and inspiration, art is for all ages, which is good for art, and I’m very thankful.


Myanmar Artist   Thu Ra Kyaw
To be able to come to an exhibition as huge as A.R.T and meet artists and artworks from around the world, it’s a huge encouragement to me, I’m extremely happy to be able to come to A.R.T, incredibly thankful to the organizing committee.


Norwegian Artist   Trygve Amundsen
I really enjoy A.R.T, I also had my works exhibited here last year, that time, a child asked me some very serious questions, I deeply felt my creation being respected, so I’m very thankful to that child.


Mexican Artist   Victoria Rueda
In the past, I’ve joined in various art exhibitions, none were like A.R.T., being perfect in every angle, I will once again be exhibiting, the theme will be of my hometown Mexico.


Malaysian Artist   Ong Xing-Ru
I especially like that A.R.T.’s venue is very broad, allowing people to quietly and clearly see each artists’ works.


Australian Artist   Wing
I’m honored to participate in A.R.T. again after four years, the is my second time taking part, to be able to meet artists from all around the world makes me incredibly happy.

Filipino Artist   Je An Marquesto
I’m very happy to participate in the exhibition.

Filipino Artist   Jose Yap
I’m very happy and feeling very lucky, to be able to participate in A.R.T. to me is very important.

Filipino Artist   Melver Mercado
I’m very happy to be in the exhibition.

Hong Kong Artist   Cheung Shuk Ying
I’m extremely happy to be able to exhibit, this is my first time joining in A.R.T., I’m honored to bring my own artworks here and see other’s artworks. I see crowds of visitors, people who collect works of art and a lot of art lovers. I’m happy to be here, I’ll work harder, hoping to exhibit again next year.

Indonesian Artist Afri Ani
This is my second time participating in A.R.T., I’m delighted to get together with artists from different countries, through A.R.T., I can make friends with them, A.R.T. is great and important, I hope next year they will keep holding it, and I wish the exhibition a complete success.

Japanese Artist   Fumi Furuta
I’ve lived in Taiwan for almost three years, participating in many various art exhibitions, but A.R.T. has a lot of visitors, I think compared to other exhibitions, it has more influence, I’m delighted to participate in A.R.T..

Spanish Artist   Jose Eugenio Borao
This is my second time coming to A.R.T., last time I was here to visit, I realized the exhibition is of high quality, this year, I’m participating as an artist, I’m satisfied with the overall quality and environment of the exhibition, there’s a lot of staff members, I was able to chat with artists in the booth next to mine and meet other artists, I really like it.

Myanmar Artist   Moe Myint Zaw
I’m delighted to exhibit here, with the arranging of the organizing committee, I went to Taipei101 and Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple, I really like the Buddhas there. A.R.T.’s overall environment was clean, the atmosphere was good, I hope to have another chance to exhibit here, I realized that people in Taipei really enjoy art, making ,me really happy.

Myanmar Artist Ngwe Aung
I’m delighted to join in A.R.T., and to meet with artists from all around the world, I also enjoy the way the venue was decorated and the atmosphere.

Myanmar Artist Ngwe Phyoe
I’m really happy to participate in A.R.T., I feel proud that my artwork was selected to exhibit.

Spanish Artist Tomas Castaño
I really enjoy A.R.T., this is the best exhibition I’ve ever participated in, to me, I was satisfied with every part, including facilities, staff and so on.

Polish Artist   Tomasz Koclega
I’ve participated in exhibitions like this, A.R.T no doubt is a high quality exhibition, very structured, and very professional, I’m delighted to witness such full organization. Many here are interested in art, the amount of people that came to visit and those who came to ask all gave me a deep impression.

Japanese Artist   Emi Uchida
Every year, I’m able to meet artists from different countries, I anticipate every time.

Japanese Artist   Kaoruko Hamada
This is my first time participating in A.R.T, I’m delighted and thankful.

American Artist   Tatyana Markovtsev
I’m participating in A.R.T for the first time, before coming, I was a little nervous, because I don’t know other’s feelings towards my artworks, at the scene, the paintings and booths nearby were beautiful, I felt relieved. I think the exhibiting area is beautiful and great, the staff is nice, I was very impressed and very thankful to exhibit.

Spanish Artist   Paula Varona
I’m honored, very happy, and excited to join in A.R.T., this exhibition is fantastic.

Spanish Artist   Tomas Guzman
I think A.R.T. is great, including the events the organizing committee organized, and everyone there was nice, to A.R.T, and those who accompanied me, I can only say thank you.

