2018 A.R.T. Feedbacks from Exhibiting Artists

August Vilella, Artist (Spain)
I’m happy to be able to participate in A.R.T. 2018. I’ve participated art fairs in Dubai, Tokyo, US, China, and Europe, and this is the first time of me being here in Taiwan. To my surprise, Art Revolution Taipei is a well-organized fair; the staff is likable, friendly, and helpful. There are lots of interesting collectors and galleries here. Though it’s my first time being here, I’m sure it won’t be the last time.

Loes Van Delft, Artist (Netherlands)
I’m so honored to participate in this art fair. Taipei is a wonderful city. This is my first time being here in this city and in Art Revolution Taipei. The whole fair is full of artsiness; I’m so impressed! There are a huge variety of art works here. I think Art Revolution Taipei is a cool art fair. I’m so happy to be part of it in the year of me turning 30 years old! Awesome!


Anthony Saarlouis, Artist (Germany)
I’m glad to participate in Art Revolution Taipei. I met many people here.


Igor Grechanyk, Artist (Ukraine)
I’m glad I’m in Taiwan, in Taipei, this beautiful place! The sky here is high, the minds open, the people beautiful. I’m happy to display my recent works in this wonderful art fair. I believe art is the best way to save the world and to heal lives. I welcome you into the world of art. Leave your personal issues and everything behind; join the beautiful future and enjoy the art world!

Isabelle Biquet, Artist (Belgium)
This is my first time being here in Taipei and in Art Revolution Taipei. I’m glad I’m here. I have met wonderful people and seen different forms of art here. [Taipei] is like a global city, I like it very much. The art fair is well-organized. Awesome!

Afriani, Artist (Indonesia)
I think this is an interesting art fair, and it is also an extremely professional one. I hope Art Revolution Taipei will be held every year forever, and I hope I will still be part of it next year.

Andrey Muntz, Artist (Moscow)
I like this art fair very much; because I get to meet many different artists from around the world, and appreciate various forms of art work, and meet lots of fair visitors. The organizer of this art fair is very professional. My stand happens to be next to the “Transformers” installation; I think it is the most intriguing work among the whole fair. I hope I will be here next year.


Adriana Villagra, Artist (Paraguay)
I’m glad and so excited to participate in this art fair. This is a nice opportunity for me to meet other artists, collectors, and art lovers. I am honored and happy to be here in representation of my country. Not many people know Paraguay, afterall.

Aung Min Thet Kyaw, Artist (Myanmar)
This is my first time being here in Taiwan. Taiwan is a developed country. I’m happy to be here and get to appreciate many art works.

Bettina Rebecca Westerheide, Artist (Germany)
I’m honored to participate in Art Revolution Taipei this year. I’ve seen a lot of exquisite works here. The fair staff has provided me great help. The whole fair is with excellent quality. Winners of the International Artist Grand Prize Competition are curious about how their works will be displayed and the marketing effectiveness of this art fair. After I walked through the whole fair and observed it by myself, I found Art Revolution Taipei is exceptional on strategy and capacity. This is a near-perfect art fair; it is beyond others, and yet, explicitly shows Asian spirit at the same time. The organizer needs to apply excellent skills and ability to achieve that; how impressive it is! I’m truly inspired by this art fair. I am honored to be invited to it.

Bartosz Fraczek, Artist (Poland)
I’m happy to be in this fair. I’ve met great artists from many countries. I appreciate A.R.T. so much!

Bhaskararao. Botcha, Artist (India)
Art Revolution Taipei is one of the top art fairs in the world that is with extremely high quality and passion. I’ve been here for three years since 2016 and gained valuable experience. The organizer is honest and informative. This is such a great event! I enjoy Art Revolution Taipei very much, and the city of Taipei too.

Cesar Alvarez, Artist (Colombia)
I’ve been to many places in the world for art fairs. To me, Taipei is the best city. Things are with purposes here, and the people are friendly. The rest of the city is great too. I’ll help promote Art Revolution Taipei.

Christopher August Tamalar, Artist (Myanmar)
This is my third time visiting Taiwan. I’ve had a very good time here, and that allows me to do more paintings when I’m back home. I hope I can be here every year in the future. I appreciate the organizer and Taiwan.

Davi de Melo Santos, Artist (Brazil)
This art fair is huge, just like the City of Taipei. The people here are with big hearts. I like this city.

Je An Marquesto, Artist (Phillipines)
Art Revolution Taipei amazes me! I thought it was a small gallery exhibition until I arrived at the the fair! I’ve been to an art fair in Jakarta, Indonesia, but this is even bigger, and is the biggest among those in my experience. I’m so happy I can participate in Art Revolution Taipei and can be here in Taipei. I love Taipei, and I wish I can stay here.

