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A.R.T. Curatorial ‧ NFT Metaverse

“A.R.T. Curatorial‧NFT Metaverse” is the curatorial theme of 2022 A.R.T.. Professor Lee-Sun-Don, Art Director, started his creations of NFT crypto art in 2021 and is now leading artists in using 3D, AR, VR, and XR technologies to enter the Metaverse in 2022. Upon putting on VR headsets, one immerses into the “Shambhala Dreamland” created by Professor Lee Sun-Don, in search of adorable mythical creatures. Furthermore, in collaboration with MomentX, users can freely decorate their personal Metaverse spaces with NFTs through hand gestures.

Brand new series of NFT artworks are to exhibit at the Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1, including the “Shambhala Mystical Creature” series, a collaboration by artist Lee Sun-Don, Luna Chen, Small Sa, and C.C. Cloud, the adorable “A-Bao” series, the luck and prosperity-filled Satisfactory Harvest,Money Pickup Truck, and Money, Money-Coming, Fortune Cat, as well as MSLLS’s “The Star Princess A-Bao No.3” and “The Bull with Wealth on Footsteps ” series. Through activating the AR Experience on smartphones and entering the Metaverse, admiring cute dance moves of mythical beasts and 360-degree totem exhibits or taking pictures with the artworks immersed into reality has never been easier.

NFT World MasterAward

NFT World MasterAward is organized by Taiwan International Contemporary Artist Association, aiming to encourage digital art creators to create with NFTs, bringing their creativity into full play and providing more opportunities. This year, in collaboration with the iconic art exchange platform in Asia, Art Revolution Taipei and the renowned NFT platform OurSong are guiding digital artists in creating a new era of NFTs in Asia, offering more opportunities for exhibition, sales, and agency. This collaboration will be an initiative in physical artworks turning into NFTs and entering the Metaverse.

Shortlisted works from the “2022 NFT World MasterAward” have been minted into NFTs and released onto Oursong, a NFT exchange platform, for sale. These pieces will be showcased in Art Revolution Taipei’s virtual showroom and linked to the OurSong platform.

International Contemporary Art

“International Contemporary Art '' invites artists worldwide to present contemporary art from across the globe, a representation of multiculturalism and different artistic styles, promoting interchange between Taiwan and the world, including: Power couple Alfonso Cuñado (Spain) and Carolina Cuadrillero (Spain), works popular amongst collectors; Alfonso Cuñado (Spain), skilled in creating rich textures with palette knives; Josè Abel (Spain), well-appreciated for his use of a distinguished fire technique in creating; Miguel Peidro (Spain), skilled in depicting the beauty of nature; Dutch Artists, Esther Ziher-Ginczinger, Lima Ziher, and Riva Ziher.

New York Contemporary Art Fund

“New York Contemporary Art Fund,” has long been concerned about cultivating artists with great potential: Mirella Guasti (Italy), exhibited bronze sculptures at Venice Biennale; Peter H. Harskamp (The Netherlands), dubbed “ The 21st Century Picasso” ; Nathalie Montel (France), invited and exhibited at the Salon(France) five times as special guest; Sara Sammakia (UK), dubbed “The Flag Bearer for the Millennial Generation” ; Jeanne Saint Chéron (France), named among the twelve "Best figurative French Artists of their Génération" by Univers des Arts magazine; Alex Bertaina (Italy), widely appreciated by collectors, and Suh Seungeun (Korea).

International Artist Salon

“International Artist Salon” invites over twenty artists to exhibit their works, chosen from the “International Artist Grand Prize Competition,” each high of potential and distinguishing qualities, including: Wang Wei Quan (Taiwan), Winner of the 2019 International Grand Prize Competition, sculpts driftwood sculptures that are highly appreciated by collectors; Zamminlun Singson (India), Winner of the 2020 International Grand Prize Competition, creates highly intricate pencil works that emphasizes on the demeanor and expressions of women; Tien Hung I (Taiwan), Winner of the 2020 International Grand Prize Competition Chairperson Award, skilled in using colors, lights, and shadows to create the lengths, depths, and distance of landscapes; Liu Jin De (Taiwan), Winner of the 2021 International Grand Prize Competition Championship & Chairman's Award, carves out the life and spirits of the Taroko Culture with a palette knife; Marta Argentina Garcia Suarez (Spain), Winner of the 2021 International Grand Prize Competition Gallery Award, her floral series were inspired by the restrictions in life after Covid-19 and the beauty that blossomed through the hardships.