Russian Artist   Kiselev Sergey
This is my second time participating in A.R.T., I really enjoy this exhibition, the service provided by the committee was great, the environment was clean, and those who came to visit the exhibition had high level, knowing to appreciate different artworks. Those who enjoy art are welcomed to come to A.R.T., it is well-held every year, this year, artists from more than 70 countries came to exhibit, I also like to appreciate other artists’ works during the exhibition.

American Artist   Patrick J. Moran
To be able to exhibit with professionals, I feel extremely happy, everything the organizing committee organized was considerate, really respecting artists, I feel extremely honored.

Polish Artist   Zbigniew Kopania
A.R.T. is well organized, the level of all aspects are high, every section is great, I’m unable to find shortcomings, also, the exhibition venue is located in the heart of the city, transportation is very convenient. Because there aren’t many artists who come from Poland or European countries, I’m honored to be able to come exhibit. I’m also extremely surprised so many people came to the exhibition, there aren’t that many people in Europe, what’s more, there were so many young people among them.

Spanish Artist   Jose Eugenio Borao
I think A.R.T is well organized, there is plenty of staff members, and there’s lots of artists from countries all over the world, promoting communication and interaction between artists, giving more chances to exchange and discuss. A.R.T has many visitors, it is a very successful exhibition.

Dutch Artist   Lima Ziher
Many thanks to A.R.T for the invitation.

Dutch Artist   Riva Ziher
To be able to participate in A.R.T, I feel delighted.

Chinese Artist Zeng Guozhu
This is my first time participating in A.R.T, what impressed me the most was that, the general public’s passion and enthusiasm for art was very high, and the atmosphere for cultural art was rich, the people were full of warmth, this is my impression of the city of Taipei and of A.R.T..

Chinese Artist Wang Zhaoju
I’ve participated in A.R.T many times already, the whole scale of the exhibition is pretty huge, many artists and their artworks gather, the whole management is also done well.

Chinese Artist   Wang Zhaoju
This is already my eighth time participating in A.R.T., and my second time at the scene, I praise and appreciate A.R.T very much, the whole process was greatly handled, I was most touched by the rear-service personnel, most being volunteers, this is what other exhibitions aren’t able to do at the moment, this specially moved me.

Chinese Artist   Li Qiuhua
Participating in A.R.T., I feel pretty touched, to see this many different styles of paintings, learning so much, at the same time moved by the energy of the exhibition staff, well done, thank you all.

Chinese Artist   Li Hongshan
I’ve already participated in A.R.T. for many years, this is my first time at the scene, a big thank you to the organizing committee for providing such a great stage, allowing my artworks to be presented to everyone in a good condition, at the same time, I want to thank my collector friends for approving, supporting, and collecting my artwork all these years.

Chinese Artist   Ham KyungRack
I especially enjoy A.R.T., Taiwanese people are extra enthusiastic, very kind, nice, gracious, and the organizing committee’s preparation and systems are perfect and meticulous, everything is great.

Chinese Artist   Xu SongBo
This is my first time bringing my artworks to participate in A.R.T., the whole feeling of the exhibition is great, first, I smelled the perfume of the fresh flowers, the whole venue is bright and filled with artistic vibes. I saw many high standard artworks, making me feel pretty happy, it is a honor to be able to look at my artworks from an onlooker’s point of view, and at the same time learn more from the masters.

Chinese Artist   Jia Yuanhua
I’m delighted to participate in this year’s A.R.T., from the beginning of the exhibition to the final results presented, including the organizing committee, the teachers, and all the staff members, were all professional and dedicated, I saw their hard work, the whole effect presented by the exhibition was also at a professional level, it was quite surprising, I was very satisfied, very happy, I believe all the artists were also satisfied with this.

Chinese Artist   Chao Hui Yang
A.R.T. directly serves for art, creating a platform for artists, I think it’s fantastic, the quality of the whole exhibition is great, during the exhibition, lots of VIP quests and collectors came, we felt the special enthusiasm and hard work of the organizing committee, I’m really thankful.

Chinese Artist Xie Fang
This is my first time participating in A.R.T., I think the strengths of A.R.T, is that is does not fix the focus and exhibition on Taiwan, but towards the world, exhibited artworks come from over 70 countries, and over 400 artists, giving us a great platform to interact, breaking the language barriers between the communication of art.

Taiwanese Artist   Mickey Huang
During the nine years exhibiting, being a consultant, seeing all the people come, and making new friends at A.R.T, I think Art Revolution completely lives up to it’s name, not wronging the word Revolution, of course Taiwan has a lot of art expositions, but A.R.T always has new things, no matter large art installations, or artists from all over the world, including many who are young, brave, and daring, I collected an artwork of a student during the exhibition, though the student isn’t famous, but sponsorships gave the student a chance to exhibit here, competing with thousands of artworks, this is Art Revolution, art naturally needs evolution, non-stop revolution and elimination. A.R.T. is a great platform, it spent nine years fulfilling it, my partners exhibiting with me and I are also non-stop in Revolution, non-stop self-revolution, allowing me to no doubt bring out, these past nine years, an art revolution in Taiwan’s art industry.