Joey Schmidt-Muller, Artist (Australia)
I’ve had a great experience participating in this fair. I like A.R.T. very much! I could tell when I first arrived at this fair that it is with very high quality; that is to say, each detail here has been taken care of perfectly!

Kiselev Sergey, Artist (Russia)
This is my first time to take part in a fair in Taiwan. I’ve had a great time here. The fair has been organized with prudence. The people here appreciate art works, they are also friendly and passionate. I hope I can come here next time.


Ludmila Budanov, Artist (Russia)
I’m really happy that I can be here in Art Revolution Taipei, a fair that is filled with beautiful art works. The fair is well-organized and operates perfectly. I hope to come here again next time.


Maria Cecilia Perez Martin, Artist (Argentina)
It is an unbelievable and fantastic experience for me to be here in Taipei. I’ve never been here before. The city and the people here are nice, incredibly awesome. I’m happy to be here.


Martijn Versteeg, Artist (Netherlands)
This is the first time I come to Taipei. Though I was invited last year, I couldn’t be here last time. I’m glad I can finally be here and meet the people. The fair staff are friendly, attentive, and willing to help; they even introduced major museums to me. All of the art works here are with high quality. I took a few strolls at the fair and I’ve found the fair quite enjoyable. I hope I’m lucky enough to be here next year!

MTPV Satyanarayana, Artist (India)
This is my first time visiting Taipei. Every detail of this fair is wonderful. The booths are planned and laid out professionally; the fair is organized professionally too. I didn’t expect Taipei to have such an exceptional art fair. I am a picky exhibitor; yet, Art Revolution Taipei has exceeded my expectations. I’ve had an awesome time here. This fair is undoubtedly sublime.

Myint Oo, U, Artist (Myanmar)
As an artist, people don’t value me this much in Myanmar. I’ve learned a lot from different paintings here in A.R.T.. I’m grateful for being able to participate in the fair. If I get to come here again, I will bring works that are more intriguing and thought-provoking.

Samar Singh Thakur, Artist (India)
I’m impressed by the scale and the beauty of Art Revolution Taipei. This is my first time in Taiwan. I was astonished when I first saw the fair; it is with such an extent and is well-organized. The fair, the helping people, and people’s understanding of Indian art have all amazed me so. I’m pleased to be part of this fair.

Saw Lin Aung, Artist (Myanmar)
I see the difference between Taiwan and Myanmar: Taiwan is more developed. I’m happy to be here, and I would like to take part in the future fairs too. I appreciate the fair organizer for inviting me. I wish Taiwan an even better and more-developed country in the future.

Shveta Saxena, Artist (India)
I didn’t expect anything since this is my first time in Taiwan. But I’ve found that every layout in the fair is artistically and aesthetically beautiful. It is also full of beauty and vigorous, so it’s difficult for me to point out single parts that I like of this fair. As an artist, I really appreciate every detail here, and I’ve been enjoying this art fair very much. I thank the organizer for every arrangement they have done.

Svetlana Grecova, Artist (Moldova)
I’m honored to pass the strict reviewing process and be selected by Art Revolution Taipei. The floor plan is well-arranged with delicate fair layout. I hope visitors will find my works inspiring and admirable.


Tomas Guzman, Artist (Spain)
This is my first time participating in this art fair. The artists are heartedly treated and taken care of. The fair is smooth and well-organized. The organizer has put great effort on assisting the artists, whether it’s with lodging or food. I’m pleased and happy with my participation here.

Trygve Amundsen, Artist (Norway)
This art fair is totally different from the other one I participated before. Compared to a Japanese art fair that I recently attended, the people here are more willing to understand the content of the works. It’s not about money, but purely the curiosity towards the art works; that’s the quality I value. The organizer has introduced innovations to the fair, which I also value and admire. Nonetheless, I believe it’ll be great if more traditional artists were invited­­; although everyone is trying to be edgy nowadays, preserving traditions are vital.

U Vijay Kumar, Artist (India)
Art Revolution Taipei is a huge success. I’m greatly impressed. There are plenty of different styles of art works. The fair atmosphere is nice. I hope I can be here the next year.

Victoria Rueda, Artist (Mexico)
This is my third time participating Art Revolution Taipei. I’m still thrilled to be here. I see this fair a good place to sell art works. The best part is, I can meet different artists from around the world.