China Contemporary Art

“China Contemporary Art” exhibits a selection of innovative mainland Chinese Artists with high potential:Qiu Shengxian, creator of “Mother and Son” styled painting, an established artist whose style integrates classical Chinese art with contemporary fashion art expressionism, whose works are collected by renowned corporations, organizations, and politicians, including The White House of The United States and former German Prime Minister Schroder; Pei Lianzhi, popular among collectors for his thickly piled oil painting technique; Zeng Qunce, dubbed as “Pollock of the East”; Wang Zhaoju, best-known for depicting ethnic minorities, his works are exquisite and vivid; Chang Tiezhong, Mi Zhaoguang, Xu Songbo, Zhang Yinghua, and Wang Dazhi.

Taiwan Contemporary Artist

“Taiwan Contemporary Artist” gathers young and rising artists from Taiwan to represent contemporary art in Taiwan: world-renowned jade sculptor, Hsu Tung-Lung; master sculptor, Chang Ching; inspired by early Taiwanese life, applying contemporary yet rustic strokes, artist Lawrence Lu; inspired by “new beauty,” works centering around time, third place winner of Florence Biennale, artist Time Lin; story-telling artworks radiating warmth, Liao Mei-Lan; creating moments of joy and the vivacity of life with exacto knives, Yao Yuan displays the beauty of nature; pursuing the unity of nature and mankind, works by Gao Xiaoyun are clean, precise, serene, and refined.

2022 International Artist Grand Prize Competition

“2022 International Artist Grand Prize Competition” is Asia’s Largest annual competition, attracting 4,258 artworks from artists in 76 countries to apply. Countries range from Taiwan, the US, UK, France, Korea, Spain, Turkey, and India, to Bhutan, Ecuador, Iran, Guatemala, Georgia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Tanzania, Tunisia, and Cyprus, exhibiting splendors worldwide. After intense competition, 328 outstanding artworks, styles ranging from realism, abstract, fantasy, cubism to realism, are shortlisted, each showcasing unique cultural characteristics worldwide.

Art and Design

“Art and Design” specially features international boutique, GP DEVA. The curatorial team adheres to cultural and creative spirits as always and spares no effort to promote art activities. This year, in response to the curatorial theme, a “Fashion Runway,” AR jewelry photo shoot is specially planned, where guests can create their personal exclusive NFTs. Furthermore, tea culture experiences are available daily on site of the exhibition. Upon making a reservation, guests can experience the tea art activity “Cha Baixi,” reliving the Song Dynasty “Dian cha” culture; the fragrance experience allows guests to discover their personal fragrances through a fragrance quiz.

Hundreds of Celebrities’ Charity Sale

“Hundreds of Celebrities’ Charity Sale” is an initiative of art director Professor Lee Sun-Don, where art and charity interlinks, celebrities from all industries create a piece of art for charity sale, in addition to social care, this event is also an attempt to promote the public’s interest in art collecting. Not only is the event a major initiative of the curatorial team, but it has also attracted the most attention throughout the years of A.R.T., receiving warm responses from all. Each artwork is priced at US$30 and collectors are allowed to collect two artworks max. All proceeds of the charity sale will go directly to “Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation,” which will be stationed at a booth on-site, collectors will receive proof of purchase. Please note that proceeds of the charity sale are never handled by the curatorial team. The charity sale will take place at Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1 at 11:30, on August 5. We wholeheartedly welcome you to join in on the festivities.


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