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Three Top Art Universities in Japan Jointly Participate in ART 2011

Art Revolution Taipei 2011(A.R.T.)will take place during May of 2011 inside Hall 2 of the Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC). This grand event not only impacts deeply the international art circles and is supported zealously, but also has included a great degree of importance courtesy of the art academy in Japan. Professors from three globally renowned art universities in Japan, namely, Tokyo University of the Arts, Musashino Art University, and Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts, will take the lead to exhibit their works especially created for this ART 2011 fair.

The Art Revolution Taipei 2011 fair is the most highly profiled event in the domestic and international art circles with 187 artists from 22 countries confirmed to take part. Moreover, A.R.T. attracts the attention of the international academy, including the Japanese art circles, which are highly related to the development of the contemporary art history in Taiwan. The outstanding Japanese artists participating include Tiara Ichikawa, Kenji Endo, Katsuyuki Gibo, Kamijo Fumiho, and Izumi Hatano. Some teachers and students from Tokyo University of the Arts, Musashino Art University, and Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts, will also join in this rare pageant of art.

Established 122 years ago, the Tokyo University of the Arts has nurtured many great Japanese artists, and the Fine Art Department has been the cradle for them. Tokyo University of the Arts is not only recognized as the highest cultivating institution for artists in Japan, but also the most sought-after by other art colleges striving to reach greatness. This highly renowned and ranked university has been one of the important incubators for artists in the world.

With the similar position and ranking in the art & design schools globally, the Musashino Art University, established in 1929 and known previously as the Empire Art School, is one of few private universities with the mono-discipline of art in Japan. Also, it’s a very prestigious art university which requires high test scoring in order to gain admittance. The famous artist Kenji Endo and the sculptor Taira Ichikawa who won twice the title of world sculpture champion, are of its excellent alumni.

With its unique charisma, the Okinawa Prefectural University of the Arts, endowed and nurtured with the local cultural characteristics and traditions in Okinawa, has inherited and developed its own artistic culture which is one of a kind. Okinawa Prefectural University of the Arts has great impacts on the Japanese culture, and plays an important role in the cultivation of great artists. Professors Kamijo Fumiho , Izumi Hatano, and Gibo Katsuyuki, are famous sculptors in Japan and have been invited to exhibit their works in Taiwan on more than 20 occasions.

The development of contemporary art history in Taiwan has been closely related to the Japanese art academy. The great artists’ works from these ‘heavy-weighted’ universities jointly participating in ART 2011 are bound to raise animated discussions and great expectations among the art circles in both Japan and worldwide.

News sources: Artron.Net

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