Floor Arrangement

Curatorial Classics

This is a brand new section designed by Art Director Lee Sun-Don for exhibiting “the artwork of future classics.” This year, the artists invited to present artworks with great impact on the viewers are: French Philippe Pasqua, reputed as the best artist of 2011 and ranked no. 1 in income in art production in France; Italian Luigi Pellanda; and American Dennis Wojtkiewicz.

In addition to the established world-renowned artists, the viewers can also behold the works by celebrated artists in the Chinese art circles: Chen A-Fa, Jang Ming-Chi, and Tung Wu-Yi from Taiwan; and Liu Baojun, Pei Lianzhi, and Xiao Peng from Mainland China. You may also see the selected works by mature and creative artists represented by Taiwan’s galleries, including Pata Gallery, Da Mei Wu Yan Art Gallery, Hsiang Jih Gallery, Ming-Chuan Art Gallery, Jia Art Gallery, Osti Art Gallery, X-Power Gallery, and Savoir Art Gallerie. They marvelously demonstrate the vitality of “Old Brushes, New Breakthrough.”

Another unit of specialty in this section is “The Genius Architect‧Artist.” It is characterized by paintings with the motif of house drawn by artists in different styles and techniques;

The Curatorial Thematic Installation Art, which has been an eye-catcher of A.R.T., will center around the concept “Get in Touch with the Yet-To-Be-Known,” with UFO as its core element – beautifully echoing this year’s exhibiting theme, “My Revolution.” In the past two years, A.R.T. had used a classic steam locomotive (2011) and an installation work “Soul of Art” made of participating artists’ painting tools (2012) to highlight the drive to create and innovate.

Taiwan Contemporary Art

This section features both the artists in the prime of their life and the emerging young talents to demonstrate the diversified and cross-generational facets of contemporary art in Taiwan. The exhibiting artists will meet with the viewers in person, elaborating the ideas behind their creations. Artists in this section include: Peng Kuang-Chun, Lu Tsung-Tsan, Hsieh Tong-Liang, Wen Tsung-Yi, Cheng Chen-Wen, Zhong Dun-Hao, Wang Wen Tsung, Ku Ya-Ren, the DriftersYang Hui-Chen, Yao Yuan, Wu Shang-Yung, Cheng Chu-Shian, Lin Zong-Fan, Rita Lee, Lin Boa-Ling, Chen Li Wei and many others. Emerging artists explored by A.R.T., such as Lolita Shang and Wut Chiu, will continue to exhibit. In addition, entertainers with art talents shone from A.R.T. 2012 are also invited, including Mickey Huang, ANO, and the Drifters (Yannick and Darren) who had drawn Taiwan’s Entertainer King Jay Chou to visit in person.

China Contemporary Art

This section will present Chinese artists with solid cultivation, innovate creativeness, powerful imagination, and collectible potentials. Among those are: Xue Song, Huang Gang, Du Xi, Liu Jiutong, Zhu Bing Ren, Sanzi, Zhang Yuying, Zhang Shiying, Yao Xiaobao, Lu Chengxiang, Cai Shuxin, Wang Zhaoju, Wang Fengwei, Wang Xuedong, Jiang You, and Liu Jianhua. Their artworks address various agendas and demonstrate different concerns; reflecting how the tracks of times inscribe themselves on the work of art.

International Contemporary Art

Rigorously selected from artists all over the world, this section will demonstrate the works with representative cultural or national characteristics. The exhibiting artists include: Chinese-born French Art Academician Chu Teh-chun; Yayoi Kusama from Japan; Richard Yang from UK; David Graux, Gilles Vanackere, and HwangLih-Ren from France; Karol Bak from Poland; Ertugrul Ates from Turkey; Tsunak from Russia; Leo Gek Ching from Singapore; Jessica Lin and Kirk Bauer from USA. In the unit of “The Greats vis-à-vis the Greats,” we focus on work with exquisite skills and unique styles, such as Anna Bocek, Poland; Irish Andrius Kovelinas, Ireland; BoykoKolev, Bulgaria; Christiane Vleugels, Belgium; Juan Carlos Manjarrez, Mexico; Ricardo Celma, Argentina; and Ryan Hewett, South Africa. In addition, A.R.T. has also organized a “Spanish Art Zone,” gathering some excellent Spanish artists like Gabriel Picart, Alfonso Cuñado Rodríguez, Arnau Alemany, Equipo Sur, and FermínColomer.

