Connecting with the World; An Asia’s Iconic Art Fair

Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T.) is Asia’s iconic art fair in connection with the global art world. This year, it recruits 330 artists from 60 countries to present about 3,000 pieces of artwork with characteristic styles and in various art forms, including the world’s most eye-catching NFT crypto art.

Placing Artists Front and Center; A Trend-Leading Curatorial Scope

Art Revolution Taipei takes an innovative move to place the artist front and center, with every booth standing as the artist’s solo exhibition, where the visitor can interact with the artist vis-à-vis. This curatorial scope transforms the conventional art shows, which are often organized around the commercial galleries.

Showcasing the Fine Arts and Promising Artists; An Established Brand Name

All the works exhibited are rigorously selected by A.R.T.’s Art Director Lee Sun-Don, an international-renowned artist, so as to exhibit only the creative and fine works while introducing the artists with great potentials. Over the years, A.R.T. has established itself as an “absolute brand name” among the collectors.

Ten Exhibiting Sections:

A.R.T. Curatorial
2021 NFT World MasterAward
International Contemporary Art
New York Contemporary Art Fund
International Artist Salon
China Contemporary Art
Taiwan Contemporary Art
2021 International Artist Grand Prize Competition
Art and Design
Art Your Compassion

Taiwan’s First NFT Art Exhibit -- Future Art Is Here

NFTs are shaking up the art world. To connect Taiwan’s art collectors with the world trend, A.R.T. is showcasing NFT (non-fungible token) crypto art at the Curatorial Section, Taiwan’s first exhibit of its kind. Do join us to be marveled at the diverse creativities of digital art and experience the innovative way of art collection at the digital age.

Special Event
“Art Your Compassion” Charity Sale
Date & Time: May 14 (Fri.), 11:30~13:30

To expand art to philanthropy, every year, A.R.T. hosts a special event of “Art Your Compassion,” which invites hundreds of social elites and celebrities to create artworks for charity sale. Each artwork is priced at NT$1,000 and everyone can claim up to two artworks. All the proceeds will go to a certain charity organization. This year, the recipient is Syin-lu Social Welfare Foundation.

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