Making a hit with 90% of the exhibiting artists having sales during the show, with great support from world-class high-powered collectors, Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T.) will launch its 3rd edition, running May 3-6, at Taipei World Trade Center Hall 3. Carrying further its dual curatorial axes – “presenting artists at the center of the exhibition stage” and “designing the entire art fair as a colossal artwork” – the 3rd A.R.T. features “My Revolution” as its annual theme. The entire exhibition will be designed into nine sections: Curatorial Classics, Taiwan Contemporary Art, China Contemporary Art, International Contemporary Art, New York Contemporary Art Fund, International Artist Juried Competition, Art with Entrepreneurs, Art and Design, and Art Your Compassion. It brings more distinguished artists to participate than before, with 254 artists from 40 countries.

“My Revolution”—Designed into Nine Exhibiting Sections

With “My Revolution” as its annual theme, the Art Director of A.R.T. Lee Sun-Don expects that every participating artist will present at least one piece of artwork created on the motif or with the media that s/he never tried before. In addition, Lee points out, 20% of the exposition space will be reserved for academic, experimental, and avant-garde displays, in hopes of nurturing the talented Taiwan artists to become art masters, parallel to Damien Hirst of UK, Philippe Pasqua of France, Jeff Koons in USA, and Ryü Murakami in Japan.

Under Lee’s curation, the entire A.R.T. is designed into nine exhibition sections, each with its distinctiveness:

Curatorial Classics

Taiwan Contemporary Art

China Contemporary Art

International Contemporary Art

New York Contemporary Art Fund

International Art Competition

Art and Design

Art with Entrepreneurs

Art Your Compassion

Art Your Compassion

This year’s Art Revolution Taipei also features a special thematic charity program: “Art Your Compassion,” which invites over 100 international and local celebrities to participate. All the proceeds will be donated to charity organizations.

In “Hundreds Of Celebrities’ Charity Sale,” each participating celebrity will create an artwork about the size 17.5 x 14 cm and priced at US$30. Each collector is allowed to collect two artworks at most. The name of the artist will be revealed to the collector only after they purchase the artist’s artwork

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