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2017  “Art Your Compassion” Charity Program

Introduction of Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF)

TFCF (Taiwan Fund for Children and Families) is a non-governmental organization that dedicates itself to award needy children and their families with welfare and benefits. From the financial support through foreign donors in the very early beginning, we are now a self-independent organization whose mission and vision still remains on the consideration of needy children's benefits. There are 23 TFCF branches which are located in each local authority in Taiwan, and which provide the needy children and families varied professional social services, ranged from direct case service to community program.

We are helping children in dire need in Taiwan and 38 countries all through the contribution and donation from habitants in Taiwan. With our professional social work experience, we prevent children away from being abused, and even provide the financial assistance to the needy children and families. We expect that every child can be taken good care of, be kept away from danger, grow up in a healthy surroundings, receive proper education and develop a happy life through our assistance. We devote ourselves to assist our supported needy children with a timely assistance, heartfelt concerns, love and professional social works.

Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, TFCF in abbreviation, is a non-profit organization that provides services to needy children and families world-wide. TFCF is founded in 1950 with a helping hand from Christian Children’s Fund, a NGO from Virginia, U.S.A. at the very early beginning until it went independent during year 1985. With professional social service skills, TFCF demonstrates through practical assistance by setting up branch offices island wide, and those locally established offices on the frontline render services to those in needs. To ensure children’s lives can be polished up with plenty of laughter, TFCF’s primary goal is to assist deprived, abused, or foster children with child-friendly environment, an adequate opportunity to education, financial support and physical plus mental security cares so they can embrace better livelihood.

The reciprocal in return of international benevolence, TFCF manifests with other international non-profit organization and be the participant in some circumstances by exchanging experiences and leverage competencies in child affairs. TFCF also dedicates itself to be an active member of ChildFund Alliance.

Being a part of INGO allows TFCF to share information, hold and participate in international conferences, respond to advocacy on child/youth issues, offer short/long term financial support, broaden our service areas and reach out more to the global village, gain abundant experiences regarding service management and international financial aid to needy children, create a cooperation platform with Mongolia, and onsite service offices for international affair direct management with timely assistance.

In July 1987, TFCF launched “Foreign Needy Children Sponsorship Program” which amplifies love international wide regardless race, religion and gender. Through cooperation with the worldwide network, ChildFund Alliance, Taiwanese sponsors are able to contribute a fixed amount to the needful scatters in 36 countries on a regular basis to help with children’s growth and development needs.

TFCF also speaks out for children and does fundraising to protect their fundamental rights. Furthermore, projects are designed in focus of children’s needs. Services relate to nurturing, medication, academic assistance and vocational training are the typical TFCF programs which would directly impact children’s livelihood. TFCF also cares how functional and constructive a community exists in order to effectively help local residences. Statically, it has bettering over 247 thousand children’s lives foreign and domestically; within 49,983 domestic children and 54,066 foreign children are still under TFCF’s sponsorship.

TFCF never fails to keep its mission and vision concentrating on needy children and families with timely, heartfelt assistance which embraces Christ’s love providing by social service in competency. TFCF expects through its services which have been carried for sixty one years and ongoing, lives can be different by receiving better care, proper education, with healthier environment, and been away from danger which matters the most. Wherever there are children in need, TFCF will be there.

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