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Special Charity Event of Art Revolution Taipei 2011
Jason Wu, Qi Shu, Rendy Lu Yen-Hsun, Wu Bao-Chuan, and Other Celebrities Zealously Take Part In“Art Your Compassion - Hundred Celebrities “ Charity Sale

Focusing on the artists themselves, Art Revolution Taipei will take place on May, 2011 in Hall 2 of the Taipei World Trade Center(TWTC). In addition to the 214 artists exhibiting from 22 countries worldwide, the organizer will arrange a special program titled “Art Your Compassion”featuring fashion world celebrities' own artworks for charity sales. This event will include the likes of Jason Wu, Pun Dai-Lee , Qi Shu, Rendy, Lu Yen-Hsun, Wu Bao-Chuan, and Bob Yeh. Proceeds from the sale of these artworks will go directly to the Good Shepherd Social Welfare Services.

The “revolution” portion of Art Revolution Taipei describes the focus of the fair, which will be directed primarily on the artists and their artworks rather than galleries. Only then will it be possible to bring out the true nature of art and to make the artists shine. The organizer also emphasizes the parallels of globalization and localization, to connect artists and art institutions from Mainland China, Japan, Korea, the Southeast Asia, Europe and America. Therefore, this will be an art festival with global amplitude, depth and visibility. In the midst of this “Revolution”, there will be an innovative new program which is the“Art Your Compassion“ charity program. Art director Lee Sun-Dun Lee says: “We appreciate very much those celebrities' compassions being revealed through their artworks. We also expect the public to bring their artworks home with the same compassion too.”

The“Art Your Compassion”charity program will host two events:“Hundreds Of Celebrities’Charity Sale”and“The Compassionate Rich's Charity Sale”. For the first one (Hundreds Of Celebrities Charity Sale), the organizer invites locally and globally renowned people to participate from fields of art, entertainment, business and politics. Among them, fashion designers Jason Wu, Pund Dai-Lee and Fu-Fu Jing; stylists Shang Shao-Zhen and Li Ming-Chuan; fashion models Lin Zhi-Ling, Liu Xuan-Ai and Lan Jun-Tien; entertainers Qi Shu, Xiao Ya-Xuan, Xiao Jing-Teng, Wu Jian-Hao and Jia Xin-Huei; fashion brand ambassadors Lai Ya-Yan and Chen Yi-Rong; Bob Yeh, founder of the famous brand ‘Laotsu Say’ in France; tennis player Rendy Lu Yen-Hsun; winner of Les Masters de la Boulangerie Wu Bao-Chuan; the popular cook A-Ji Shi; taekwondo athletes Zhu Mu-Yan and Yang Shu-Jun; and Guo Tai-Yuan, the baseball player living in Japan.

Jason Wu is one of the most sought after fashion designers in New York City, famous for Mrs. Obama’s white dress at President Obama’s inauguration. He is a born artist, and learned sculpture in Tokyo before he devoted himself to fashion design. Art collectors and enthusiasts are highly anticipating his work.

Pun-Dai Lee, Fu-Fu Jing and Shang Shao-Zhen are senior fashion workers in Taiwan. A pioneer in the fashion business, Pun-Dai Lee has been elected to chair the Textile Fashion Design Association and devotes herself to the fashion industry. Since her brand “Pun-Dai Lee”was established in 1979, she has combined elements from Chinese culture and local folklore with western nobleness to reveal her own diversified characteristics. With her constant evolution, she has become the senior representative in the fashion industry shaping the trend. Fu-Fu Jing has established her own brand since 1990, and has been invited to exhibit her design in various international fashion shows. Now she acts as a creative coach to lead designers of newer generations. Shang Shao-Zhen has been in the styling industry for almost 2 decades, and has now expanded to illustration with her own unique fashion style.

Superstar Qi Shu has great taste in fashion, and always wins compliments for her red-carpet dresses. The trend setting singer Xiao Ya-Xuan, and rock n' roll star Xiao Jing-Teng will present their first ever artworks with their fans looking on. Being always public spirited, the famous model Lin Zhi-Ling presents an artwork created by herself. In addition to that, her father Lin Fan-Nan joins her benevolence with his own. Emerging stars Liu Xuan-Ai and Lan Jun-Tien love to paint as self-entertainment. Their artworks made for this Hundred Celebrities event are comparable to those by professional artists, winning the organizer’s compliments.

Being famous for his commercial video of “Joyous Tea Granny”, Bob Yeh has established his own brand of tea in 2004 which is now popular in France and has won the International Trend Vision Award and Innovation Award. He introduced the famous French bakery “Paul “ into Taiwan in 2008, targeting the top customers. “A good taste for life” is one of his trademarks. Xu Yi-Quian also works for the commercial industry, and is known for his good taste. Now, he acts as a director of the Contemporary Art Foundation, and is invited to reveal his talent through artistic creation.

Participants of the“Hundred Celebrities’ Charity Sale” are invited to create artworks about the size of 17.5 x 14 cm for the purpose of charity. Their artworks will be sold from 12:00 noon on May 12 during Art Revolution Taipei 2011. Each artwork will be priced at US$30. Each collector is allowed to collect two artworks at most. The name of the artist will be revealed to the collector only after they purchase the artist’s artwork. Proceeds from the sale of these artworks will go directly to the Good Shepherd Social Welfare Services. The organizer will leave it to the foundation to take charge of the proceeds and the receipts directly. Everybody is welcome to collect and be a part of this unique event!

Established in 1987, the Good Shepherd Foundation is run by good shepherd sisters devoted to eliminating abuse, abandonment, trafficking among children, teenagers and women, as well as offering placement, refuge and remedial education. Due to a lack of resources and servicing, the society never has been without struggle. But, nevertheless the foundation sticks to their humble contribution against all odds. They need support from everybody.

Some celebrity artworks are already available for viewing on the website for ART Taipei 2011. Please feel free to enjoy!

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