Recipient Charity

2023 “Art Your Compassion” Charity Program

Introduction of the Good Shepherd Social Welfare Foundation

The Foundation is devoted to address social issues about women and children protection. It offers services to women and children in crisis, unfortunate girls, children who witnessed violence, high-risk youths, dropouts, abandoned and abused children, single parents, foreign spouses and their families, aboriginal families, and victims of human-trafficking. As a pioneer of women and children protection, the foundation has 45 service locations throughout Taiwan to provide assistance and care for those in need. "Good Shepherd" represents the sympathy and compassion to care and seek justice for vulnerable groups unceasingly. Centered on the concept of family, the Foundation aims to help women, children and other marginalized people build self-worth and dignity, cultivating their ability to resist self-destruction. In addition to the life improvement for the vulnerable groups, the Foundation strives to practice justice and fairness for the whole society as well.

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