2017 A.R.T. Feedbacks from Exhibiting Artists

Fabien Gronchi, France
This is my first time to exhibit at the A.R.T., also in Asia; it’s great to see various artworks, to interact with new visitors and to experience the inter-culture exchanges. I painted this water lilies series specifically for Asia, in the hope that people here would buy my works well.

Manuel López Herrera, Spain
This is my third exhibition here; I like Taipei very much, this city seems so familiar to my wife and me, just like our second home. Even though I come to Taipei once a year, but I work all the time, which is like thinking of this city at every moment. Appreciate the A.R.T. and all staff for their very considerate arrangements. Hope I can come back next year.

Anneke Winkelaar, Holland
People here are so nice, not only the A.R.T. staff, but also the hotel personnel. Hope I can come back to Taiwan next year.


Yuji Mitani, Japan
This is not just my first time to Taiwan and to exhibit at the A.R.T. but also overseas; both my wife and me feel the kindness and enthusiasm from people in Taiwan. The A.R.T. staff are friendly and great. I hoped people can feel their inner strength through my paintings, instead I get strength here. My wife likes very much the Holy Guan-Yin at the curatorial section. We feel embraced and healed by a warm and kindly glow. Appreciate the A.R.T. staff’s assistance; their kindness makes us feel so happy.


Kazuo Hasegawa, Japan
I have deep connections with Taiwan, and visited here more than 10 times. Introduced by a friend, I participated 2017 International Artist Grand Prize Competition and won the grand prize. My two selected artworks were collected right at the VIP Preview. I feel happy yet lonely, very complicated. If invited, I’ll come to exhibit with more paintings next year.

Pann Kyi, Myanmar
It’s a great honor to exhibit at the A.R.T. this year, a thrilling experience to be part of this grand art festival. Appreciate my representing gallery to get my paintings exhibited here.


Tin Aung Kyaw, Myanmar
This is my first time to participate at the A.R.T., and my first exhibition overseas. Feeling grateful to be able to exhibit here, to have the opportunity to savor so many artworks at a single event. I’ve learned a great deal and hope to create more and better artworks in the future.

Christopher August Tamalar, Myanmar
This is my second time to participate the A.R.T., and second trip to Taiwan, where is a friendly place. There’s no such art fairs like A.R.T. in Myanmar. It’s great to see plenty of characteristic artworks here; I’ll film them as nutrients for my inspirations for my future works.

San Naing, Myanmar
Feeling honored to have both my works accepted by the A.R.T., it’s a recognition for me to move forward with more confidence.


Sagar Talekar, India
The A.R.T. is great, hoping more people would get to know me here; I’ve visited this fair for 5 years in a row. I feel connected when I saw GP DEVA and Prof, Lee’s artworks. Therefore I participate the exhibition this year.


Victoria Rueda, Mexico
This is my first time to visit Asia; I’ve learned a great deal at the A.R.T. It’s a marvelous experience to exchange ideas with other artists, and to interact with many visitors.


Svetlana Grecova, Moldova
This is my second to exhibit at the A.R.T., I see many new artworks, very inspiring for me to think and explore my own expression and creativeness.

Fasil Assefa Beyene, Ethiopia
Normally I create artworks in large scales, and some new works especially for the A.R.T. This is my first time to Asia and Taipei, which makes me happy. With various artworks from many artists around the world, this trip endows and benefits me with new inspirations and ideas.

Ryan T. Schmidt's wife, U.S.A.
My husband is working on a large-scaled monument sculpture and unable to come to Taiwan; however, we are both thrilled to be able to participate in the A.R.T., which tends to every details, well-organized and cozy; the nice smell in the air makes us feel at home.

Zhang Yuying, Artist, China
I’ve exhibited at the A.R.T. for 7 years in a row, which is getting more and more well-organized, from the pre-publication, installations to execution, with every detail considered. My daughter comes to Taiwan with me this year, and I told her that I would come to Taiwan once a year, against all odds, and cherish every opportunity to be part of this grand event.


Zhang Jian, Artist, China
This is my second time to join A.R.T., and I feel the quality of the exhibits got improved this year. I am impressed by the staffs, who know well with the works, showing better performance than I expected for an art fair.


Chen Jianxin, Artist, China
I start to feel how the orginizar show respect for artists since this participation at A.R.T.; not until then did I recognize myself as an artist.


Wang Wen-Cong, Artist, Taiwan
Although my sale results from the past A.R.T were very good, I won many art competiions around the world with those unsold artworks. I realized tha sometimes misfortune is a blessing in disguise. Now, I can participate at A.R.T. with joy and without being affted by sales results.


Yu Ren, Artist, Taiwan
This is the second time I participate at A.R.T. I got good sales grades last year although what I expect is a new platform to exhibit my works constantly, not just for art sale. I was lucky to meet participating artists from Taichung, whose booths were just around mine, so we could share ideas happily, enjoyed the serendipity.


Chen Po Yuan, Artist, Taiwan
A.R.T. was so well organized. The staff helped me with any gadgets, such as paper bags, receipts what were required during the exhibition. The staff team even assigned an art volunteer to introduce my works for me, as a silent person during the fair. Those arrangements made me feel confident attending this art fair.

Liu Li-Yu, Artist, Taiwan
A.R.T. presents a first-class platform of art. This art fair is so grand, majestic and professional, even with certain 3D exhibits, making it unparalleled in the field.

