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Art Revolution Taipei 2011 Special Programs
“Art Your Compassion - Hundred Celebrities Charity Sale”: Zealous Responses from the Art and Religious Communities with Shi Jui-Jen, Guan-Guan, Zhang Man-Juan, Huang Chuan-Ming, Lee Ang, Xiao Qing-Yang, and Others Presenting their Compassion Through Drawings

Only Love and Compassion can traverse various territories and boundaries. Artists, chess players and religious leaders alike from Taiwan and China jointly take part in this special program, ”Art Your Compassion”, coinciding with Art Revolution Taipei 2011 which will be held on May 12.

Love and Compassion are the universal traits of human beings. In an art fair, there should be more caring for humanitarian and public welfare, rather than just commercial interests. Thinking differently, Mr. Lee Sun-Dun, the art director for Art Revolution Taipei 2011, is producing the Art Your Compassion charity sale. Participants of the Art Your Compassion “Hundred Celebrities’ Charity Sale” are invited to create artworks about the size of 17.5 x 14 cm for the charity purpose. Each artwork will be priced at US$30. Each collector is allowed to collect two artworks at most. Proceeds from the sale of these artworks will go directly to the Good Shepherd Social Welfare Services. The organizer will leave this foundation to take charge of the proceeds and the receipts directly.

This meaningful event is widely supported by the art community, including Shi Jui-Jen, CEO of Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei; Ong Shu-Ying, director of Hong Gah Museum; Li Min-Yi, director of the Xia Men Chinese People Museum; Huang Jun-Xiong, director of the famous puppet theatre; Wu Zhao-Nan, famous Chinese cross-talker; Liu Xin-Qin, cartoonist; Ke Xi-Jie, photographer; Jiao Xiong-Pin, film critic; Xiao Qing-Yang, three-times Grammy nominee; Xu Yi-Qian, director of Contemporary Art Foundation; writers Lee Ang, Zhang Man-Juan, Wu Dan-Ru, and Huang Chuan-Ming; as well as poets Guan-Gaun and Lin Huan-Zhang. All of them are going to create their first ever paintings for charity.

From the chess community, there are the Go champions Zhou Jun-Xun and Hei Jia-Jia, as well as the Chinese chess players, Wu Gui-Lin, Liu Gou-Hua, Ma Zhong-Wei and Gao Yi-Ping. Squeezing time from their tight schedules full of competitions and exercises, the players have found a way to make their artworks. As the religion community is concerned, people expressing their compassion include Tan Jing-Lian, CEO of the Good Shepherd Foundation, Guo Cai-Jie, officiating priest of Ten-Mou Church; Yan Qing-Biao, chairman of Chen-Lan Temple, Da-Jia; abbot Guang Quan, abbot of Lingyin Temple, Hangzhou; abbot Ze-Wu, abbot of South Putuo Temple, Xiamen, and so on. Also, celebrities from political and commercial fields, the entertainment business, and fashion circles are proud to be part of the event.

The artworks of “Hundreds Of Celebrities” will be sold from 12:00 noon, May 12, at the venue of A.R.T. Taipei 2011. The art director, Mr. Sun-Dun Lee says: “We appreciate very much those celebrities’ compassion being revealed through their artworks. We also expect the public to bring their artworks home with the same compassion in mind as well.”

The Good Shepherd Foundation is run by good shepherd sisters, devoted to eliminating abuses, abandonments or trafficking among children, teenagers and women, as well as offering placement, refuge and remedial education. Due to lack of resources, servicing the society has never been easy. Nevertheless, the foundation sticks to their humble contributions against all odds. They need support from everybody!

The Art Revolution Taipei 2011 fair will take place on May12-15, 2011 in Hall 2 of the Taipei World Trade Center(TWTC). The installation of an antique steam train will reveal classic masterpieces with artworks comparable to collections of the Tate Modern of London. Some of the masterworks include Joan Miró ‘s original painting juxtaposed with its print, the one and only “red print” by Rembrandt van Rijn, the rare final artist’s proof of Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Marc Chagall, and Salvador Dalí. There will also be 261 artists from 22 countries exhibiting their own original artworks. It is a world-class art fair offering a grand experience beyond the boundaries of time and space to communicate with artists directly.

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