New York Contemporary Art Fund

To promote creativeness, New York Contemporary Art Fund has been devoted to nurturing the artists with exceptional talents to create in diverse forms, whether painting, photography, installation art, or mix media. This year, it will present artworks by Peter H. Harskamp, Holland; Cathy Pitts, USA; Pieter Wagemans, Belgium; Patricia Van Lubeck, New Zealand; Arthur Braginksy, Ukraine; EhabLotfi, Egypt; Iskren Semkov, Bulgaria; István Cenegál, Hungary, and many others.

International Artist Juried Competition 2013

“International Artist Juried Competition” organized by Taiwan International Contemporary Artist Association has become one of the large-scale art events in Asia. To expand its competition scale, it has incorporated with A.R.T. since last year, which drew 2534 entries from 48 countries. This year, it is equivalently competitive, with 2462 submissions from 50a nations to enroll. The winner will be entitled to hold a solo exhibition at the A.R.T. of 2014. In this current fair, A.R.T. has invited the winners of previous two editions, Maciej Gador from Poland and Ismet Jonuzi from Kosovo, to exhibit.

Art and Design

This section is designed to bridge the gap between art and everyday life, infusing aesthetics into every possible aspect of daily routines. GP DEVA is invited to display their creativities of integrating art with merchandise, ranging from home décor to leather goods, stationery, and other exquisitely refine commodities.

Art with Entrepreneurs

This is a brand new section: It invites entrepreneurs or enterprises to sponsor Taiwan’s gifted and promising artists in order for them to stand out and shine on the international stage. In its debut, we obtain support from 12 corporate units: Farglory Foundation, FU YU Construction, Showlin Beauty Salon, United Safety Medical Group, South Plastic Industry, TPK Culture and Art Foundation, Culture and Art Research Project Company, ARGONAUT International Co.,Ltd., a la sha, 8 Happy, Great Rubber, and Chung-Cheng Patent & Trademark Office. The artists selected for this section include Kuo Ming-Fu, Tseng Min Lung, Mr. Red, Huang Teng-Hsuan and other 11 artists.

Art Your Compassion

“Art Your Compassion,” one of the most eye-catching events of A.R.T., is to invite the celebrities, social elites, and entrepreneurs at home and abroad to create artworks for benefit sale. Last year, it had drawn the public to queue at 9:00 the night before the sale, and 600 pieces of artwork were sold in just one and half hours. This year, the legacy will continue. The participants include: Lee Teng-Hui, the former President of Taiwan; Mao Chi-Kuo, Vice Premier of Executive Yuan; Matthew Carl Lien, famous musician and environmentalist; Shih Jui-Jen, Director of Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei; Maggie Tsai, CEO of Fubon Art Foundation; Lin Cho-Liang, famous violinist; Tseng Ya-Ni, international golf champion; Steven Hung, Director of Waterland Financial Holdings; Steven Pan, Chairman of Formosa International Hotels; Chao Xi-Jiang, Chairman of Ruentex Development; and the like. There are also participants from the entertainment business, such as famous model Lin Chi-Ling, pop queen Jolin Tsai, popular singer Jam Hsiao, female chorus S.H.E., Tony Yang, Amber Kuo, Janine Chang, Kai Ko, Cheer Chen, Crowd Lu, and other hundreds of celebrities. Each artwork will be priced at NT$1000 and Each collector is allowed to collect two artworks at most. The proceeds will go directly to the Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation.

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