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2013 「My Revolution」

Lee Sun-Don, the Art Director of the third edition of A.R.T. (A.R.T. 2013), has something to say

Lee Sun-Don, the Art Director of the third edition of A.R.T. (A.R.T. 2013), has something to say: "Without knowing why, the second edition of A.R.T., A.R.T. 2012, has achieved an artist hit rate of 91.18% (meaning 91.18% of the attending artists had sold their works). We are now pulling back the target for A.R.T. 2013 -- we'll be happy with just 70% hit rate! People usually set their targets upwards, but we art people like to think backwards and don't want to tangle with the numbers, which would be very unartistic."

A.R.T. 2013 will dedicate 20% of the entire show space to an exhibition emphasized more on academic, experimental and avant-garde works。There's Damien Hirst in the UK, Philippe Pasqua in France, Jeff Koons in the US, Takashi Murakami in Japan, and Taiwan? We welcome those who have the guts to come and join us, and together we'll be at the forefont of waging a wave of a new genre of art!

Lee Sun-Don

Art Director

Great sound is rare to be heard, but once it does it would guarantee to be a sensation.

The challege presented by the 3rd edition of Art Revolution Taipei does not stop at asking the attending artists to be extremely selective about their works, it in fact continues to push the artists to strive for greater perfection, to lift to a higher level. Artists not only are asked to refine their works, they need to be versatile, innovative, and creative, and they need to transcend the limits they set for themselves.

“It’s not like I enjoy pushing the artists or anything,” I gave a forced smile at the directors’ meeting, “it’s just that I feel there’s no other way if we want the guests who come to A.R.T. every year find their visit worthwhile.” I’m pleasantly surprised to see, however, that within only 40 days after the “unofficial” application for the Taiwan Section began, we saw not only the booth space reserved for the Taiwan Section fully booked, a portion of what’s originally designed for the International Section has now to be reallocated to accommodate the spillovers. How remarkable these artists are as they demonstrate their talents in an entirely new fashion as evidenced in their works of “transformation.”

All beings’ lives would come to an end once they become ossified. To keep on creating something new and innovating is to prove our existence worthwhile. We see the hope of the art community in Taiwan amid our demanding request of the artists - - our artists are so talented they were just never given the opportunity to prove themselves.

There’s an entirely new presentation strategy behind the A.R.T. 2013 - - keeping our composure and getting ready for the stunning admiration. To our artists, your works shows that Taiwan’s art is definitely good enough to challenge the world scene!

What’s it like being grateful? When you have so many great artists from all around the world swarming in to apply for A.R.T. 2013 due to the huge success of the previous two editions of A.R.T., that’s how grateful you are.

What does “keeping our composure” really mean? That’s when you have a name list, a pair of aces, and a great deal of fine artworks in your pocket, and you light up a cigar acting cool.

And what do we really mean by “getting ready for the stunning admiration?” Well…, would you like me to reveal a little bit of that? “Cheer and drink with Emperor Kangxi” will most definitely shock you! Besides, we are already ready.

Lee Sun-Don

Art Director

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