Cheng Li-Wei, Artist, Taiwan
To echo the theme of 2017 A.R.T., I arranged two works which were created at the very beginning of my artist career at my booth; the drawings titled as "Emperor, and his Queen", are the illustration of China Emperor, Qianlong and his Queen.

Ku Ya-Ren, Artist, Taiwan
I participated at first version of A.R.T. since 2010, and continued to be A.R.T. artists for 5 years. I did not exhibit any work here last year, and resume participation this year. Recalling the first version of A.R.T., I just felt terribly shocked. This year, I am feeling shocked and impressed again same as I was at my first participation, but starting from a new point, not merely an original one. I am grateful to A.R.T. committee that is managing such a wonderful space to provide an impetus for me to create conscientiously, to meet a lot of new friends. which make this yearly event be more like a party for long-time friends. I do appreciate A.R.T.'s efforts, and feel deeply moved.

David King, Artist, Taiwan
This year, I present a series of works with a different style from my past art style though although new works still stick to my original intent for creation, which always be expressing oriental elements by using western media.

For example, the drawing lines from the painting of figures are derived from Chinese calligraphy. Besides, I would like to present different works at A.R.T. every year for abiding the "revolution", the fundamental spirit of A.R.T.

Yao Yuan, Artist, Taiwan
As a response to the theme of A.R.T. this year: "first aspiration with which it all started", I presented "NCCU Art & Culture Center", my watercolor painting in 2005. I started my career as an artist with confidence from high recognition of this painting by many friends in art field and students who learned painting on this painting.

Liao Jih-Ing, Artist, Taiwan
I participate at A.R.T. for the first time with a series of work titled as "Contemporary & New Expressionism, First Aspiration Art Exhibition" with the admiration at the theme of A.R.T. this year, "first aspiration with which it all started". Among the exhibits, "The taste of an Apple" was borrowed from National Defense University Museum for exhibition. This work awarded 93 points as the best creation among the class when I was 19, studing at school, and become one of the collection of school museum.

Huang Han-Sheng, Artist, Taiwan
This is my second time to exhibit works in A.R.T. The exhibits this year show higher quality, while more participating artists are from diverse countries.


Chang Ching, Artist, Taiwan
I created "God Bless Taiwan" as the new series work for A.R.T. to express my wishes for Taiwan. I hope Taiwan is getting better, and then distribute the kindness to the world.


Hung Chao-Ping, Artist, Taiwan
To respond to the theme of 2017 A.R.T., A.R.T."first aspiration with which it all started", I created a series of works which being under the title "Varitions for Life" as same as the one I used for my very first exhibition during my time in college. By those exhibits, my history from the the past 20 years are also streamlined.


Lin Hung-Chien, Artist, Taiwan
I am joining in A.R.T. 2017 for a very simple idea to get acquainted with people and art lovers from different communities by interaction during the art exhibition.
I believe that this is the only way to see whether my works to be accepted by market, and to get variable reflection and interpretation on the works from the viewers.


Pan Peng-Ping, Artist, Taiwan
I am into A.R.T. 2017 as my third time. And my reactions to the theme of A.R.T. 2017 and Chinese Year of Rooster is to create a series of works with golden roosters, silver roosters, and little chicken. Those exhibits were created under an traditional topic while a brand new expression.

Wang Huo-Pen, Artist, Taiwan
I am into A.R.T. for my first time. I decided to join in after inspecting this exhibition for three years and upholding its good quality.


Lu Bai-Sen, Artist, Taiwan
This is my fourth time to exhibit in A.R.T. The "first aspiration with which it all started" for my art creation is my belief, which is about dreaming for life, and searching for the spiritual home from a "deer". And I keep steady replying to the call of the "first aspiration" on my path to art drawing.


Tao Tian-Lin, Artist, Taiwan
Having visited A.R.T. as a visitor for 5 consecutive years, I am so honored and surprised to be joining in 2017 A.R.T. as the artist for my first time. A.R.T.A.R.T. got improved every year with more originality from artists around the world, making a more clear expression from the words of comtemporary art. This is really great. The set ups in whole, VIP night, and the delicate staff services are no parallel in the field.

Lee Lung-Shou, Artist, Taiwan
My exhibit replies to the theme of A.R.T. 2017, and shares the same topic of the first work which I created 41 years ago as the oceanside at my hometown. Those artworks, separately depicting the same view of the ocean, are both created with my deep sentiment and tenderness, while with different states of mind, and different materials.

Smart Lin, Artist, Taiwan
I am participating A.R.T. 2017 as the fourth time. I am so happy to meet old friends, whom I have not met for over 10 years, because of this exhibition. The biggest reward of this exhibition is reconnection with old friends.

Jeffrey Yeh, Artist, Taiwan
This is my first time to exhibit in A.R.T. Being an art fair mostly visited by visitors of higher age than other fairs, more potential collectors are expected; it is also a wonderful platform for participating artists to interact and share.


Chen Hsiu-Wen, Artist, Taiwan
I had my first participation in A.R.T. for its "Art with Entrepreneurs" plan, and that partaking led me to cooperate with Together Arts as an agented artist.


Jan Chin-Shui, Artist, Taiwan
I never joined the Hundred Celebrities Charity Sales of A.R.T. till this year. This compassionate charity sales demonstrates its improved readiness, with higher performance due to more artists' participation.