Vladimir Tuporshin, Artist (Russia)
I just transferred from Hong Kong to Taipei a few hours ago. I didn’t stay at the hotel but headed here immediately, hoping that I can see excellent paintings. My first impression of Taipei is: a huge, beautiful city with friendly people. Many of them gave me directions to MRT station and helped me find the exhibition hall. I appreciate the friendliness here.

Tham Siew Moi, Artist (Malaysia)
This is my second time being here. I’m glad to be here again. Art is thriving here. I’m happy to see so many visitors at the fair. I also get to see many different art works and be inspired by them. This fair allows me to see different styles from different countries. We don’t have this kind of opportunity very often.

Wang Zhaoju, Artist (China)
Taipei is a warm city. Its people and weather give you a welcoming feeling. I was touched by the earnest and sincerity of Art Revolution Taipei. There are many art fairs in China, but those in China seem to have different pursuits than A.R.T. The staff here provide good, instant service; they also gave me advices. I’m well-treated. I’m appreciated.

Thomas Leung, Artist, Artist (US)
I’ve been to art fairs and exhibitions around the world, like New York, LA, Australia, Japan, etc. I’m pleased that A.R.T. is well-organized; The organizer has put great effort on receiving and promoting artists. And Taiwan’s people are very supportive to art and culture. I hope I will be here every year in the future.

Li Qiuhua, Artist (China)
I’m deeply moved by this experience in Taiwan. When I arrived at the hall on the 14th, I saw everyone diligently installing the art works. I was told there were many volunteers among the staff, that touched me in particular! The staff are passionate and caring. When I was wondering on the streets of Taipei, I met passionate, friendly, and civilized people. I was truly moved.


Xu Zizhi, Artist (China)
This is my first time participating this art fair. This fair is warm and dignified. The selected art works are contemporary and go well with modern-time life-style. I like it.


Chen Li-Wei, Artist (Taiwan)
I want to thank the organizer for elevating the overall quality of the fair. I’ve noticed that other larger-scale fairs and exhibitions have started to pay more attention to the hall and space ever since the first year of Art Revolution Taipei. This year, to my amazement, I saw many big artists and their works. A.R.T. is a stage for artists; how lucky we are! I appreciate Art Revolution Taipei for offering the stage and let us shine.


Rolando Lee, Artist (Taiwan)
This is my first time being here in A.R.T. A friend of mine has participated the fair for several years, and he told me he was satisfied with the outcomes. So here I am, I want to give it a try this year. The fair layout is nice. I’ve seen many visitors. A.R.T. is different from the smaller exhibitions I attended before; the majority among them were individual exhibitions.


Cheng Chi-Tsun, Arist (Taiwan)
This is my first time participating Art Revolution Taipei. The space is well-arranged; the visitor flow is well-planned too.


Chen Jianxin, Artist (Taiwan)
This is my second time being here in Art Revolution Taipei. I fit in better in Taipei’s art atmosphere. The cultural environment is quite nice and welcoming. I feel like home, and that I’m here to enjoy. People respect my works. I also want to be here the next year.

Wang Chien-Chieh, Artist (Taiwan)
If I can be invited the next year, I’ll make my works bigger with deeper connotations. Small works appear even smaller in this huge hall.

He Qing-Qin, Artist (Taiwan)
My first time being in A.R.T., I was excited. I was thrilled when I knew I was selected. I want to thank the organizer for the encouragement. And if everyone likes my works, they’ll be my motivation to future works.

Chen Min-Fang, Artist (Taiwan)
This is my first time participating an international are fair. I’m honored to be invited. The organizer has put many detailed touches to the fair. For example, the VR section, and especially the Celebrity Charity event. Many of the artists are happy to be here.


Peng Pei-Ci, Artist (Taiwan)
This is an international art fair. The art works here are with their own styles. I’ve learned a lot from them. I appreciate the organizer for granting me the opportunity to be here.

Tsai Hui-Ying, Artist (Taiwan)
This is my first time being invited to the fair. I was amazed! I didn’t know that we have such an international, well-organized art fair in Taiwan. I’m deeply honored to participate to it. The fair layout is well-arranged; the art works are well-selected, just like other international art fairs. The works are amazing. I hope I can keep taking part in in the future.

Lu Yih-Suan, Artist (Taiwan)
I want to thank A.R.T. for giving me this opportunity to show my works with many other international artists. I’ve learned a lot in the past few days. I also spotted my disadvantages while I was communicating with collectors and fellow artists. I will grow from that! I appreciate the help and encouragement of the staff! As a new artist to the market, I’m also grateful for being able to have this great opportunity and platform to show myself and to communicate. The organizer has been supportive and encouraging to new artists!