Taiwanese Artist   Wu, Cheng-Han
This is my first time participating in A.R.T., this is a great platform, centering artists as the main role, I met many artists and interacted with them here, and being able to share my own artworks makes me incredibly happy, it’s also what I feel most rewarding with this job.

Taiwanese Artist   Lin, Yi-Heng
This is my first time participating in A.R.T., it is a rare opportunity to have a chance to allow more people, and even foreign friends to see my own artworks, I’m delighted to join in the exhibition, because I paint with watercolor, I also pay special attention to other artists’ watercolor works.

Taiwanese Artist   W Kyaw Kyaw
I think A.R.T is pretty nice, this year, over 70 artists from countries all around the world came to exhibit, I feel like artists from all over the world come to this event, and I wish for the event to be even more successful in the future.


Taiwanese Artist Hsu, Cheng-Da
Participating in A.R.T., it makes me feel inspired, I looking forward to moving towards being a professional artist.

Taiwanese Artist   Huang Shih Chang
To have my artwork being collected by Mr. Mickey Huang, I feel really excited, extremely extremely happy.

Taiwanese Artist   Pu Yi-Chun
The “Hundreds Of Celebrities’ Charity Sale” is a meaningful event.

Taiwanese Artist P. K. Hsu
This is my first time participating in A.R.T., this year, there are two paintings that were nominated in the International Artist Grand Prize Competition, it features the Buddha statue at Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple, it’s an honor to exhibit here, it feels great to be here, to be able to gather with all these world-class artists, I feel extremely honored.

Taiwanese Artist Chen You Peng
I’m delighted to participate in A.R.T., this is also my first time, it’s a pleasure to have this many people see my artworks.

Taiwanese Artist Huang, Yi-Pei
This is my first time participating in A.R.T., here you can see many stunning artworks, from internal and abroad, I think I can refine my painting skills and I admire the artists from other countries.

Taiwanese Artist Tsai Shin-Rung
This is the second year of me participating in A.R.T.,they hod it really well each year, I think that the organizing committee is very attentive, having to just send the artworks here and the committee can help deal with the rest, I can sense the thoughtfulness of A.R.T..

Taiwanese Artist Chien Kai-Cheng
Being able to participate in A.R.T. this time, is actually a leveling up in all aspects, I think more during the creation of picturing, about the meaning behind the artworks and how the audience thinks and feels towards the creation, this is what I want to present this time. From ART easy to A.R.T., I’m glad to share this glorious happiness with everyone.

Taiwanese Artist Yang, Ya-Chin
This is my first time participating in A.R.T., I was very excited at the scene, a main part in my purpose of participating is actually to watch and learn, being here, I can see artists with totally difference styles, and different materials coming from different countries around the world, I feel great being able to participate in A.R.T..

Taiwanese Artist   ANO
I’ve been participating in A.R.T. since the first year to the ninth, it’s been nine years now, time really does fly by fast, I am touched, if there’s a tenth year next year, I will certainly be participating.

Taiwanese Artist   Liao Mei-Lan
This is my sixth time participating inA.R.T., I think the organizing committee has always been very attentive, whether the large or small matters, the arrangement of the exhibition, the establishment of the staff, the decoration of the scene or the attitude of service, it all make us feel at home, not only is being here a feast of the mind and soul, it also is a feast of art. The theme of the exhibition this time is “A soul tattooed by the art,” right now, I have a feeling that I’m living in art for art, feeling a sense of redemption in the process of art creation, in creating art, I feel as if I’m truly existing, truly living, just like tattooing, art has become a part of my life, so in creating art, I will keep moving forward, thriving as hard as I can, contributing my skills to everyone, brining more hopes of a joyful life to everyone.

Taiwanese Artist   Aer Lu
I’m delighted that I’ve participated in A.R.T. for eight years, I’m happy that A.R.T. the organizers of A.R.T always arranges a good spot for me, I always go all out during the exhibition, presenting my best and newest work to everyone, it’s a pleasure to be able to exhibit here, very thankful towards A.R.T..



Myanmar Gallery
Delighted to have the opportunity to be at such an international art exhibition, we feel extremely benefited and thankful.

Artist manager Nidhi Gupta
This is my first time visiting A.R.T., I’ve heard of this art exhibition three years ago, but didn’t have the chance to participate till this year, the designs and decorations of the exhibition, the arrangement of hanging artworks, it all stunned and impressed me, everything was at the highest quality.