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Beijing's Ullen's vs Taipei's GP DEVA
Each will be a shining star in Art Revolution Taipei 2011

Art Revolution Taipei 2011 definitely has become a front-page event for art communities, which will be held in Hall 2 of theTaipei World Trade Center(TWTC) in May. There will be 206 artists from 22 countries participating in A.R.T. including two art groups, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art(UCCA) and GP DEVA. These 2 world art powers have joined the exhibitor list in order to witness this unprecedented art pageant.

UCCA and GP DEVA are prestigious cultural and design groups located in Taiwan and Mainland China. UCCA is the first contemporary art center ever established in China with an independent and non-profit purpose. Founders, Mr. and Mrs. Ullens, have played an important role in the prosperous development of Chinese temporary art for more than 2 decades. In 2007, the husband and wife team shifted their focus to Beijing and established the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in the Beijing 798 Art District, which has since become an art epicenter.

UCCA strives for discovering emerging artists with contemporary characteristics and supporting them which in turn contributes to the promotion of their artworks. Artists from UCCA participating in ART Taipei 2011 will include Yue Minjun, Wang Guangyi, Fang Lijun, Liu Xiaodong, Wang Qingsong, Fong Zhengjie, Liu Hua, Sui Jian Guo, Cui Xiuwen, Yang Yong, Yu Fan, Huang Yan and Rong Rong. All of them are either superstars or some of the most promising rising talents in Chinese contemporary art.

UCCA will launch a cooperation with Ullens Foundation which owns the most important collections of Chinese contemporary art. Founded in 2002, the Ullens Foundation has been collecting artworks from multiple generations of Chinese artists. Through those collected artworks, the Foundation has recorded artists’ development and history as well as their evolution from a social, cultural and philosophical aspect. The Ullens Foundation also sponsors major international events related to Chinese contemporary arts and makes its collection resources available to fine arts museums and contemporary art centers. While always aiming for the development of Chinese contemporary art in the global art market, The Ullens Foundation has become the most dynamic entity for promoting Chinese contemporary arts.

Based in Taipei and expanding globally, the GP DEVA group is devoted to the constant quest of linking the aesthetics of art with life while elevating spirituality. GP DEVA began with skincare lines of pure botanic essence, then expanded into jewelry, leather, bone china, hand-made furniture, and other luxury products. It has now become a totally international boutique group.

Since 2008, the flagship store of GP DEVA in Taipei has merged with a gallery operation resulting in GP DEVA Frontier Art & X-Power Gallery. Through language of art, GP DEVA intends to promote a Taiwan luxury brand on the global stage and communicate with international artists and art communities via 8 bases in New York, Paris, Beverly Hills, Beijin, Shanghai, Taipei, Taichung, and Kaoshung respectively.

The joint participation efforts from UCCA and GP DEVA not only bring surprising and eye-catching artworks to the public, but also manifest the ultimate integration of art and life. Art Revolution Taipei 2011 will furthermore embrace this great concept of promoting art and aesthetics into daily life. The combination of these two groups surely will be the climax of this brilliant art fair!

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