Celebrity Charity

2024 Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales

The Art Revolution Taipei in 2024 features a special charity program “Hundreds Of Celebrities’ Charity Sale”. Proceeds from the sale of these artworks will go directly to "Hondao Senior Citizen's Welfare Foundation".

The organizer will leave the Hondao Senior Citizen's Welfare Foundation to take charge of the proceeds and the receipts.

For the event of “Hundreds Of Celebrities’ Charity Sale”, celebrities from Taiwan and overseas are invited to create artworks about the size of 17.5 x 14 cm for the charity purpose. Each artwork will be priced at US$30. Each collector is allowed to collect two artworks at most. The name of the artist will be revealed to the collector only after they purchase the artist’s artwork.

Time for the Hundred Celebrities’ Charity Sale: 11:00 ~ 12:00, Apr. 26, 2024
(10:30 starts to issue the number plate and officially enters at 11:00.)


The list of celebrities 2023.

Hou Yu-Ih
Mayor of New Taipei City
Stan Shih Stanshih Foundation Chairman Antonio Soo
Chairman, HoTai Development Inc.
Therese Thong
Good Shepherd Social Welfare Foundation CEO
Terry Gou
Founder, Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn)

Xie Rong-Shou Consultant to the NTPC Government Ching-Chung, KE Commissioner of Civil Affairs Department, NTPC Gov. Chang Chin-Li Commissioner of Social Affairs Department, NTPC Gov. Su-hon, Lin Chang Chun Petrochemical Zhou Chun-Hsun Go player and champion

Wei, Te-Sheng
Hu Ze-Min
Art Consultant, Art Revolution Taipei
Wu Danru
Victoria Rueda
Tomas Castano

Jeng Wei
Director of Cheng Hsin General Hospital
Melody Ho
President of Sino CellTechnologies
Mark Hsieh
Synmax Biochemical Chairman
Jane Wang
Partner, Formosa Transnational
Su Ming-Te Chairman of Hsin Kuang Steel

Daniel Huang
Mackay Children Hospital
MZZ-Mr.Gardener Artist Liao Ling-Chu Chairman's wife of King Freight International Olaf Ulbricht
Jon Landa

Alfie Lin
Director, CN Flower
Yuan Ching
Senior fashion observer
Eddie Yuan
J.C. Architecture
Hsu Pei Hung Photographer Gloria Grau

Dino Lee
Kathy Chang
YM Oceanic Culture & Art Museum
Wong Wai Yan
CEO, Noblecom Medical
Jan Teunissen

Chen Chao-Wen President, FORTUNE MOTORS CO., LTD. MongKai, Huang Members of the Legislative Yuan

Chou Shi-Ming Director, Hong Gang Forging Art Design

Gloria Grau Artist Marta Argentina Garcia Suarez Artist

Wu A-Chu Shun Chen Bakery Yang Yi-Lan President, Taibei International Bilingual School Vitaly Leshukov Soldatov Artist Enric Rubio Serra Artist Mani Mehrzad Artist

Lorraine Shen JJ Love Driving Winter PeakMoment Pei Lianzhi Artist Wang Wen-Cong Artist Lily Artist

Where Chou Entertainer Tiffany Juan Director, Rotary International 3523 Tu Jianguo Artist Liao Mei-Lan Artist Liu Han-Wen Artist

Cheng Pei-Hsuan Sosen Tea School Lin Quey-John Anchitecte D.P.L.G Xie Yongsheng Artist Shih Yu-Chung Artist Jia Jingwen Artist

Cheng Lung Yu General Manager, More Rice International CO., LTD. Jeff Huang CTMMAA Spokesman Liu Wei-Tsen Artist Diana Gorbach Artist Ong Xing-Ru Artist

Xu Songbo Artist Chen Po-An Artist Lee Ying-Hui Artist Eric C Chiang Artist Liu Ya-Chi Artist

Chien-Ju Lin Artist Lee An-Chi Artist Li Ming Artist Peng Po-Hsun Artist Kuo Chia-hsiu Artist

Li-huei Mao Partner, Lee and Li Attorneys-at-law Blues To
Fashion Editor
Sylvia Fang Vice President, Legal and General Counsel of TSMC Jiang Yu
Respected Ceramic Artist from Taiwan
Popular Cheerleader of the Rakuten Monkeys in CPBL

Belle Yu
TV show host

Huang, Yu-Ren
Chairman of Teco Image Systems

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