Asia’s Iconic Art Fair, Pioneering in Placing Artists at the Center

“Art is not just about culture but also education and cultivation, and therefore, it should go beyond the quest for mere commercial gains.” To uphold this creed, Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T.), an international art fair organized by Taiwan International Contemporary Artist Association, made its debut in 2011. Different from the conventional art shows organized around commercial galleries, A.R.T. places the artist front and center, with every booth standing as the artist’s solo exhibition. This pioneering curatorial vision has led A.R.T. to become Asia’s ionic art fair.

Since its premiere in 2011, A.R.T. has consistently made remarkably performance. For the opening year, it made a stunning record with 89.66% of the exhibiting artists having sales, a record comparable to the world’s top art fair, the Art Basel. In its second edition, the number reached 91.18%, with several artists having complete sellouts. The ensuing year attracted more collectors to visit; some artists even sold out all the exhibiting artworks right at the VIP Preview. The record climbed to unprecedentedly high, 93.21%, in 2014. For 2015, an “iron-price” policy was applied, a policy fervently supported by many art collectors, and as such the rate of artists with sales remaining as high as 84.89%. In 2016, in spite of the global sluggish economy, the transaction rate rebounded to 90%. Without a doubt, A.R.T. has successfully built a world stage for artists to exchange ideas, inspire one another, and pronounce themselves with their unique flairs.

Rigorous Selection Procedure, Absolute Brand Name

Underlying A.R.T.’s success is its insistence on quality and valuation of creativity. “A.R.T. itself is a work of art, a colossal artwork collaboratively accomplished by every participating artist’s endeavor to develop the best of herself or himself and every show visitor’s appreciation of art,” said A.R.T.’s Art Director Lee Sun-Don.
To ensure the supreme quality of this colossal work, Director Lee sets a high standard for screening artworks and takes charge of the entire selection process in person, selection made rigorously and professionally, leaving no room for lobbying or interpersonal involvement. Along with a rigorous selection process, A.R.T. insists also on bringing new blood, as high as 60% of the exhibiting artists, to the show every year. What’s more, starting last year, a “pre-order’ mechanism for artworks yet to be created is in place—a practice resonating among collectors. The collectors’ willingness and enthusiasm to place order on A.R.T.-proven artworks before they are created speaks to the established authority and credibility of A.R.T. as an “absolute brand” in the art circles.

“The aspiration with which it all started~start with the first piece of work” – An Exhibit with 360 Artists from 63 Countries

To invoke new ideas and demonstrate different dimensions of art, A.R.T. designates a specific theme for exhibition every year. For 2017, it is “The aspiration with which it all started&~start with the first piece of work.” It gathers 360 artists from 63 countries displaying nearly 3,000 artworks, works diversified in style, expressive medium, local characteristic and cultural orientation.

Art Your Compassion

To link art with philanthropy, every year A.R.T. invites hundreds of social elites and celebrities to create artworks for charity sale, an event called “Art Your Compassion.” The proceeds will go to a selected non-profit organization. This year, the receiver is Taiwan Fund for Children and Family, an NGO that dedicates itself to provide welfare to needed children and their families.

In “Hundreds Of Celebrities’ Charity Sale,” each participating celebrity will create an artwork about the size 17.5 x 14 cm and priced at US$30. Each collector is allowed to collect two artworks at most. The name of the artist will be revealed to the collector only after they purchase the artist’s artwork.

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